Sunshine Black

Sunshine Black

 Henryetta, Oklahoma, USA

Our music is very simply put about finding common ground with people from all walks of life. The lyrics come from real experience, true emotion, passion and an honest love for the creation of art. When you listen to the lyrics we want you to be able to say "I can relate to that."


Today’s music arena consists of influences that are, without a doubt, bolder and more variegated than ever. It is within this spectrum that the sound of Sunshine Black creates a merging point…a unique fusion of the life experiences, transparent expressions and creative artistic license of its band members. The intent behind the music is to combine the contrasting influences that emerge from the band members’ diverse personal backgrounds and present listeners with a relevant, multifaceted music. In the words of the artists themselves, “When you listen to the lyrics, we want you to be able to say, ‘I can relate to that’.” In their 7+ years of creating music together, Sunshine Black has effectively cultivated an impressive and satisfying sound; one that is sure to compel even the most reserved audience to their feet. The release of the bands first professionally recorded EP, “Rainy Days”, is expected this spring. Sunshine Black will be touring throughout the region this spring, summer and fall.


EP - Rainy Days
1. Sober Alone
2. Sally Says
3. Open Doors
4. Bitter

Coming soon
EP- Untitled
1. Change This
2. Rainy Day
3. Time Escapes
4. Suffocate

Set List


1. Thorn in My Side
2. Can't Pretend - Live band recording posted on Myspace
3. Sally Says - Recorded awaiting master/Live band on Myspace
4. Rainy Day - Scheduled for studio next month
5. RazorWire
6. Drink Your Son Away - Live band recording posted on Myspace
7. Drag
8. 9mm
9. Gone Away
10. Problems
11. Sober Alone - Unmixed/unmastered version on EPK
12. Missing Pieces
13. Stoned Again
14. Change This - Scheduled for studio next month
15. Time Escapes - Scheduled for studio next month
16. Pretty Girl
17. She
18. Blame
19. Figure This Out
20. Suffocate - Scheduled for studion next month
21. Bitter - Unmixed/Unmastered version on EPK
22. Open Doors - Recorded awaiting mastering


1. Nutshell
2. Shine
3. Heart Shaped Box
4. Cocaine
5. End of the World As We Know It
6. Love Is
7. Landslide
8. H