Sunny Perylz

Sunny Perylz

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

Where Sophisticated meets Flawless...Imagine hearing Donny Hathaway singing to a Kanye West Track..Blues lyrics over Soulful rhythms..The Best of Both Worlds in one Man...


The finest blend of Hip-Hop and Soul the world has ever heard. With influences ranging from Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley to Andre 3000 and Jay-z, I have created a sound suited for Pop Culture yet honest enough for the Street...I am a young father who has lost his Daughter(Destiny), I have a song on my heart that many could never sing.....


Don't Keep Me

Written By: Sunny Perylz

I've given you time said you needed to clear your mind..I've given you space, got out your way but you say that ain't the way you want it to stay...You said you had a man things wont going as planned bout to make a move and soon but that ain't happened.. What am i to do sit here like a fool waiting on you.....I've been by your side holding you when he made you cry...I've given you a space in my heart always but i need your heart in return..I've told you how i feel kept it more than real, I wont be the man on the side I dont deserve it..I've tried to be cool waiting on you but is it worth it...Dont Keep Me Waiting to Long


New Single "DOWN" from the Upcoming Album "Sophisticated Flawless"