Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Sunjet is an artist collective. 6 musicians presenting an eclectic approach towards creating music. In basements and bars, the Sunjet seven gather to create a sonic sound scape which bridges contemporary influences with a careful attention to the fundamentals. Independent, with a D.I.Y. work ethic.


A Sunjet is a streak of sunlight pouring in through a smoky basement window. All music created by Sunjet, is rehearsed, produced and recorded in this smoky basement, located in a red brick house at the top of a lush green hill.

The floor is scattered with lyrics, set lists, and overflowing ash trays.
There is barely room for our elaborate collection of equipment and instruments, yet here, each Sunday, we 7 musicians assemble to rehearse, to create, and to share in the love of our humble collaboration. Sunjet is our holy communion.

Bringing together old friends, and new, brothers and lovers, Sunjet is primarily a family. Formed in the summer of 2007 the band has laboured hard, favouring to work on the fundamentals of songs crafting and live performance. At the core of Sunjet is a mandate of communication and individual expression, we are all song writers and we are all artists. Our greatest strength as an ensemble is not just our commitment and devotion to the band, but to each other.

Sunjet prides itself on its blue collar ethic, producing, recording, and releasing our own material from our D.I.Y. basement studio, and independent label Sunjet Records. We are our own promoter, we book own our shows and employ our own on staff photographer. We are our own webmaster, and all of our merchandise is made by hand by members of the band. This band is our labour of love.

The sounds produced in this basement are not vague or obscure, in fact to us, the members of Sunjet; they are as familiar as mother’s meat loaf. To you the listener, we hope you will find this sense of familiarity is palpable. We hope that will you find the same kind of warmth and excitement that we do when we play this music each and every Sunday, and every time that we hit the stage. To honestly define ourselves, and what we do, I think it’s safest to say quite simply that, Sunjet is; and that said we hope that you enjoy Sunjet.


The Sunjet Records Band (self titled) LP
Released 2008 on Sunjet Records (independent)

1) Lay Loo Lie 2) Star and Shine
3) Into the Water 4) Oh Baby
5) Confidence 6) The Heel
7) Whores and Saints 8) Wild Oats
9) Got you There 9) The End

Set List

Currently our typical 10-15 song set list includes songs from our first full length release, and songs we are currently working on for our second release.

A example of this:
1) Lay Lou Lie
2) Oh Baby
3) Confidence
4) Star and Shine
5) Good Trouble
6) Be Still
7) The Heel
8) Wild Oats
9) At Home
10) The End