Sunlight Ascending

Sunlight Ascending

 Clawson, Michigan, USA

All-Instrumental Ambient/Experimental Rock music with elements of Metal.


Sunlight Ascending is an ambient rock band out of Oakland County, Michigan that came together in the beginning of 2007, during which all of the members were just starting up high school. Their intention from the start was to create a melodic, atmospheric, and completely instrumental sound of their own that didn't need words or vocals.

Sunlight Ascending transcend all preconceived notions of what kids are expected to play in Metro-Detroit. The quintet does not cater to the Metalcore/Screamo music of Oakland County, nor to the alt-pop or garage-based sound of their Detroit rock-n-roll brethren; instead, what comes from this young band are ominous moods, hard driving crescendos, and a knack for unique songwriting and structure; their all-instrumental approach is at once mature, exhilarating and emotional.

Fresh off the release of their third CD, "You Don't Belong Here", and 2009's, "All The Memories, All At Once", Sunlight Ascending continues to deliver powerful and memorable soundscapes. "You Don't Belong Here" was mixed and mastered by Motown legend Bob Dennis (Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder). Their music was also featured on two compilation CD's released in August of 2008; “Just Like A Daydream”, a shoegaze collection released by Jam Records, and “Sonic Lullaby 1.0” on Paul McLeod’s local Detroit label, Sonic Lullaby.

After a small line-up change and some time off to tighten up their songwriting and live show, they recorded their debut full-length CD, "All the Memories, All at Once", in March and April of 2009 with Carl Kondrat of Mind Vine Media. The album was put out by the Californian-label Futurerecordings on June 1st as a distribution deal. Later on in the year, they embarked on their first mini-tour with North Carolina-based band Orbs (Featuring members of Between the Buried and Me and Fear Before). In May and June of 2010, they recorded and self-released a 4-song EP called "You Don't Belong Here" with Matt Dalton and Ryan Arini of 37 Studios. The EP was mastered by Bob Dennis in July at the Recording Institute of Detroit. It was released as a digi-pak on October 10th, and they are currently scheduling a vinyl release as well.

They have since gone on to play with bands such as Pelican, These Arms Are Snakes, The Dodos, Saosin, Gifts From Enola, Efterklang, InnerPartySystem, Make Do and Mend, Hostage Calm, Pianos Become the Teeth, and many, many more.


"You Don't Belong Here" EP - 2010 - Self-Released
"All The Memories, All At Once" CD - 2009 - FutureRecordings
"Sunlight Ascending" - Self Titled Demo - 2008 - Self-Released
"Just Like A Daydream" - Compilation CD - 2008 - Jam Records
"Sonic Lullaby 1.0" - Compilation CD - 2008 - Sonic Lullaby Records

Set List

Set lists are 30-45 minutes - All Original - No Vocals
Diorama Dream
Black Bear
The Golden Plain
Old Friends Part ways
All The Memories, All At Once