Sungods of Cascadia

Sungods of Cascadia


Psychedelic indie rock with a poetic liberal scientific flare. Full driving sound with provocative bass lines, danceable drums, catchy guitar melodies and a message that leaves you pondering revolution......


Manifested in the Oregon Cascades with a commitment to sustainability and localism, Sungods speak for the trees, the commoner, the trickster, in all of us.... Influenced by Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Grandaddy, Ravonettes, the Pixies, Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Stones, the Doors, Cream, Zeppelin, Hendrix, etc. we are a new interpretation of that original raging passion and fun-loving spirit that the 60's teased us with. We left the commune to share our irreverance for the established order, and perhaps, to have a little fun with the good people of Cascadia.


Drowning in Suburbia

Written By: Sungods of Cascadia

Rabid deer, tax collector,
stop by to drool on welcome mats.

Newspaper in a bag, with moist ad campaigns.

Declare a Roman holiday.
Stay home with decadence.

When will the Sun rise on my neighborhood?

Invigorating TV program, with real facts.
Riding mower power, 2.5 horses, wilt your weeds with patented poisons.

Let’s drink CL2 and take pills. Mutating bacteria.

Sad isolated Oak trees
We live in colonies of anti-life.

What channel tonight, for the special live event, remotely viewed from comfortable pillows of boredom.

What sides shall we take? In the People’s Court?

When will the Sun Rise on my Neighborhood?

When will the cul-de-sac be made welcome?

Cause I'm drowning in suburbia
Yes I'm drowning in suburbia

Sad isolated Oak trees, we live in colonies of anti-life...

When will the Sun Rise on my Neighborhood?

Let’s plant a farm in the yard,
It’ll be beautiful. We'll be fulfilled

Tear out the house, install an amphitheater for rich neighbors to call about…


Our Struggle

Retail Therapy

Set List

Our sets range from 45min to 2hours. We prefer to split a long set into 2, so we can spend some time getting to know our audience.

A typical set list includes

Our Struggle
Drowning in Suburbia
Seagull Pigeon Crow
Magnetic Lightning Flower
Big Bang
Bryce Creek
Retail Therapy