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The best kept secret in music


"Suns of March Releases 2nd Single"

Up and coming Southeast band Suns Of March release 2nd single "Bulletproof Heart"----After 6 months of working relentlessly to promote their 1st single "San Jose", Suns of March took a well deserved holiday. This was a period for the band to work on material for a new album and reflect on 2004's course of events. Now the band is primed and ready to call upon the international music scene again in 2005 with the release of their 2nd single and title cut "Bulletproof Heart".----The last half of 2004 was monumental indeed for Suns of March. The group was completely tireless in their efforts to get the word out about the Suns of March sound. This non-typical rock band from the southeast United States is rapidly introducing the rest of the world to the sincerity of their style of music, and sincerity is truly what guides Suns of March when they create music. Having been classified as everything from country to grunge, the group is unwilling to stray from their roots and heritage to fit into any specific genre, infiltrating over 25 countries through sales and music sharing.----When asked how he felt about would-be music consumers sharing the bands music on-line without buying it first, lead-singer Michael Wright said, "sure we lose potential sales through music sharing, but you know, if someone really likes us and believes in what we are doing and the type of music we are creating, I believe they will buy our CD and the next and the next. That's the type of people we want buying our music. If someone hears about Suns of March through downloading one of our songs for free and doesn't buy the CD, then I say to them, thanks for giving us a listen and I hope you like the next single enough to buy our disc." But then, why should Wright and the rest of the band be worried about a little free music slipping through the cracks here and there when figures show their coverage on the international scene has increased buy over 650% in the last 6 months. "People think its cool when they find out we are a rock band with a violin player. We're even getting offers from countries on the other side of the world to play festivals. That's a big deal to us. We're hoping to put together some different tours soon in areas where we haven't performed yet," says Wright.----Having shared the stage with artists such as Brad Cotter, Diamond Rio, Edwin McCain, Joan Jett, Josh Todd (Buckcherry), Josh Turner, The Kicks, Lance Miller, Loverboy, and Matt Lindahl, the group has gained enough experience to garner the help of legendary producers Jeff Tomei (Matchbox 20, Smashing Pumpkins, Jerry Cantrell) and Rodney Mills (Pearl Jam, REM, Journey) on their recent project "Bulletproof Heart."----In addition to all of this, Suns of March also finished as a semi-finalist out of thousands of entries in the 2004 Independent Music World Series, the only contest the group has ever entered. -

"Whetting the appetite for more!"

Maybe it was growing up with a country music loving mother, but there are few genres that touch my heart as much as my beloved Southern rock. Up here in the frozen wastelands of Scotland that made me a) a bit weird and b) made it bloody difficult (and expensive) to track down new bands. So, when a sampler like this lands on the doormat, it makes me a very happy man indeed. ~ Now Suns Of March call themselves alternative / southern rock, but I’m sure that’s just to stop the fools who confuse southern rock bands with rednecks. Hell, it was southern rock bands who were the first mainstream acts to be integrated back in the early seventies. Just look at the Allman Brothers for proof. No, Suns Of March as are as southern as they come and all the better for it. ~ Granted, there are enough 21st century references to keep modern rock fans happy, with 'Bulletproof Heart' having a twist of grunge thrown in for good measure and 'San Jose' having some Ju Ju Hounds / Col Parker balladry thrown in. But with a fiddle pushed to the front of the mix, they’re never too far away from their roots. This sampler has 4 tracks from their latest 12-track release, “Bulletproof Heart”, and it does the job perfectly, whetting the appetite for more. Expertly produced by the band, they made the sensible move of wheeling in Jeff Tomei (Matchbox 20, Smashing Pumpkins) to mix and the legendary Rodney Mills to master it, making it sound as fully rounded as any multi million dollar production. ~ Another reason to regret the accident of birth that keeps me thousands of miles away from music this good. - Stuart A. Hamilton /


Desperados be aware there’s finally a good Southern soundtrack to accompany your crime sprees. That’s right this is knee-slapping country-fueled Southern rock perfect for the professional bank robber. So load up your six shooter and grab your ski mask, and find yourself a getaway driver. The Old West has plenty of cowboys that would love to groove to the fiddle and slide guitar that comprise the backbone of Suns of March. Smother.Net and Suns of March do not endorse stealing or crime of any nature (especially the crime of not having this album). -

"Sounds absolutely brilliant!"

