Psych-rock trio From Denver with Heavy rock and pop influences sprinkled with a heavy Dose of improvisation.


Sunshine was formed in 2009 in Boulder, CO. A psych-rock trio at its heart, Sunshine is also an experimental and improvisational band, especially in a live setting. Sunshine’s live shows are marked by a loose and fast approach to set lists, usually resulting in transitions from song to song. Sunshine runs the gamut from mellow and melodic to Loud and heavy. Original compositions by Sunshine tend to lean on the side of heavy pop-rock, but again, it is all coated in a thick covering of psychedelia and dramatic dynamics, with a dash of Mogwai-esque post rock.


One release so far, The Thomas Midgley Junior EP. We do have streaming audio and Radio Airplay

Set List

Our sets are consistently different from each other, Usually play about one one-hour set. We play between Eight and Fifteen songs depending on how long our slot is, but we can play longer if needed. We usually do not play any covers, but we have a couple in our repertoire.