Sunny Day Silver

Sunny Day Silver


We are full of energy! Our music is an explosion of all things happy and catchy, with a few hardcore riffs thrown in once in a while. Dan's voice is like a chorus of angels sent from heaven. Kate and Sarah are girl guitarists who can SHRED. Nate plays bass at the speed of light. Kev WILL melt faces.


The band was formed in less than 48 hours. Approximately one day after Sarah and Nate recruited ex-Sherode guitarist Kate, Kate recruited Dan and Kevin of We're Indifferent Minds (R.I.P) to bring their nasty musicianship to a different genre. Thus, Sunny Day Silver was born. With influences such as Van Atta High, Bayside, Coheed and Cambria, All Time Low, and Four Year Strong, these kids take the best components of every band they've ever heard and turn them into insanely catchy choruses with br00tal breakdowns thrown into the mix.
After the first practice one Sunny Day Silver song was completed. After the second practice, another. The momentum built, and soon after, Kate, Dan, Sarah, Nate, and Kevin were already sharing musical aspirations over beers and some Pokemon Stadium mini game games. Sometimes things just work, and although being in any band is hard work, the connection between the members of Sunny Day Silver makes it that much easier. And they shall forge on.


Not yet. Recording before Christmas FINGERS CROSSED.

Set List

Typical set:
-Six Original Songs
-One cover (usually some pop song we dragged off of 95.7 and made into a rawk song)
-For now that cover is "Hot N' Cold" by Katy Perry
-Pure tomfoolery