Sunrise Monday

Sunrise Monday



Joseph McClain, Amber Brock, Matt Hood, Matt Smith & Cody Maritn are duo Sunrise Monday. They are based out of Gainesville, GA. These singer/songwriters are trying to bring realness back to worship. They sing, write and live with this in mind, "Anybody can claim to be a Christian on Sunday morning, but who are you come sunrise Monday?"



Written By: Joseph McClain

Verse 1
I've been through the struggle
I've been through the pain
I've walked in the valley
And cried in the rain

And I stand before you
Broken in two
Here I am waiting for you

I can finally see that
You're watching over me
I'm falling even more in love
with you
There's nothing left to prove
There's nothing left to do
But Praise your Holy name

Verse 2

I've battled the sickness
And walked to the ledge
I've been to the limits
And looked over the edge, yeah


I'm searching the darkness
For a glimpse of your light
And I'm trading my weakness
For your life, for your life