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In the search for knowledge…
SunInWinter’s founding members-Blue (Drums) and Sage (Keys, Vocals, Bass) first crossed paths searching for a place to live while attending the Los Angeles Music Academy. “The school had 106 students, of which only 4 were from the U.S., and none were L.A. natives, so the roommate search was a free for all” recounts Blue “Some of the Japanese students really struggled with English, and the Euro’s seemed to have different living and grooming standards” Looking through the list of students, Sage discovered a drummer from San Diego “I remember thinking-well, I’m a bass player from Orange County, so at least we will have the rhythm section and southern California in common”
The seeds were planted for collaboration, but when the program ended after an intense year of musical exploration, life took the two new friends in different directions. “I was fried after that year, I knew that my musicianship needed time to grow-I wasn’t ready to climb my way up the ranks in L.A. After being around so many students from different parts of the world, I realized how one-dimensional I was and became thirsty for some life experience” One month after graduation, Sage bought a one-way ticket to Ireland. Meanwhile, Blue had a promise to keep “ My Dad and I agreed I would finish college after taking a year off to study at LAMA”
Back to the real world, Blue earned a degree from CSUSM and entered the working world. “What kept me sane was my musical adventures” Drumming for Liquid American Culture and La LLuvia provided enough musical outlet and a chance to be a part of San Diego’s music scene.
After living in Ireland for 7 months and traveling Europe for a month, Sage landed stateside in the mountains of North Carolina, exploring Asheville’s Blue Ridge Mountains and one of America’s most eccentric cities. Driven to finish college, Sage moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of music, and upon graduation in the summer of 2003, returned to North Carolina. “It was similar to what happened after living in Los Angeles-I needed to get away and regroup. What better place than in the oldest mountains on earth?”
Southern California came calling-first with a chance to live in a house on a hillside in Laguna Beach with an old friend. “The front of the house was all glass with a panoramic view of Laguna and the Pacific” Sage recalls sadly “It didn’t last long, like my time in Ireland-7 months” Next stop-A return to L.A. “I wanted to get back in touch with L.A. and the people I had known there, and I felt that I never really got to know L.A. since LAMA was on the outskirts in Pasadena and we were so busy studying” Landing an apartment across the street from Sunset Gower studios, Sage found himself in the heart of Hollywood. “I would open the front door of my apartment and stare straight at the Hollywood sign on the Hollywood Hills” After the initial thrill of reconnecting with old acquaintances, and becoming familiar with Hollywood wore off, Sage found nothing but closed doors. “I played in two bands, both broke after a few months. I even managed to get fired from an internship!” Sage laughs “Blue was up visiting and we went out too see Mew at the El Rey, when we came back I had an email from the studio where I was interning letting me go-that was hard to swallow”
A pattern was developing-Sage left Hollywood after 7 months. “I was lost, sleeping in my sisters garage in O.C. for months” Not wanting to give up the pursuit of music, Sage could ill afford another 7-month misstep. “I had been going down to San Diego to party with Blue a dozen times since returning to So Cal, and he had come up north a few times, but all we ever managed was a few drunk and stoned jam sessions at parties. We were constantly distracted by jobs and girlfriends”
Liquid American Culture had long since disbanded, and when La LLuvia fell apart, Blue was looking for a new musical direction. “I was tired of the grind-hours of rehearsals, playing gigs for free, all that effort, organizing all those schedules, all of that for what? So it could unravel in the hands of flaky musicians” Blue was at the end of his lease at his house in San Diego, and at a crossroads musically- “I had been out of music for months, and I knew that finding a new house could be the end or a new beginning”
“ I came down to see Lyrics Born at the Belly Up, and Blue drove me over to this house he was looking at renting. It had a HUGE garage, I remember peeking in the windows and looking over at him saying ‘O.K. let’s do this’ The one thing that I had been lacking over the years was a place to work on music consistently. As soon as I saw that room, I was in.”
Many years since meeting in L.A., suninwinter was born. “One thing I have always respected about Sage was his consistency, he has never stopped pursuing music” Blue explains “I knew that if we kept the band small we could eliminate many of the problems I had encountered in that past