Sunshine Reptile Child

Sunshine Reptile Child

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Sunshine Reptile Child's vibrations will make your inner pulse smile and reflect on past lives. Psychedelic folk with equal emphasis on the music and lyrics. Drawing on inspiration from San Francisco of the 60s, Marc Bolan, Nick Drake and Mazzy Starr to name a few. SRC delivers refreshing air.


Sunshine Reptile Child evolved out of years playing in various bands. Everything from punk to surf to shoegaze to post-rock After a decade or more of writing poetry I wanted to branch out and do my own thing musically. I believe not in emulating or replicating other styles or ideas, but rather tapping into universal hypnotic moods and trance states that can be experienced through musical and lyrical content. My intention is to aid in helping the youth return to an appreciation in what "people have to say" as well as "organic music" in a world of pre-packaged "garbage" where the fake ideals are climbing over the city walls and pummeling the poor kids to oblivion.


"Sunshine Reptile Child"
EP 2009.

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Set List

I have over 100 original songs in my repertoire. My sets are usually 40-50 minutes long. I rarely do covers.