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Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Rock




"Sunken Seas Short film featured on Vice Magazine's Noisey Blog"

Here is the premier video for Wellington three-piece Sunken Seas’ track “Cataclysm” , a 12-minute short film presented in two parts. Directed by Alexander Hoyles and Ryan Harte, they include a “regular dude” rising to face the day with a shit eating/talk show host grin, and a “lonely old dude” hauling on cigs and some arty stuff. It all gets pretty dark.

Drawing on all four songs on Sunken Seas' latest EP released on Muzai, the video takes in the terse atmospherics of fellow Kiwis Bailterspace, smoke machine rock, and even some mid-eighties INXS saxophone. - Noisey (Vice)

"Everett True Article on Sunken Seas"

Damn. Everett True just fucking loves his psych rock, and damn Everett True just fucking LOVES this new EP from Wellington band Sunken Seas. - Everett True

"Sunken Seas To Support The Black Angels On Tour"

Only a year old, Wellington's Sunken Seas have already released their debut album 'Null Hour' and have performed alongside Bailterspace and Wooden Shjips. Their music has been described as "space rock" and "cathartic, affecting the feeling of being sucked through a quickly spiralling black hole. Woah! - Groove Guide

"Sunken Seas On Hype Machine"

Hype Machine Blog Aggregator - Hype Machine

"Sonic Masala (AUS) covers new Sunken Seas EP"

They visited Australia a few months ago but didn't make it as far north as Queensland; let's not hold that against them, especially when we see how on-song they are on their Cataclysm EP. - Sonic Masala

"Sunken Seas 'Cataclysm' EP Pre Release Stream"

Since Sunken Seas released their debut album Null Hour in 2012 they have gone through several changes and incarnations, and come out the other side victorious, with a new EP called Cataclysm in hand

Read more: - under the

"Music Mafia UK covers Sunken Seas 'Cataclysm' EP Release"

'The result is twenty-plus minutes of foresight into Sunken Seas' manifesto for their future album echoing early Interpol and hallowed Kiwi group Bailterspace' - Music mafia

"Sunken Seas Awarded NZ on Air Funding"

his month saw 23 projects get the go-ahead for Making Tracks funding which will see 10 artists receive up to $10,000 for recording a song and making a video and the other 13 artists will receive $6,000 to make a video. Find the full list below. - The Corner

"Sunken Seas Debut Album Featured In Amplifers Top 20 Albums of 2012"

t's all too infrequent that a band comes out with such a cohesive structure of driving post-punk contained in a cold industrial dirge that reels you in rather than repels. -

"Spanish Website Last Rites Reviews Sunken Seas Album"

'It feels as real and earned as your own breaths, it's everything modern music isn't' -

"Sunken Seas to Tour Australia February 2013"

After a breakthrough year in 2012, earning critical plaudits and chart success on radio stations up and down New Zealand, Wellington’s atmospheric space-rock trio Sunken Seas finally make their long awaited trek to Australia throughout February and March – in association with MUZAI Records and Tenzenmen. - Muzai Records

"European Blog 'Weed Temple' Reviews 'Null Hour' by Sunken Seas - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

"Null Hour” is a blasting, fuzzy and healthily amplified collection of alienated anthems and soaring jams with some post-rockish space to breathe every now and then. A slow burner, sinks in slowly. Highly recommended! - Weed Temple

"Sunken Seas Announce 2013 Australian Tour"

Sunken Seas have announced a seven date Australian tour. The band will head across the Tasman in February to play four dates in Melbourne, two in Sydney and one in Newcastle, in support of their critically acclaimed debut full-length album Null Hour

"Sunken Seas - Null Hour Review"

Listening to Null Hour is like going to bed spooning a sexy parasomniac. You might have some lovely dreams but chances are you’ll also get assaulted in your sleep. - 13th Floor

"Sunken Seas to play Going Global Music Summit 2012"

Independent Music New Zealand is proud to announce that the GOING GLOBAL MUSIC SUMMIT 2012 will include live music showcases in WELLINGTON, AUCKLAND and CHRISTCHURCH -

"The Corner Feature Sunken Seas Remix" -

"Sunken Seas Album Review Scores 9/10"

Sunken Seas are here to remind us of why the genre is still interesting and important. With their new album Null Hour, they reinvigorate and revive post-rock by injecting it with their own fresh interpretation.


