A mix of soul, folk, and americana rock music with high focus on lyrics, harmonies and feel. We are a band that can rock out and turn right around and play something James Taylor-ish. The voices make this possible to pull off with two that sing lead on different tunes thoughout sets. Dynamic


Sunmile was formed in 2007 by singer songwriter David Ray Cecil and David Hinkle.

David Ray Cecil has done several albums during his career. While living in Scotland he recorded a record and was on the BBC in London before meeting David Hinkle back here in the States.
David Hinkle grew up singing in church and playing in bands up and down the east coast of America. He had become a well sought after singer and performer before meeting Cecil.
The two together have a sound unlike anything around. The soultry sound of Hinkle's voice with the style and lyrics of Cecil's songs makes for an unusual sound and the two voices together is a match made in heaven as they say.
Rod Betini soon came on board as a percussionist and is the most sensitive drummer to the music. Playing exactly what the songs are asking for is his real gift. He brought Mike Sink Along who has an unbeleivable gift for melody and style in his guitar playing. Mike and Rod had met in a previous band and were already "in the pocket" as far as there style together.
Mike Hamilton is the bass man in the band and holds them all together. He has played in bands throughout his life and has a knack for playing sensible riff's to accentuate the tunes.
Sunmile is dedicated to creating it's own sound and working and reworking songs until they are just right. They are a band with great diversity and dynamics and the shows reflect there passion for being different. But these are all just words... if you take a peak at the music you'll feel it.


Runnin That Shine

Written By: David Ray Cecil

Brought up on nothin'
Is how I was raised
But I tell you somethin'
I won't die that way

Well I met a man
Who taught me his rules
Said if I could drive
I never would loose

I'm runnin' these back roads on time
With each tic of the clock means a dime
It don't matter that they say I'm wanted to find
When i cross that border line...
I'm runnin that shine

Rumor has it sheriff's got my plates
Breakin' his laws it's me he does hate
Sets up them road blocks everyday
Vows he will catch me but I'm miles away

Chorus Repeat:

Late one night came the fight
Sheriff on my tail
135 mph hemi don't fail
Windin' these back roads
like a figitive does
Sheriff's a cussin'
Cuz he's eatin my dust

Chorus Repeat:

Seasons of Change

Written By: David Ray Cecil

Waiting the changes
The season a warmth is now fading
And the chill on the air lets you know

So bring out the boxes
That harbor my coats made of wool
And wait for the first winter snow

Lookin' around I am searchin' for you
But I know what I'm told
And just like the bite on the air
My heart shivers with cold

So where do you fall
Where do you land
Who do you call
Where do you stand now
When the memories take hold
Is the past just the old
When the seasons of change unfold
Who do you know
You've truly known

Well they say it's just livin'
All part of gettin' much older
And learnin' to better your guessin'
But oh how I've learned
That learnin's much more than just knowin'
There's a skin that is shed
With each lesson

And oh how I've grown
The season's have shown
There reason's to me
And I finally know how you feel
Though it's taken me so long to see


Though I don't know you any more
I don't know you any less
The better half of me
I learned from you I guess
And if theres anything you should know
Well I know now what made you go
And when it's all said and done
I am proud to say you were the one
That I believe
I've truly known


"Runnin' That Shine" just finished recording up in Mt. Airy with Wesley Easter (Eastwood Studio) and Kennith Berrier (Summer Wages) pickin' dobro. "Season's Of Change" is a track thats just out now as well and gaining strong popularity on the folk scene around NC. "Flying Free" is a track about a daydream!... & gets constant requests at shows. Sunmile recently did a podcast @ 600Southcast in Winston Salem. The podcast has had great reviews & expresses the band as raw as it can.

Set List

The set list for Sunmile is all original: "Leavin' These Blues" an original blues tune that hops and is always an attention grabber. "Everybodies Welcome Here" is a festival type tune with a great message and is very much a dance song. "Mr. Right Now"... think in terms of "Sea of Love" kinda tune... soultry voice and a message of yearning. "Thats What I Want" definately a dance song. With a hint of Polka and a great story! "We Got Love"... now this is catchy song!!... everyone seems to remember this one... still a bit upbeat and fun as well. "Truth" all acoustic tune with spectacular voice and message!! "Wanted Man" Now this is the song we all love in the band... fast paced and catchy... even if your trying not to be involved you'll catch yourself tapping your feat for sure. "Rat Trap" a song dedicated to haging out in the wrong crowd... kinda NC traditional w/ loads of crossing voices and harmonies. "Drama Queen" Well a set would'nt have diversity if something was'nt funny!...