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Somerset, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Somerset, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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"Sun of Sound"

Sun of Sound is an “Experimental/Alternative Hip Hop” band hailing from Somerset, Massachusetts. They describe their sound as “Music that excites the ears of musicians and non-musicians alike. We try to incorporate such things as odd time signatures and extended harmony, but with a hip hop sensibility. We also incorporate the intensity of a rock band, both in our composition and in our live performance. We try to piece together everything that has influenced and excited us into one cohesive package.” Like scientists, they make the combination of an alternative band and the rhythm of hip hop work together, their music seems to put listeners in a trance. Sun of Sound seems to be the perfect name for the band as well. “The name Sun of Sound originated from Solace’s [vocalist] solo project. He first went by the name Son of Sound. In searching for a name for the band, it only seemed right to change it to Sun of Sound, since we have always mirrored that larger than life feel in our music and lyrics. We wanted a name that would reflect that energy.” Everyone should check out Sun of Sound and keep an open mind while doing so because this will most likely be a type of music new to your ears. Artists should take notes from them; creating something new will make you most memorable. - BandTraffic

"Sun of Sound and other local bands live it up"

Sun of Sound and other local bands live it up
Thursday, 17 February 2011 14:41
Written by CAMERON HASHEMI-POUR - Contributing Writer
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Friday night’s rock concert delivered a broad horizon of unique music to campus.

Although each of the four bands had only a limited time in which to perform, they each gave it their best, an entertaining as well as captivating performance.

The night started off with the first local band, The Brightest Lights, hailing from Boston, and having just recently released a self-titled CD.

Each of the band’s members were multitalented, as exemplified in their switching of roles and instruments through out each song. Lead vocalist, Matt Johnson, was also a skilled guitarist, while their bassist, Chris Henderson, had pianist skills and knowledge of mixers/samplers to add an additional

The Brightest Lights first song had been of quick pace, while their second contrarily proved to be slower and more electronically enhanced. Their third song resembled the style of Maroon 5 in its chorus, though their style is purely original.

One of the lead guitar riffs was quite similar to that of Incubus’ “Dig”, therefore their ability to perform multiple styles proved to be quite interesting.

The audience experienced a moment of hilarity, as the band allowed two fans to dance around on stage during their fifth song, one of them being the lead vocalist of Sic Vita, the third band to perform on the set.

The band’s final song featured a surprise ending, with two members accompanying the primary drummer, Ryan Kurpess, with two new percussion instruments.

Once The Brightest Lights had been properly applauded, the crowd then welcomed the next band to the stage, from Cranston, RI’s Sideshow.

Sideshow’s style could be classified as post-hardcore, with a much heavier sound and alternation between melodic and unclean vocals.

Lead guitarist, Nick Farrands, claims, “We are very brutal!”

Sideshow truly lived up to this statement with their list of songs they performed off of their EP album, entitled “The Rest Was Silence.”

The vocal style of lead vocalist Mike Perry resembled that of Chino Moreno from the Deftones by skillfully switching mellow with grittier vocals. Their final two songs featured epic breakdowns which could similarly be found in other groups classified as heavy metal, undoubtedly keeping the
audience’s attention.

Drummer Matt Nerney was also the artist for the EP album cover, the other members being: Nick “Papa” Goins on guitar, and Gabe Corporan on bass. Recommended tracks on the album are: “We’re All Men Here” and “Moonlight”.

The third band of the night was Sic Vita, a five-piece, local band from Dartmouth.

Most of Sic Vita’s songs featured a melodic, steady beat with change in pace occurring during most of their bridges and outros.

Lead vocalist Armand Cabral and guitarist/backing vocalist Derrick Sousa created enough front-stage excitement to keep the crowd directly beneath them actively involved.

As proof of the crowd’s engagement, an audience member called to drummer Jeff Platt and thus
Cabral responded, “Jeff has lovers!”

Afterwards, they performed their song, “Binary”, which was definitely worth a second listen. Justin Lacle is also responsible for guitar, while Spencer Harrison is in charge of bass.

Upon the finale of their performance, Cabral stated that the band currently has an EP album in progress, and a gig on February 20.

Finally, the show concluded with an extraordinary performance given by Sun of Sound, a new rap-rock group from Somerset.

Traditional rock music was accompanied by rapping vocals from lead vocalist, Randy “Solace” Medina, and great, catchy beats by bassist, Andrew Davis, and drummer, Jeff Bernier.

Steve Furtado provided backing vocals in addition to his role as lead guitarist, and Jaysun Kohler contributed electronics in addition to guitar.

There was also soul and reggae influences evident throughout parts of Sun of Sound’s songs.
Medina had the crowd jumping off the floor by the end of their performance, which further asserted their interest in the band.

Fans would love to listen their new EP album entitled, “Solar Patriarchs”.

All in all, the auditorium was filled with amazing talent that night, and the sound and resonance of the music would not have been as great without the help of the technical crew, comprised of: Pat Meloveck, Andrew Guidetti, Steve Small, Matt Bond, and Sam Huntress.

Those who missed the action could easily relive it by purchasing the EP albums or CDs each band has to offer. - The Torch


Soular Patriarchs EP- 2010
Cloak and Dagger single -2011



What is the Sun of Sound? It’s a collective of ideas, inspiration, and emotions borne out of passion for music. All five of its members (Solace, Jay, Jeff, Steve, and Andrew) grew up playing music together. They parted ways after graduating high school and reformed as the Sun of Sound in March of 2010. Since then,
Sun of Sound has cultivated a loyal and growing fanbase within the Providence, RI/South Coast, MA scene. They have played such venues as Fete Ballroom, Colosseum, Middle East (up/down) UMass Dartmouth, URI, and The Strand.

Sun of Sound placed as a semifinalist in the 2012 WBRU rock hunt. Following the contest, they enjoyed a 10 week stint on WBRU's 12 cuts above the rest, placing as high as #2 on a radio station with a listenership of over 200,000 people.

Forthcoming EP to be released in the fall/winter of 2012, produced by Scott Riebling and mixed by Joe Mabbott (among others).

Photos by Elizabeth Friar Photography
Some videography/flyering/graphic design by Matt Smith

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