Montgomery-based band Suns Of March is a new acquaintance for me. The founding member of the band, Michael Wright, and the four other guys has specialized their style round Southern Rock with some alternative influences like Folk rock and Hard rock. The band has sold very good of their album in the states and have played with a lot of known artists like Damon Johnson (Brother Cane), Diamond Rio, Edwin Mccain, Joan Jett, Josh Todd (Buckcherry), Josh Turner, The Kicks, Lance Miller, Loverboy, Matt Lindahl, and McQueen Street. Their first album contains twelve tracks and Suns Of March produced the CD themselves. Jeff Tomei (Matchbox 20, Smashing Pumpkins) mixed Bulletproof Heart while Rodney Mills (Pearl Jam, REM) mastered the album. Their promo CD, Bulletproof Heart, only contains four of the twelve songs from the album, but it`s easy to understand the guy’s recipe musically by listening to the four songs. I enjoy their cool style and this is songs that reach you easy with both a great rocking side and a more relaxing fine laid back attitude. With a combination of Southern Rock, Melodic rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock and some alt/ country influences, this sounds absolutely brilliant! Vocalist Michael Wright has a fine melodic voice and I get a relaxing feel by listening to him. Songs like the title track Bulletproof Heart, San Jose and I Learned It From You are songs with both a touch of Southern Rock and Melodic rock, while with Sentimental Moonlight, the tempo slows down a bit, but what a fine written song. If I should compare this band with other bands, I thought they sounded like a mix of Beggars & Thieves, Brother Cane, Riverdogs and Enuff Z`nuff. I also like the instrumentation from the band and the fiddle, mandolin, slide guitar and harmonica make the songs sound a bit out of the ordinary. A great band with fine songs, so check them out now. - Melodic Hard Rock Today

"Sounds quite good..."

It’s a pity only 4 tracks are included on the EP of the Alabama based band SUNS OF MARCH, because they do sound quite good. The band has shared the stage with acts like LOVERBOY, MCQUEEN STREET, JOAN JETT and others, while they worked with producer RODNEY MILLS (38 SPECIAL, JOURNEY). Musically the band is playing Melodic Rock with a strong 80s influence, but it’s updated to today’s standards. The 4 songs on this EP are all very good catchy fun melodic rockers that remind me a bit of SHARK ISLAND actually. The line-up of the band is quite surprising, because besides lead singer/guitarist Michael Wright we can also find members who play organ and fiddle/mandolin, which is unusual for Rockband, but somehow it sounds very nice. SUNS OF MARCH has enough to offer to become better known and show their own face such as on the great rockers “Bulletproof heart” and “I learned it from you.” Check it out for yourself at: - STRUTTER MAGAZINE

"Successful Fusion of Southern Rock and Alternative"

Remember back in the 80's when 38 Special blended AOR and Southern Rock to create a successful fusion? Well, Suns of March are attempting something similar in the 00's by blending rock, southern rock, country and alternative. This EP is a taster for their album. "Bulletproof Heart" blasts off the EP with an up tempo number that adds just enough alternative to the Southern Rock backbone to create a compelling start. "San Jose" displays more of a country flavor ala Steve Earle. "I Learned It From You" has good a sing along quality. "Sentimental Moonlight" shows that Suns of March can wimp it out with the best of them, sounding like a countrified version of GnR. The purpose of any sampler is be an appetizer for the full album. This EP certainly does that. On the evidence presented here the album is well worth investigating. - Mood Swings - Nigel Wilson

"Well Worked Compositions"

