Suns of Ra

Suns of Ra


We are a classic hard rock power trio who take the blues and dig into it, like the bands from the 60's and 70's.


Suns of Ra have been forging their own fresh brand of American rock and roll since 2006. Their late 2007 EP “Rock and Roll Sounds” garnered praise from a feature article in the Onion’s A.V. Club, and their first full-length album is expected out in 2010.

Dorian Cornwell (drums/backing vocals), and Dave Myers (vocals/guitars) found an instant spark when they first jammed together in the Spring of 2004 and found a shared interest in classic rock and blues. They didn’t complete the package until Abraham Willock (bass/backing vocals) joined them later that year to form the nucleus of the band. The next two years found them searching for their own unique sound and trying several lineups with other players before settling on a trio format in Fall 2006 under the name Suns of Ra.

Fusing together their own unique style of heavy blues rock, Suns of Ra produces original music with a positive lyrical vision and a good-time vibe. Suns of Ra are introducing a new and vibrant sound with a classic feel, using just two old-style tube amps, a bass, a guitar, a drum set, and their own voices.


Debut EP: "Rock and Roll Sounds", 2008

Set List

We usually do a 45 minute set of mostly originals for showcase gigs (but we've got enough material to go all night). We throw in a cover tune or two for good measure, and do some blues styles, some pop tunes, some country rock, and some straight hard rock.