Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

They call me the one and only Miss Spank me baby, because when I started Managing my bands I added a very fun acts to my blues, R&B show etc. I have 3 men called the Blue Men, two attractive ladies that back sing and they dance with me in a fun Tina Act! I The show is very entertaining.


I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to be on stage with great people like T.J. Hooker the late Johnny Taylor's son, D.C and Shelby Miner which operates one of the largest Blue's Festivals in the World, Watermelon Slim, Guitar Shorty, Miss Blues, I a member of the Oklahoma city Blues Soc. I have been Music Manager of the Larry Johnson Foundation for 7years. I worked one club for 14year's while running a Sunday nite Jam at Jimmy D's club. I also have performed at Blue's City one of Tulsa Oklahoma hottiest spots. My New CD is being played on some Radio Stations, I just released it this year and already have had my first T.V. interview at Rolinsons T.V and broadcasting. It was aired in Tulsa OK, Texas, Philla. The CD is a mixing of pop, r&b, and one for my blues lover's called Cold Snow! and much more, I wanted the world and my fans to know that I could be versatile, and that I am. The CD is dedicated to the young and the young at heart! E-mail the Sunsetter if you want more than just a regular band. Sunset is truely a show woman and my band is all of that!
My Flash girl highlight the show! I am waiting to me you.
From Wonda Macon the SunsettheSunsetter.


songs on my CD:

CD is called Sunsetter's I wish I'd got there first(ruff) great song to play around Holloween pop style.
Spank Me ! Yester's Days Plan (r&b), Mama wants a goodman(hip hop style with out rap, touch of r&b in it.

I don't want a man like, the one you got! party Down in the country. Mad you didn't get none! We got a new daddy now Mr. Brown. Cold Snow (blues) Godda's House, Godda's Kids.