Suns of March comes from the United States and "Bulletproof Heart" is their latest release, which includes four tracks and a total duration of fifteen minutes. Musically the band is dedicated to the American hard rock music and they do it really well. Also since they come from USA, they have made an interesting combination of hard rock with some country music elements and thus the opening track, which is "Bulletproof Heart" is the best from all them. You can hear also some alternative rock elements and of course some southern rock tinges. I know for the metal heads this might mean nothing, but Suns of March's compositions are really well worked and they have put some really interesting ideas inside their songs. Check them out and if you can’t find their album you can visit their website for more details. - Antonis Maglarus / Behind The Veil

"Group melds alternative, classical and Southern-style genres..."

Suns of March, a breakthrough Southern rock group, melds alternative, classical and Southern-style genres. “They already have a fan base in Auburn and are trying to promote their new CD,” said Nicole Klein, major entertainment director for the University Program Council, Tiger Nights’ sponsor. Klein said she hopes the group will complement Diamond Rio. Many students may know Suns of March as Michael Wright and The Coconut Cowboys, a name they used for three years before changing it last January. One of their first gigs was playing for the Kappa Alpha fraternity three years ago. Wright said the new name and CD have been a long time coming. The group started playing gigs as a cover band to make money, and when they play two and three hour shows, they still play several cover songs. Suns of March is known for its Southern rock version of the Charlie Daniels Band’s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Friday’s performance will showcase music from their CD, including the new single “San Jose.” Lead singer Wright said they handle sales and management without a record label, making and playing music the way they want to. Wright said the group has talked to about 15 different labels, but it doesn’t want to change the unique sound that makes the musicians who they are. He said they want to find their own niche by using different instruments and styles. These instruments include an electric fiddle played by Zebulon Bowles and slide guitar player by Charles Smith. Other members include drummer Steve Stewart and bass player Tom Shrout. The group is based out of Montgomery, and the band is a full-time job for them. Wright said they travel about 1,500 miles per week, promoting the album and playing different venues. He said the group’s style comes from different musical backgrounds — a combined love for rock, country and alternative. Smith, who joined the group four months ago, said playing with the group has been a great opportunity. He had to learn all the music from the new CD, “Bulletproof Heart,” but said it’s been fun adding his input. “He is so talented,” Wright said. “He came in, found his place and brought another unique dimension to the band’s sound.” “Bulletproof Heart” features mostly upbeat music, with the exception of “Sentimental Moonlight.” Wright said the band has been together for more than two years and has had the opportunity to work with big names in music. Jeff Tomei, who has worked with Matchbox 20, The Smashing Pumpkins and Jerry Cantrell, mixed their new CD. The band has shared stages with Edwin McCain, Joan Jett, Loverboy, Josh Todd, The Kicks, Trust Co. and Josh Turner. Suns of March was recently named semi-finalist at the Independent Music World Series — the only contest the band has ever entered. Wright said they are excited about opening for Diamond Rio. He said he considers them one of the best bands out there. Tiger Nights will provide free music and activities for students and locals Friday from 7 p.m. to midnight. Diamond Rio is to perform, with Suns of March opening. - Julie Davis / Staff Writer / The Auburn Plainsman

"“Suns of March Shine at Blue Cat’s!”"

The band combines rock, southern rock and blues to create its own original sound. Suns of March also uses the fiddle for a unique twist to its music. Wright said that Suns of March is trying not to jump on the trendy bandwagon of the music scene. They want to do it their way and have their own kind of music. "We're trying to be a band that makes a unique contribution to the music scene. We're still an alternative southern rock band," said Wright. Suns of March released a new album at the beginning of the year titled "Bulletproof Heart." Jeff Tomei, who has worked with artists such as Matchbox 20 and Smashing Pumpkins, mixed the self-produced record. - Rebecca Thews – The Knoxville Daily Beacon

""Suns of March... rock, country and a desperado flair.""

