Sunshine for the Blind

Sunshine for the Blind


Sunshine for the Blind plays edgy, melodic guitar rock that features emotional vocals and vintage guitar sounds. The songs are sometimes poppy, sometimes driving, and always riffy and dynamic.


Sunshine for the Blind have spent much of the last two years honing their sound and recording their first full-length album, titled "See The River Rise" at guitarist Brian Daly's own studio, dna studios.

The roots of SftB go back a decade in the Madison music scene. Drummer Daphna Ron and Bassist Ken Stevenson both migrated to Madison in early 2000, and joined forces with producer/engineer (dna studios) Brian Daly. Stevenson was fresh off the road with his band, Otis and the Alligators; and Ron just finished her final tour with La Crosse al-country band, Shot To Hell.

The band's sound has been described as "insistent, instantly likable rock with roots in the Beatles' Revolver album", with a twinge of Jane's Addiction and the Verve.

In the last two years, SftB has performed in the Madison area at: The Annex, The Anchor Inn, the Slipper Club, The King Club, Mr. Robert's, the Electric Earth, and they played New Year's 2006 at the Orpheum and received some press from a 2006 appearance at the Entertainment's Book Festival extraviganza at the High Noon Saloon.


LP: See the River Rise(2006)
EP: Self Titled (2004)

Set List

A typical set list consists of 45 minutes to an hour of all-original material. Crowd favorites include:
- Five Long Years
- Another Sun
- When I Saw You
- Big Dreams
- Lower The Bait
- Bad Dreams
- Can't Be Real
- Dropping the Weight
- Oldest Story
- Dedication
- No More Suffering
- Disappearing