Building pop soundscapes that venture into laptop music, and vocal percussion, with mutable vocals. A sound that runs from computer created, jazz inspired chanteuse music to funky RnB tunes.


Sunnuz is a Middle Eastern girl with a lot of fire, brought up like a son, and then oppressed like a daughter. Influenced by Madonna to perform - first. And inspired to sing, play, and write by Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven, Bach and Brahms.
She's most influenced by girl bands, trip-hop and and a good MC. PJ harvey, Prince, Bjork, Nas and Billie Holiday top the list. She funnels much of her performance concepts from performing artists and innovation - Andy Warhol, his superstars, Guy Debord and the situationists, Yoko Ono, the futurists, and Richard Schechner - Sunnuz is different. An unconventional sound, a schizoid voice, and a tribal rhythm. "Lately everytime I turn on the tv, I see myself in the news. There's all kinds of books written about me and I haven't even started yet. So I'm coming, I'm running, I'm jumping to the front lines, to make the defined a dated state of mind - yeah I'm coming, I'm comin to gitchya!" Sunnuz is based out of Toronto, and working on her first full length album.


Yes, for Sometime

Written By: Sunnuz

V1 – I longed for you endlessly/and sat in the dew, of that hell/

C1 – I never wanted it to go that way/I dreamed of you in my mind endlessly/and when I think of us now/ I feel bad

Intro – Oh, (x5)

V2 – Rang the bell of my heart all night long/But you weren’t listening, you took the wrong way home/

C2 – I never fell for fools with roses in their mouths and guns in their hands/Ran after you my heart and my eyes, wide/

B- But now when I see you, I find myself ridden with pity/ Who could have been honest, so lost in his lies/I longed for you too often to say/ But I was a fool for feeling that way/ Yes, I was a fool for feeling that way.

This Building's On Fire, Baby (Acoustic)

Written By: Sunnuz

V1 – I’m tired of stopping on a dime for you baby, I’m losing and sick of it/I’ve got the makings of a maverick/I’ll show her, she’ll elevate

C- He asked me/Why are you always the last one out of/This building’s on fire baby, everyone sees red/Where did you get such a will for destruction/I asked you a simple question and you take off my head/

B- ba ba baa/I don’t know what to do, I’ve wasted so much time/And I, need to get on my feet now/

V2 – He asked me for some money/Said I’m homeless, half dead/I said I’m not about to stop for you/I’ve got my own things to do/


This Building's On Fire, Baby (EP)

Set List

Got me by the pants
This Building's On Fire, Baby
Calling - Tony Allen (cover)
Crossed the River, of You
Yes, for sometime
On and On - Erykah Badu (cover)