Suns of March has a musical style that is a mesh of hard rock with a long-running vein of well-mined Western. "San Jose," a Suns of March song on the band's CD, "Bulletproof Heart," is a grinding mesh of Old West rock, like galloping through a desert with an electric guitar and a posse hot on the trail. Or think "Gunsmoke's" Matt Dillon carrying a Stratocaster instead of a six-shooter: That's the gritty nature of this band's beast... Yes, this is an all-out rock band with a fiddle, which is only one element that gives Suns of March that heady mix of rock, country and a desperado flair. While the recording features studio productions of solid raw guitar licks and power-chord vocals, Ashley Wright, editor of Amnibus, describes Suns of March's live shows as a tremendously gratifying experience. - The Valdosta Daily Times



Sentimental Moonlight (Top 40 in various Midwest charts, International rotation)

San Jose (International rotation)

Bulletproof Heart (International rotation)

I Learned It From You (International rotation)


Two In Love (International rotation)

Your Smile (International rotation)

I Feel (International rotation)

Love Me Forever (International rotation)


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Suns of March” are five guys who have combined to form a band that has delighted tens of thousands across the Southeast and sold thousands of CD's.

The founding member of the band is Michael Wright. Michael’s musical contributions are lead vocals and guitars. He and the rest of the group are from Montgomery, AL, where the band is based. The rhythm section consists of Ryan Aldridge on bass guitar and Berry Matthews on drums. Kurt Butler contributes as well on guitar, harmonica, vocals, electric fiddle and mandolin.

“Suns of March” skillfully blend their talents to create a unique, yet familiar sound. The group’s stage presence guarantees that everyone will take notice and listen. What else would you expect from a group that has shared the stage with such greats as Brad Cotter, Damon Johnson (Brother Cane), Diamond Rio, Edwin Mccain, Joan Jett, Josh Todd (Buckcherry), Josh Turner, The Kicks, Lance Miller, Loverboy, Matt Lindahl, and McQueen Street?

There is no substitute for seeing “Suns of March” perform live. However, if you are unable to catch a performance, you can check out the band’s newest album, Bulletproof Heart. The album contains eleven songs. Like chapters form novels, these songs combine to form more than just 3-minute statements but rather a story, an idea, and philosophy; thus, the band did not simply write songs, but an album.

"Suns of March" produced the CD themselves. Jeff Tomei (Matchbox 20, Smashing Pumpkins, Jerry Cantrell) mixed Bulletproof Heart while Rodney Mills (Pearl Jam, REM, Journey) mastered it. Another element arose from the making of the disc; Eddie Wohlford joined the band on piano and organ. Eddie has played with such stars as Beth Neilson Chapman and “Styx” guitarist Tommy Shaw.

Bulletproof Heart starts off with an up-tempo number: "I Need Love." The song is one of the closest numbers to mainstream the band has to offer; the track could easily fit into almost any popular music genre with its' memorable hooks. The third song on the album, San Jose, was the groups first single which gained exposure for the group in over 25 countries. The fourth track on Bulletproof Heart is an upbeat number called "Hanna." “Hanna” starts out with a country/southern rock feel, then, in the middle, there is a killer New Orleans / Dixieland jazz style take that comes out of nowhere. The only melancholy song on the album is entitled "Sentimental Moonlight." A very nice use of the violin in a classical sense is exhibited in this song. The latter part of the album contains a hard rock attitude. The song "I Learned It from You" is what everyone wants to say to that ex that just ripped his or her heart to shreds and the title track “Bulletproof Heart” solidified the groups fan base in over 55 countries. This entire album exhibits elements of Southern pride and hard rock edginess. Music on their terms.

Suns of March is doing it their way. No selling out just pure, soul felt music. They often perform a substantial amount of covers in their shows. The songs are their interpretation of their favorite songs by their favorite artists. They have a great time performing and the crowd always enjoys the show immensely.

One can go to for more information on the band, touring, purchasing merchandise and joining the mailing list.