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Fortune, Shelter, Love and Cure
(released on Vinyl in July 2013 on Electric Magic Records, and on CD/digital on Motor Music in November 2013)

10 Years 8MM Musik

Beside Suns of Thyme the record featues The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Blue Angel Lounge, Kadavar, Camera and many more.
(released on Vinyl and digital on a Records in May 2013)

We had some radio airplays, mostly leftfield, in most parts of Europe.



Somewhere in between Pink Floyd and Tame Impala, the Berlin based four piece Suns Of Thyme and their neo-psychedelic debut "Fortune, Shelter, Love, and Cure".

In the history of every upcoming band the debut symbolises a creative milestone. It is representative of a specific phase or mood of its creators and also for a promising start. It is the time of absolute freedom, self-discovery and the unburdened search for a particular sound. Whilst some try to polish their rough diamond with rebellious verve, there are bands like Suns Of Thyme that cast their spell with a mixture of confidently stylish humility and knowledgeable self-assurance.

Suns Of Thyme are, Tobias Feltes (vocals & git), Tim Hoppe (git), Jens Rosenkranz (bass) und Jascha Kreft (drums & backing vocals). The Berlin based four-piece have already managed to acquire a reputation in the German capital. They supported the British shoegazers TOY and were also featured on the 8MM Musik compilation alongside Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kadavar and Camera. The four young blokes are all in their twenties, but their sound is surprisingly mature. Besides worshipping psychedelic heroes, the music is wafted by grungy garage as well as kraut rock and the smoky corners of the shoegazy version of stoner rock.

All four of them have previously played in other bands. When Jens and Tobi moved to Berlin together they decided that it was time for something new. Their plan was nothing less than founding a band that they could really dedicate their lives to, and that, they thought is only possible with brothers in mind. Luckily Berlin is the perfect environment for such things to happen, a center of creativity, so to speak, a loose cluster of talent. Shortly after, they met guitarist and music maniac Tim who instantly proved to be a perfect fit. To find a drummer was the hardest part. After several months of desperate searching, just when the band was at the brink of resignation, Deus ex Machina kicked in. Whilst checking out a bands equipment at a concert, Jascha approached the guys and asked them if they might need a drummer…

Their debut "Fortune, Shelter, Love, and Cure" was not only recorded autonomously, but also looking at it from today’s point of view it is the result of intuitive harmony. Even the album’s title addresses the basic roots of human happiness by still being left open for interpretation. It is like a goblet that every one has to fill with their own meaning. The ten tracks mesh and reveal that Suns of Thyme is not a just a band that occasionally meet for jams but consciously work on their material.

Of course one can see influences to psychedelic rock, shoegaze or new weird indie but others should hold genre and retro debates on their own and rather see what the band creates out of them; On their driving single ‘Soma (God For Gods)’ the lo-fi character is as secondary as the pedal work; it is however the thrilling harmonies, the hypnotic passion and the pulsating rhythm that immediately seize our attention. ‘The Years We Got Are Not Enough’, the only song on which drummer Jascha Kreft takes over the lead vocals, is a sorrowful manifest about daydreaming, the beauty of memories and the joy of life. The songs rarely follow common themes. ‘The Way’, a restless lament, or the mantra soaked ‘Asato Maa’ are an impressing guideline to consciousness-expanding realms. After listening to the albums last song ‘Earth, Over’, you will be left with an incredible urge to experience one of their arresting concerts. In the end you wonder if a debut has ever been so honest, raw and straightforward, always colorful and full of discoveries. ‘Fortune, Shelter, Love, and Cure’ is an analog treasure of devotion, independence and obsession.

Los Angeles based artist, musician and producer Lionel “Vinyl” Williams created their beautiful cover. His work perfectly transports Suns of Thyme’s music into a colourful dream world of untold stories and enchanting wonder.