"NZ Herald Give Sunken Seas Album 'Null Hour' 4/5"

'An Invitation into Carthatic Noise, Chest thumping volume and an impressive ride into darkness - Play Loud' - NZ Herald

"Sunken Seas Album Review 9/10"

Null Hour is dark and atmospheric and it’s relentlessness can only be matched by the fervour by which I have been compelled to keep listening to it. -

"Exclusive Sunken Seas Album Preview"

Sunken Seas released single 'High Rises' a few months back and garnered critical attention for their aggressive, melodramatic brand of noise rock, securing live opening slots for the likes of Wooden Shjips and John Cooper Clarke

- Under The Radar (NZ)

"Watch : Sunken Seas 'Paid Your Price'"

We featured Wellington trio Sunken Seas on this year’s Awesome Feeling 6 compilation with their great track ‘Paid Your Price’. Today they dropped the video for that song, which you can see below. -

"Exclusive Online Premiere of Sunken Seas Video Release"

SUNKEN SEAS have a brand new music video for their single Paid Your Price and Cheese on Toast is super excited to present the exclusive online premiere of the clip. -

"Sunken Seas Set To Release Debut Album"

'Sunken Seas New Album has been described as a swirling atmospheric odyssey' - NZ Musician

"Sunken Seas Set To Release Debut Album"

'Sunken Seas Debut album has been described as a swirling atmospheric odyssey' - NZ Musician

"Sonic Masala Feature Sunken Seas Video"

Now I don't know much about NZ noisemongers Sunken Seas, but I'm a fan of the moody atmospherics inherent here on 'High Rise'. They have new recordings on the way, so expect to hear more from this band in the near future... - Sonic Masala (AUS)

"Sunken Seas Sign With Muzai Records"

Sunken Seas to release ' Stunning' Debut album - NZ Music Commission

"Sunken Seas Announce Release of Debut album June 28th"

Sunken Seas recently announced that they had signed on with Muzai Records, and now they’ve confirmed that their debut album Null Hour is due out on June 28. - The

"Sunken Seas Announce Release of Debut album June 28th"

Sunken Seas recently announced that they had signed on with Muzai Records, and now they’ve confirmed that their debut album Null Hour is due out on June 28. - The

"Sunken Seas #1 With 'Paid Your Price' on Wrangler 95bfm Top Ten"

'Sunken Seas made the massive leap up the chart to take out the number one spot' -

"Sunken Seas - 'High Rise' Hits #1 on Auckland's Wrangler 95BFM Chart"

Another new entry is Sunken Seas with their “epic drone throbber” High Rise (ooo-eeer) -

"Sunken Seas Sign to Muzai Records"

MUZAI Records is pleased to announce the signing of Wellington space-rock trio SUNKEN SEAS to it’s roster – as both parties work towards the release of their stunning debut album, Null Hour, due out physically/digitally from June 28th.

- Muzai Records

"Rip it Up Magazine (NZ / AUS) Features Sunken Seas"

Musically Cathartic, affecting the feeling of being sucked through a quickly spiralling black hole - Rip It Up

"NME.Com Features Sunken Seas Video"

NME.COM features Sunken Seas Video - NME.COM

"Vanguard Red (NZ) Covers Paid Your Price Single"

Guitar central noise rock that affects the feeling of being sucked through a quickly spiralling black hole. It’s musically cathartic. -

"Vanguardred Magazine (NZ) Review Our Song 'Paid your Price'"

guitar central noise rock that affects the feeling of being sucked through a quickly spiralling black hole. It’s musically cathartic.. - Vanguardred

"Expose Express (Norway) Interview Sunken Seas"

Dreamy, hazy, beautiful. Three carefully selected words, to describe the sound of Sunken Seas. - Expose Express

