Suni MF Solomon

Suni MF Solomon

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

Suni MF Solomon (born June 17, 1991) is a female rapper born in Boston, MA but raised in Atlanta, Ga. Her music is largely influenced by the works of Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot & Aaliyah.


Suni MF Solomon is a female hip-hop artist born in Boston, Massachusetts but raised in Atlanta, Ga. She began showing talent and interest in music in 1996 when she was 5 years old. The Fugees remake of “Killing Me Softly” was the first song that really made her fall in love with hip-hop which lead her to writing and freestyling in the mirror. Up until the age of 10 Suni was mostly rhyming about school crushes until something tragic happened to the family. She lost her older sister Afrika in the summer of 2001 which flipped her world upside down. To represent her sister Suni wears her sister’s ring as an earring in her left ear. After losing someone so close she turned to music and began writing a lot more. Although the talent was there Suni was very shy and rarely told anyone that she rapped. In 2007 Suni felt more comfortable about her music when she teamed up with her producer BobxWeave. Later that year Suni came up with putting “MF” which now stands for “Mother’s Favorite” in the middle of her name. The “MF” came from Suni wanting to keep her original name but adding a little spunk to it for an artist name as well. The change of the meaning was suggested by her mother who thought Suni should turn a negative meaning into a positive meaning and also “Mother Fucker” couldn’t get her in the white house. Getting more serious with her craft throughout those years working with BobxWeave, in 2009 Suni started working with local Atlanta producer/rapper Yung Pimp on her first mixtape “Back To The Basics”. Yung Pimp was the studio engineer on her first project “Back To The Basics” that dropped July 9, 2009. Due to the success it caught attention from blogsites such as GreedMont Park, before Suni knew anything about sending emails to press. She then gained a fanbase and begin performing throughout the summer. Taking a mild break to focus on getting her high school diploma once she received it Suni dropped her 2nd mixtape “Suni With A Chance” where she collabed with BobxWeave on November 27, 2010. This year Suni’s main focus is MUSIC! She attends Art Institute of Atlanta for audio production. In between BIG PROJECTS she drops a mixtape entitled “MFmix” which contains her rapping over instrumentals. Suni dropped her 4th mixtape August 23, 2011 entitled “Incomplete Thoughts”. A 7 track mixtape which features artist & producers: GadZOOKS!, FLYTASTiK, Purple Monkey Sircus, Kemelia DaVinci, The Born Genius, Ron FAME, L.O.U.D., BobxWeave, JAMEEL. Suni is currently setting up a tour in AL, TN, SC, NC, & VA around September – November. Suni will be performing at UGA’s Homecoming Concert in Novemeber. She has worked with artist such as: FLYTASTiK, De – Capo Music Group, JaMEEL, Purple Monkey Sircus (PMS), GadZOOKS!, Deuce Dev Lin, Skipper Jones, BG the Born Genius, Yung Pimp, Ron FAME, etc. Suni MF Solomon is not an artist to be slept on if you think so her fans will say otherwise.


"The Party Anthem" (Prod. By: Humble)
"Rock It" (Ft. FLYTASTiK) (Prod. By: BobxWeave)
"Gingerbread Man" (Ft. FLYTASTiK) (Prod. By: BobxWeave)
"Mad At Me" (Prod. By: BobxWeave)
"Time Went" (Prod. By: BobxWeave)
"Summertime ISH" (Ft. FLYTASTiK x PMS) (Prod. By: BobxWeave)
"Ex's Are The Devil" (Prod. By: JaMEEL)

"Back To The Basics" (2009)
"Suni With A Chance" (2010)
"MFmix" (2011)
"Incomplete Thoughts" (2011)