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This Building's On Fire, Baby (EP)



Sunnuz is a Middle Eastern girl with a lot of fire, brought up like a son, and then oppressed like a daughter. Influenced by Madonna to perform - first. And inspired to sing, play, and write by Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven, Bach and Brahms.
She's most influenced by girl bands, trip-hop and and a good MC. PJ harvey, Prince, Bjork, Nas and Billie Holiday top the list. She funnels much of her performance concepts from performing artists and innovation - Andy Warhol, his superstars, Guy Debord and the situationists, Yoko Ono, the futurists, and Richard Schechner - Sunnuz is different. An unconventional sound, a schizoid voice, and a tribal rhythm. "Lately everytime I turn on the tv, I see myself in the news. There's all kinds of books written about me and I haven't even started yet. So I'm coming, I'm running, I'm jumping to the front lines, to make the defined a dated state of mind - yeah I'm coming, I'm comin to gitchya!" Sunnuz is based out of Toronto, and working on her first full length album.