"Sunken Seas Voted In Top Ten Best Of 2011 By German Website Shoegazr.De"

Favorite Newcomers 2011 Number 9 - Sunken Seas - Shoegazr (Germany)

"Horbefehl Blog on Sunken Seas (Germany)"

They, like Spacemen 3, Amon Düül II, and so the trees and Sonic Youth and offer us an intoxicating blend of atmospheric drone, noisigen Shoegaze and post-rock. - Horbefehl

"Air Atlantic Underground (Germany) features Sunken Seas"

'Perfect for flowing with the tide and doing a little whalegazing' - Air Atlantic Underground

"Shoegazr Blog (Germany) Feature Sunken Seas"

'They have a forthcoming album coming out and from this track alone it sounds extremely promising' - Shoegazr

"Einstein Music Journal Feature Sunken Seas"

New(ish) Wellington trio Sunken Seas step out with a post-rock/pop number, combining the noisier moments of Secret Knives (think ‘Black Hole’) with the ricocheting guitar sound of Spacemen 3 - Einstein Music Journal

"Starlifter Radio (Australia) Featuring Sunken Seas"

These guys used to be in tiddabades who were a fantastic band - Starlifter Radio

"Insomnia Radio Blog Feature Sunken Seas Song + Video"

Sunken Seasare currently working on their first album, to be released early in 2012. Be sure Check out the video below too.
- Insomnia Radio (UK)

"Under The Radar Interview Release article"

Sunken Seas - "High Rise" Video release - Under The

"Cheese On Toast Article - Sunken Seas Video Release"

From the ashes of Tiddabades comes Sunken Seas - Video Release Article -

"Interview With Under The"

Wellington band Sunken Seas is the brain child of three ex-Tiddabades members. We caught up with Ryan Harte about forming the band, what they're up to at the moment and what we can expect from their show on Wednesday night as part of San Francisco Bathhouse's new band showcase Pump up the Volume.

- Under The Radar

"Cataclysm EP Review Apr 2014"

If the mainstream teaches us anything- the artists whom rule the airwaves- is that quality and unpredictability arrives when you try something different: good old reliable force gets results- yet the best movements arrive when a sense of daring and innovation are sprinkled into the mix. -


Null Hour - LP - Released June 2012
High Rise - Single - Released November 2011
Paid Your Price - Single - Released February 2012
The Hum - Single - Released July 2012

Cataclysm - EP - Released September 2013

Asylum - Single - Released September 2013



Sunken Seas are a rock band from Auckland, New Zealand who actually can't be fucked with finding out what genre they are.

Formed from the smouldering remnants of post punk band Tiddabades, their debut single 'High Rise' earned critical praise across the music industry - earning itself plaudits from The Corner, citing it as " of the NZ highlights of 2011" and Vanguard Red calling the group "Musically cathartic, affecting the feeling of being sucked through a quickly spiralling black hole".

Such was the strength of Sunken Seas' debut single, its received rotation on alternative radio in New Zealand (charting number #1 on Auckland's 95bFM Top Ten). The band went on to have a further two #1 singles on the New Zealand radio networks with their next two singles 'Paid Your Price' and 'The Hum'

The released their debut album 'Null Hour' on June 28th 2012 which won rapturous reviews across the NZ music industry and abroad, and also found its way in to many 'best of' 2012 lists, most notably's and's 'highlights of 2012' lists.

Still in their infancy, the trio have shared bills alongside the likes of The Black Angels, Wooden Shjips, Bailterspace, Die Die Die and the legendary punk poet John cooper Clarke (UK).

2013 Saw the release of their EP 'Cataclysm' which was again well received by such notable music critics as Everett True (or the guy who introduced kurt to courtney, so the story goes) writing that 'i fucking love psych rock and I ucking love this new EP from Sunken Seas'. This EP was backed with national tours both in NZ and Australia, and a short film which won government funding and can be viewed at

In 2014 the band have been busy writing their second album slated for release in 2015, but still found time to play high profile shows such as New Zealand Fashion week and some supports for friends such as Black City Lights.

They plan to tour america in 2015 in support of their second album.