Sunny Jenkins

Sunny Jenkins

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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“Basically the album was written to tell the story of my life in lyrical form. One song to the next shows my life in some way and it is proof to my growth as not only a rapper but as a man.” Sunny Jenkins


Biography – Sunny Jenkins

The triumph of Sunny’s debut album Tha Story is more then a local rappers attempt to make it to the top of the rap game, Tha Story is a testament of the lifestyle most black men find unavoidable to endure. Now back again with Tha Story Chapter II – Pain 4 Peace being released fall 2008, Sunny proves he is not a one hit wonder. He is a star that has yet to be seen yet always shinning.

Sunny Jenkins was born on May 25 1980 in Gary In, the murder capital of the nation.
In Gary, most black males are either dead or in jail by the age of 18. Lucky for Sunny at the age of two with his mother and father, he moved to Orange County, CA. However shortly after their arrival his father moved on to pursue other opportunities and a young Sunny and his mother were left alone in a strange place to fend for themselves, giving him his first taste of the hard knock life. Sunny can recall sleeping in cars and moving from place to place and his mothers strong will to survive.

Growing up Sunny encountered hardship as his family struggled. His mother was taken in to custody for a crime and transported to Madison, WI. His father kidnapped him forcing the FBI’s involvement and forcing Sunny to relocate to Madison, WI, a place he was not familiar with. Also at this tender age, he was an eye witness to the life threaten stabbing of his father. This all happen to young Sunny before the age of 10.

He has always stated his life was saved by Hip-hop. At the age of 11 Sunny found his passion for rapping, influenced by the group Another Bad Creation he knew even as a kid it was not out of reach to get to the top. This sparked the fire within him and he started to horn his craft, knowing he would not be happy unless he was the best. Under the musical influence of the greats, Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. Sunny went to work to prefect his style and sound.

It was not until spending two years in prison, which forced him to miss the birth of his child did he realize rapping to him was not a pastime, it was his life. It was a way to do what he loved and still supply for his child. He knew he was destined to be someone great and with his passion for hip-hop and his natural talent rapping went from a hobby to his full time job. Sunny started performing and working on his album.


F-Squad Volume 1
F-Squad Volume 2

As Prodical
Diary of a lost Sun

Sunny Jenkins
Tha Story - Chapter II
Tha Story - Chaptor II - Pain 4 Peace

Set List

Real Souljia
One me
By your side
We Gon Party
Pain 4 Peace
Sun Come Up