Sunny and The Black Pack
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Sunny and The Black Pack

Pleasant Hill, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Pleasant Hill, CA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band R&B Soul




"Sunny and the Black Pack can tell you how to get to ‘Sesame Street’"

The humble beginnings of Sunny and the Black Pack began in 2015, with Srawat “Sunny” Promyotin and father and son, Jo and Jake Stockley.

The younger Stockley and Promyotin were longtime musical pals who had worked together, but not in a band setting.

Promyotin had just returned stateside after spending time in Thailand, intent on stepping away from music. He didn’t. Instead, Promyotin established Black Media, a record and media company.

The Stockleys and Promyotin began playing live and started recruiting fellow friends and musicians to join them. A love of music was the uniting factor.

Before long, Sunny and the Black Pack had more than doubled in size. The band has seven members. - Daily Republic

"Meet The Band with The Black Pack"

Since the days of elementary school, we were taught the idea that when one mixes all the primary colors together they should end up with black. This idea of different colors of paint coming together and creating black is a good example of what the band The Black Pack is all about, according to lead vocals and piano, Sunny Promyotin. Sunny describes how The Black Pack is made up of various unique, vibrant and beautiful individuals that come together to create their kind of art. Art that is not planned, but more or less spontaneously created from many spaces of influence. They are a group that plays the music they want to play. In love with all genres, their isn’t much they don’t play. I followed the group around and just listened to their music. I was lucky enough to sit down with Sunny Promyotin to learn more about The Black Pack and its’ musical journey.

It’s been an interesting journey for Sunny, Jake Stockely(Percussion) and Eric Keith Low(Bass Guitar) who all started in Thailand as producers before being the performers they are today. Each of them embarked on their own personal journeys, making lives for themselves, all while experiencing something incredible. As producers they worked with many of the talented artists of Asia. Working in a completely different music market than that of the U.S, they were able to establish a working production company. Some of their accomplishments include producing a song that was number one on the charts for 2 years, producing their own television shows and even producing a feature film that will soon be distributed by Netflix. As producers they were able to craft and shape many talented artists and also write and produce music, but things would head to a new direction upon their return to the United States.

Before driving down this road of the Black Pack’s journey, it would help to understand the background of Sunny Promyotin, the voice of the Black Pack. Sunny grew up in a very music oriented family but never played music until he was 16, before then only listening to music. One day, Sunny locked himself in his school’s music room with a piano. He knew nothing about playing, reading music or anything of that nature, but some how he was able to see and feel the melody of music. To this day he doesn’t know how but his fingers pressed on the keys while he sang and he was able to write his first song. With this new and natural gift, Sunny was able to come up with a hundred songs by the end of the month. He had over a thousand songs written by the end of the year. This is where it all started for Sunny. In a music room with a piano he fell in love with the ability to express via music. Music became his outlet from the world and thus the beginning of something important that would build the road to where Sunny is today.

Upon returning to the United States three years ago, the Black Pack would no longer be producers shaping performers but instead becoming the performers. They began writing their own music while playing different genres, never really limiting themselves to one sound. This idea would become something that defines them as a group, not just one single sound, but a band that plays different genres of music while upholding a great deal of quality. The group began show casing their work at venues exposing the world to their art that they created as a diverse family. If there’s one thing that resonates well with this group, it’s their ability to express music with so much passion and love. Sunny explained to me “When I’m playing a song, I’m having a musical conversation, and that feeling is something I can’t explain, but can only describe as something amazing. Music is the direct line to the heart, and I can’t imagine not touching an instrument.”

Between talking with Sunny and time spent as an audience member for the Black Pack, I can only conclude that this is a special group of people and a unique musical style. I don’t say this with just the notion that most of the members came from an extraordinary life of adventure and success, but really on the idea that watching this band play is a heartwarming experience. They play with their hearts and anyone in the audience can feel that immediately. The group is an example of hope, spreading a message of always pursuing your dreams because in turn that is exactly what they are doing. They get on stage and mix sounds to create beautiful music. The way we mixed paint colors in elementary school to make black. The way Sunny found a piano in a room and locked himself in with it only to exit full hearted. - Rifftime

"This Band Will Draw Guests To Your Festival"

Sunny and The Black Pack have an infectious stage presence and their dynamic performance is unmatched by most bands that play our venue. Their sound is unique and they have an uncanny ability to make cover songs relevant and new. - R & R Craftails, Inc


Still working on that hot first release.



Since 2015, Sunny And The Black Pack have been building a reputation as true visionaries in the music scene. Their unique blend of Old Soul, RnB and Rock has allowed Sunny And The Black Pack to quickly build a devoted fan base. Led by Sunny Promyotin's sensational musicianship, the band has managed to sell out venues all across the Bay Area.

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