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"Overview of sunminds in the last year"

Album: Immortality
When rock meets electronic elements you get an album that maintains a pumping energy throughout, while spanning across many genres but still continuing their signature sound. Fans of the Strokes or maybe even Korn will love Sunminds.
Track 1 XTC – Electronic rhythms and long guitar chords with thumping drums start off the album in a way that gets you prepared for the you're about to experience. Long vocal melodies and contrasting distorted guitar rhythms give a strong sense of moving nostalgia.
Track 2 Once I'm Dead – Hits hard right from the beginning with the epic sound reminiscent of Muse but with a definitely original take. Vocals capture you and carry you on a roller coaster ride of a wall of exciting instrumentals that don't stop until you are thrown off the ride breathless, wanting to get on again.
Track 9 Immortality – Slow mysterious guitar lines with electronic rhythms and vocal melodies provide a perfect mixture between frightening and laidback vibe. Loud reverberated vocals with slow drums and distorted guitar come together for a very big progressive sound.
Track 12 Look What You've Done – Starting out with melodic guitar and vocals gives the appearance of a down tempo song. When thrashing drums, heavy guitar with long vocal melodies and changing tempos come surprisingly into the mix, Sunminds proves they are not afraid to keep us on our toes.
Reviewed by Dominic Benavides of Bryan Farrish Promotion

The album also was in competiton for a a Price at the Gamik Gala - Brian Farrish Radio Promotions


First album 2011 Album Tilte Immortality


2 Once I' m dead
3 Shadow of Sorrow
4 Don't you understand
5 Helpless and blind
6 Broken wings
7 Blossoming Soul
8 Superhero
9 Immortality
10 Lost society
11 Memories Lapse
12 Look what you've done

New EP 2012 comming up soon



Sunminds – A brand new formation to discover by Florence Gagnon Formed in Montreal, Quebec, Sunminds distinguishes its style with original rhythms and a vibrant electronic feel. While blending rock and experimental, the ambiance created in each composition is consistently thrilling. A talented trio The group is composed of three authentic and driven artists: Danny Bourassa on vocals and guitar, Benoit Fish on bass, and Louis-Pascal Viau on guitar and keys. With such an undeniable complicity, their music is a result of each member's personal and stylistic contribution and yet, the songs still remain loyal to their vision. In fact, the product of their individual contributions has created a band based on unified identities, influences, and decision-making. Standing out The single “Broken Wings” affected me the most. I really appreciate the way the vocals follow the rhythm of the guitar throughout the entire song. Sunminds has proven to me, and to many other fans as well, that their exceptional approach to creating music confirms their place in the music industry. Currently available for download on their Underground Musix artist page, the song “XTC” demonstrates the band's talent and creative writing style. In addition, a video representation of the song, based on the Sunminds's vision, is also available for everyone. To listen to music from Sunminds or for more information on their biography, please visit their artist profile on Underground Musix. Sunminds – Nouvelle formation à découvrir par Florence Gagnon Tout nouveau groupe montréalais, Sunminds se démarque par la fraîcheur de ses rythmes à la touche électronique. Un mélange de rock et de sons plus expérimentaux qui livre une ambiance bien spéciale aux compositions. Un trio talentueux Le groupe est composé de trois artistes authentiques. Danny Bourassa au chant et à la guitare, Benoit Fish à la basse et Louis-Pascal Viau à la guitare et au clavier. Un trio qui se complète et qui s'unit pour créer un style fidèle à eux-mêmes. Il s'agit d'une identité, d'un mélange d'influences et d'une prise de décision. Un style qui se démarque «Broken Wings» demeure l'une de leurs chansons que j'apprécie le plus. J'aime la façon dont la voix se joint aux rythmes de guitares tout au long de la pièce. Sunminds est un groupe polyvalent qui traite la musique avec une approche unique. La pièce «XTC» fait partie des pièces disponibles au téléchargement sur leur profil Underground Musix. Un clip vidéo de cette pièce est également disponible et présente le visuel imaginé par le groupe pour définir leur musique. Il s'agit aussi d'une composition présentant vraiment leur style et leur manière de s'exprimer par leur art. Pour écouter la musique de Sunminds ou pour plus de renseignements sur leur biographie, vous pouvez visiter leur profil d'artiste sur Underground Musix.
Member Since:
février 06, 2008

Danny Bourassa Benoît Fich Louis-Pascal Viau

Influences: White Stripes-Nirvana-Franz Ferdinand-Korn-Hole and many others..