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"SUNRiSER - All My Big Plans End In Miserable Failure"

Loaded with souful vocals and an alluring mix of keys-based guitar rock, this EP is a warm introduction. At times reminiscent of the occasionally curbed enthusiasm of Broken Social Scene, the band's catchy pop sensibilities are guided by the simmering passion of guitarist/lead vocalist Darryl Webster. The unassuming launch of "The Joke You've Become" gives way to an infectious, dreamy groove before Webster checks in with his laid-back phrasing. Like much of BSS's best work, the power of "The Joke You've Become" stems from its hypnotic effect. A similar sensation is achieved on the title track and "When You Were Me," while the band indulges its penchant for '60s psychedelia on "St. Augustine's Parade." The only misstep is the wah-wah drenched Big Sugar-meets-Red Hot Chili Peppers workout "Cinncinati," however it is a forgiveable infraction on an otherwise remarkble EP. - Exclaim Magazine

"Spotlight on SUNRiSER"

“Banging out a rough mix of crunchy guitars and garage rock beats, Sunriser are a band that take their rock energy seriously...the band are in fine form indoctrinating unsuspecting audiences across Toronto as they unleash their sonic torrents in true rock n roll fashion ...” -


EP - SUNRiSER (3 tracks)

EP - All My Big Plans End In Miserable Failures (7 tracks)
Track Listing:
1. The Joke You've Become
2. Cinncinati
3. St. Augustine's Parade
4. Manic Street
5. Big Plans
6. When You Were Me
7. Standing At The End Of The 8 Track

Limited Edition UK Tour EP (6 tracks)
1. In The City
2. Mallory
3. All In Our Heads
4. The Joke You've Become
5. When You Were Me
6. The World Was His

Is This A Good Life (2008 not yet released)
1. Overnight
2. Honest Behavior
3. Gold
4. In the Morning
5. Barcelona
the rest is yet to be recorded at Phase One Studio

Tracks that have airplay - The whole EP "All My Big Plans End In Miserable Failure" has airplay on College radio stations in Ontario.
"When You Were Me" was selected by Sleeman Breweries for a their "Label Free" campaign and received airplay on radio stations across Canada including 102.1 The Edge in Toronto
And the EP "All My Big Plans ..." was recently added to Bearcast Radio in Cinncinati.
"the joke you've become" 102.1 the edge toronto.

Streaming Audio available at:
Available tracks: The Joke You've Become; When You Were Me; In The City; Mallory; Overnight; Honest Behavior



SUNRiSER are an enigmatic fusion of British influenced keys rock and Irish-Motown groove. A sound that is inexplicably fresh and original, yet at once familiar.

In the fall of 2004, SUNRiSER released their 2nd recording: a seven-song EP titled 'All My Big Plans End In Miserable Failures'. Recorded at Toronto's famed Chemical Sound Studios. 'Big Plans' is an honest exploration of struggle and accomplishment. A potent blend resulting in an impressive collection of catchy songs that delves into the pain of love and betrayal, memories of far-away places, discovery and change.

Since this time the band has kept busy both with national touring (Budweiser True Music Tour 2005) and international touring (England/Scotland/Ireland 2007) as well as updating their recorded music catalog with new material. Most recently SUNRiSER partnered with up-and-coming British producer Saam Hashemi (Simon Wilcox/Kill The Lights/Tomi Swick/The Kooks) and are currently tracking what will become the bands first full length release out of Phase One Studio in Toronto.

Darryl Webster (guitarist and lead vocalist) vibrates on-stage with a seemingly endless supply of energy, while Cam Pyziak (drums) and Declan Loughlin (bass/back vocals) create a rhythmic foundation that compliments Webster’s explosive energy. The quiet genius, Davey Engle (keys/backing vocals), cannot stay in his seat for more than half a song at a stretch and neither will you. Added most recently to the mix is Saam Hashemi who acts as both producer of the upcoming album and lead guitarist in the band. Together they create a dervish of energy that spills out into the crowd.

Since their inception in 2002, SUNRiSER have garnered a strong and loyal following, and have built solid relationships with some of Canada's premier live clubs. Numerous music placements in both film, television, and commercials have also helped to push the profile of this Canadian indie band out into the mainstream.

With such diverse interests and musical lineage the future of SUNRiSER is undoubtedly as bright as their sound is contagious.