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Sunset Carcrash

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"Sunset Carcrash rocks on!"

"I had the pleasure to go to Carrollton and watch Sunset Carcrash play live at Gallery Row Coffee Shop. The band, led by GHC student Tyler McSwain, was prodigiously amazing to be so young and seemed to feel extremely comfortable navigating around their musical instruments.

Closing your eyes and listening, a fan can tell that the band has what really matters, expression... The show included layered originals such as "City Lights and Flicker," and classic covers with a new twist like "All Along the Watchtower" and "Folsom Prison Blues. After the show, I sat down with band members Tyler McSwain, Nathan Garner, Bain Griffith and Sammy Bailey and discussed several of the elements that led to a great show.Sunset Carcrash's sound is one that would not be normally heard in a garage like any other average garage band. Their sound is so unique and a breath of fresh air.When asked who the influences were that helped shape their sound, lead singer and rhythm guitarist McSwain, second year English major from Bremen said, "It's hard to say, because all of the music we listen to just blends together to create a sound."The band commented that there are several things they would like to accomplish soon. First and foremost is finishing their CD but also branching out to other venues across the south is something that drummer Bailey voiced strongly." - Six Mile Post


Set Sail - 5 song EP, July 2008

11 Song Full Length Album - July 2009



Tyler McSwain began singing, songwriting, and playing guitar at a young age influenced primarily by the singers and songwriters of the 70's, Jay Farrar, and Conor Oberst. His talents and ambitions remained primarily a secret until he met and joined forces with Nathan Garner. Nathan also picked up the guitar at a young age. Within a year he was at playing parties and performing small gigs. His early playing was greatly influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Frusciante. Together, Tyler and Nathan explored other music, and they discovered Neil Young, Uncle Tupelo, and Ryan Adams. They drew from their early and current influences and created a fresh new sound. When they met Sammy Bailey, a self taught drummer with an exceptional raw talent, the core center of this group was created. They then began gigging with bass player Bain Griffith. The stage was set, and the band Sunset Carcrash was born. Justin Huggins has since replaced Bain on the Bass and adds to the solid sound. Sunset Carcrash has an incredibly marketable sound. They have the instrumentalization to back it up, making them a force in both the studio and in a live setting. Sunset's sound is comprised of great songwriting, and it also has unexpected changes, be it tempo, key, or otherwise. During shows they can write and perform a simple pop song or jam a la Grateful Dead. Depending on the mood, a single song can be 2:30 or a 10 minute long winding jam. Exactly how to describe Sunset Carcrash's sound eludes us, but in the end, it's just very good music that can summon you and take you in.