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Sunsoma @ The Clapham Grand

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Sunsoma @ The Star - Live and Loud

Guildford, Surrey, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Guildford, Surrey, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Sunsoma @ Half Moon in Putney

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"All music is good music." That's what it says on the press release that comes with this new ep from Sunsoma. It's a very generous sentiment and one they'll need to keep reminding themselves of when The Crazy Frog unleashes a follow-up single. But it's also an indication of the wide and varied influences that are clearly embraced by this Surrey five-piece. Sure, there's a strong core of hard-working indie rock at the heart of each of the three tracks, but along the way there are hints of everything from Joni Mitchell, U2, James and Jefferson Airplane to the mighty Soundgarden.

"Summer Sun" takes its title very seriously indeed by offering up the shiniest, sunniest busy guitar groove punctuated by a charmingly simple piano refrain. The cleverly crafted, mid-tempo magic is the ideal framing for singer and lyricist Mel Spicer's rich, confident vocal. Her voice has the attitude of Alannis, the sly wit of Sheryl Crow and the power of All About Eve's Julianne Regan, but it ultimately sounds nothing like any of them. It's a Boeing 747 of a voice; big, loud and graceful.

Middle track "Your Sky" builds on the sweeping dynamics of "Summer Sun" with a jangly guitar riff, an air of tension and a truly epic chorus. This track has the energy and scope of something anthemic by U2, James or a slightly more energetic Embrace; but it's on the closing "Wider" that we see Sunsoma at their most rounded. A delicate guitar introduces a sophisticated blend of sweet melodies, grinding electric guitar and staccato vocals. Structure-wise, it has the jarring soft-hard-soft feeling of classic Nirvana or Soundgarden. But, overall the sounds remind of Radiohead and Mel's in fine voice with a jaded glamour that's not a million miles away from Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick. While the previous two tracks may have seen Sunsoma build their city on rock 'n' roll, "Wider" suggests that there's something dark and beautiful lurking beneath the pavement.
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Sunsoma are a five piece from Surrey, consisting of Mel Spicer (vocals), Mark Potter (drums), Ian Spicer (bass), Dan Bowtell (guitar) and Leonie Avenant (keyboard and BV's). Their press release is impressive with a good number of live gigs and festivals under their belt over the last couple of years along with a session on BBC Radio 6 with Tom Robinson and radio-play on various local, national and web based stations.

Having recently signed a deal to have their music played on one of O'Neil's surf competition DVD's, you might think their style would be the type of screaming vocals, shredding guitars and the sort of jumping up and down with their trousers falling to their ankles you come to expect in a surf video. But no, what you get is a very well crafted slice of indie rock for all of us who have been around the block a few times, have heard it all before and have all lied about it to each other.

The band are very democratic when it comes to the music (as per their name of which Sunsoma roughly translates from the Greek for 'joint-bodies' fact fans) which consequently has a nicely evolved feel to it wrapped around Mel's lyrics. In fact the lyrics seem to be the driving force behind the band and are clever, managing to paint a very vivid picture in your head during the songs.

"Summer Sun" is a bittersweet opener with Leonie's single finger keyboard drawing you into a melodic song in which Mel's voice is reminiscent of Debbie Harry in the 80's. The song brings with it an almost punky statement of not "being scratched out" of a ex-lovers life, "cause I can't change for you or anyone" which comes across strong and maybe live would be even stronger, but on the CD it just feels a little too clean.

Moving on to my favourite, "Your Sky" kicks off with a good jangle guitar intro from Dan, before heading into breathy emotional tune that reaches out, pulls you in and almost gets you bopping towards the end of what is great love song without any frilliness.

The main hook of "Wider" is the surging vocals which appear about halfway through the track almost bordering on the anthemic during the chorus. Here you can feel what the band are about and it gives you a hint of their live sound and energy. On the CD it comes across as controlled (maybe a little too much) but is defiantly bubbling away just under the surface.

On this offering Sunsoma prove they are certainly talented and one to watch in the future. My only slight worry is that the 3 tracks on this demo, while of different tempos and feelings, are a little too similar in style. They are all very well written but occasionally I found myself wishing that sometimes they lost their clean guitar and vocal sound and rocked it out a little bit - not that I want them to change their sound completely, just to expand it a little to add an extra dimension and depth (which I would put money on being present in their live performances).

With three fab and intelligent tunes the right producer and backing could easily see Sunsoma could break away from the pub circuit and start getting some serious airplay and interest. - The Mag


Sunsoma 4 track Demo - Used by O'Neill on their Surf and Snowboard DVD's

Sunsoma 3 track Demo - Used by O'Neill on their Surf and Snowboard DVD's

Single 'Wider' available to buy from itunes, napster and many other digital stores

Sunsoma d3 - Our latest 4 track recording which is being used by O'Neill for video's made in 2007



SUNSOMA is a 4 piece original alternative/indie/rock band based in Haslemere near Guildford, Surrey, UK. Formed 5 years ago by the main song writer and lead singer Mel Spicer, the band includes guitar, drums, bass and keyboards. SUNSOMA’s music is available on their official website at

Since their formation SUNSOMA have performed at many UK music venues and festivals in London, the South of England and the Midlands. They have also received radio play from a large number of FM and Internet stations, the highlight of which was a live session on BBC6 music with Tom Robinson (from the 70’s -Tom Robinson Band) and an interview with the X- rocker himself!

From July 2005 they were promoted by the independent record label, Chromium Records. The band signed a deal with them to release a digital single in October 2005, which was registered on the official download chart.

Over the last 12 months the band have signed 3 deals the surf wear company, O’Neill, who have selected tracks for their surf and snowboard DVDs. The DVDs are released world-wide in two main pressings totalling 1,200,000 copies each. SUNSOMA are currently recording new material with a view to providing further tracks for O’Neill Europe, who have specifically requested more music. O’Neill have also expressed interest in arranging live performances for SUNSOMA at their extreme sports events.

The band has gigged extensively in London, Birmingham and the South, including Olympia, the Clapham Grand, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Islington and Camden, to name but a few. SUNSOMA headlined the main stage at the Bournemouth Live Music Festival last year and continue to perform regularly in London and around the South of England.

MTV have made a film about SUNSOMA under the banner of the channels ‘Get Seen, Get Heard’ programme for bands that have been raising money for the work of Oxfam. As from May 2007 until June 2007, the video has been shown on MTV HITS.

One of the major promotions companies in the USA - Jerome Promotions - have contacted SUNSOMA with a view to promoting them in America.

Sunsoma is currently raising money for an album via the Sellaband web site -

SUNSOMA comprises

Mel Spicer ~ lead vocals and the main songwriter
Lee Crane ~ Guitars and BV’s
Helen “Funky D” MacGregor ~ Drums
Ian Spicer ~ Bass guitar and BV’s

The band is currently looking for representation in this country and abroad.