Sunshine Ensemble

Sunshine Ensemble

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

"Dave and Laura graduated Brisbane Conservatorium, and have a vast theoretic knowledge, Toci a fantastic drummer and photographer, Daniel a noted artist who writes some of the best bass lines ive heard, and Charlotte, an angelic singer who has toured the world in choirs!" Adam- Sunshine Ensemble


"the First time i saw them play i was amazed, an incredibly original display of music" Daniel Wighton - MX Magazine

With influences such as 'The Flaming Lips', 'Broadcast' and 'Grizzly Bear', Their musical style runs the range of folk-rock, psychedelic pop all with the undercurrent of jazz. Melodic flute, retro organ tones and swirly harpsichord create a rich sound. Adam Buchanan and Dave Stephens share the lead vocals which is complimented by the beautiful backing vocal harmonies of Charlotte Clark. Daniel Denton provides grooving prog rock bass guitar while each song is held together by Anthony Toci's technically incredible drum beats.

Although only having had a short career thus far, they have supported such notable bands as ' Jonathan Boulet', 'Grace Woodroofe' ‘Demon Parade’, ‘Glass Towers’ and ‘Dave McCormack & the Polaroids’.

Finding fans should be no trouble for this talented five some. With a newly released EP, it is to be expected that well formed and interesting new sounds will come from this Independent band.


Debut EP- released November 2010