The music sounds similar to our influences: Fugazi and Sonic Youth. Those who are fans of early 90's indie rock and post-hardcore will enjoy our music most.


Sunland was formed in the summer of 2008 with three friends who shared a common love for playing music. Justin, Jimmy, and Blake had all played amongst one another in various bands before deciding to create one of their own. While seeking to find their musical niche they continued to look for a bass player who'd be a good match for the band. Later that year Jimmy and Justin met Broox while playing pool at their favorite local dive, Bar Bar. They decided to give him a shot at playing bass and ended up liking what they heard. Thus the four members of Sunland united and forged their unique sound.


Welcome to Sunland (EP)

Set List

Ronalds Trip
Psychedelic Gravestone Explosion
Tulips Touch
River Drifter
Organ Grinder
Pardon My Moves
Dance 'till the Devil Breaks