Sunny Jim

Sunny Jim


Fast, Harsh old skool punk rock with out the violence by friends who love performing and love the music.


Our influences are bands like ;The Ramones, The Clash, Bad Religion, Green Day, Stiff Little Fingers, New Found Glory, London SS, The 101' ers, Sham 69, Velvet Underground, The Dead Kennedys, we're a tight knit band who look after each other. We write our music from the heart about things which affect us and what we see happening around us. We're not trying to rip off other bands we just wanna make something unique.


Scream Your Heart Out

Set List

At the moment we have 12 songs 3 are covers
Our own track:
One Thing After Another
Walkin Out
Waka Waka Song
Void Blues
Slow And Steady
Scream Your Heart Out
Letters Home
Should I Stay Or Should I Go
BlitzKrieg Bop
Teenage Kicks