Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up


What if there was a truly modern ska-punk band? Enter Sunny Side Up. In attempt to bring their genre out of 1990s cliches and predictability, Sunny Side Up truly is ska for the 21st century. Having played to sold out audiences of thousands, SSU is gaining huge underground momentum.


Sunny Side Up is a ska-punk band from Oklahoma City, OK.
Being fed up with modern ska bands, six Oklahoma born musicians formed a new type of band. The philosophy the band formed around is the idea of bringing the once great genre back to life by throwing out cliches and instead innovate with modern influences.
Formed in 2010, Sunny Side Up has quickly gained momentum in the underground. From playing packed basement shows, all the way to huge sold out amphitheater shows in front of thousands, Sunny Side Up is pushing the limits of what it means to be ska in 2012.
Headlining huge shows and opening for some of the biggest names today (Sublime With Rome, Peelander-Z, Anamanaguchi, Less Than Jake), the band is serious about making a change. Their unique blend of ska, rock, punk, rap, and chiptune gives them a unique sound not heard in any other band today.
Sunny Side Up released an EP in 2011 to rave reviews. Debuting with over 10,000 downloads in one month/60,000 in one year, the Sunny Side Up EP has helped the band gain fans world wide.
Forming a deal with Tate Music Group, Sunny Side Up will be releasing a brand new full length album in spring of 2013 with national distribution as well as a fully original four part comic book and animated music video!
In early 2012 the band was invited to release three of their songs as downloadable songs in the hit video game Rock Band 3! In September 2012 the band will exclusively release a song on the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary soundtrack.


Corporate Control

Written By: Sunny Side Up

This will be the last time I'll catch them laughin' at me
I've got the answer to this riddle, I've found the key
Radio simplicity is what will help us climb the charts
Concerts, record deals, more money, and winning the little girl's hearts.

Oh baby, life can be so cruel,
when the american dream is just a lie, and you're society's tool
Bands aren't formed, they're made by rich cooperate hands,
If you can sell a song, you can make a brand, that's the cooperate plan.

So big business man, tell me what am I to do?
I love to rock and roll with all my soul, but i wanna make it big too.
Record labels will change your message, and they'll change your mind
When the pressure hits, resist the urge to sign that dotted line

And just maybe, we could get a number one hit,
My face on TVs, billboards, and be loved by all the kids
If they can rock up there on stage, then why can't it be me?


Sunny Side Up EP - June, 2011
Paradise in the Sky - May 18th, 2013