They are dirty, they are slick and they explode in rock and roll fashion. Along with electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and sometimes keyboard, they subtly but affirmatively show their influences of bands such as Weezer, Foo Fighters, The Beatles, The Clash, The Cars and A Ha...yes, A Ha.


Tom Petty once said that good love is hard to find. Well sometimes good rock is hard to find too. Enter Sunmotel. They are dirty. They are slick. They define rock and roll in the 21st century. Through sophisticated yet fiery lyrics and a signature hook-driven sound that oozes attitude, the power quartet subtly but affirmatively shows its musical influences including Weezer, Foo Fighters, The Beatles, The Clash, The Cars and A-Ha…seriously.

Fronted by singer/songwriter Javier Mendoza, Sunmotel proved in its infancy to be far more than just a “side project”. Decorated with antics and highlighted with energy, anyone who has seen Sunmotel live will certainly vouch that they are the real deal and not just another wandering ensemble of talent-lacking imposters. With a lively and fresh sound wrapped in an edgy yet funky package, Sunmotel is quickly filling an ever-deepening musical vacancy.


Sunmotel - 2008