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The music that we create has a mixture of science, history, and mathematical melodies to express the advance meaning of the name of our group Sun Tzu Cadre. The meaning of Sun Tzu Cadre is the master commander of intelligent words.


The Sun Tzu Cadre Rises

The honorable SUN TZU CADRE is rising in the world of Hip-Hop, bringing a whole new philosophy to the genre.

Comprised of Imperial (aka: Andrew Pitts), I Jus (aka: Eric K. Hunter Jr.), True One (aka: Derrick Taylor), and Most High (aka: Michael Amos), THE SUN TZU CADRE is far more that just another mindless corps of hip-hop artists. We’re talking about some very serious guyz here.

Firstly, STC’s musicianship far outclasses most. Rather than the typical “yo, yo, yo…I’m the baddest MC” yawn of most hip-hop crews, they are REAL musicians! Between them, their abilities encompass: Trumpet, Drums, Organ, and some serious Composition talents, but take it far further with forays into Roland FantomX6, Yamaha Motiff6, Protools7.1, Fruity Loops3, Garage Band, Sonar5, and Adobe Edition1.5.

Far and away beyond the run-of-the-mill in the world of hip-hop.

Secondly, SUN TZU CADRE takes the listener into their very own crusade. They invite you to follow their path into enlightenment through music… to master the true intelligence of rhymes and words. Thereby achieving a deep-seated appreciation of expression. Their stated goal as a hip-hop group, is to build intelligent input in the minds of their fans and people everywhere.

Again, not exactly the “norm” for the genre.

SUN TZU CADRE began composing music as a group November 15, 2003 in the urban streets of Detroit, with the underlying influences for their compositions being extracted from the study of hip-hop, dovetailed with the severe philosophical planning tenets contained in the Book of Sun Tzu. Most unusual!

The originality of SUN TZU CADRE is that they use hip-hop not merely as an entertainment medium, but as an educational system to inspire people. As the ultimate tool to motivate the listener to be the best at anything they choose to accomplish.

Artfully combining philosophy and music, SUN TZU CADRE’s debut album is set to release June 2007. Titled
“It's All About Money And Music,” it plants a sterlingly disturbing and unique view of life and hip-hop squarely into the minds of the normally unchallenged listener.

This is some truly stretching stuff…challenging…thought provoking art, which goes well beyond the norms of the genre.

Watch for SUN TZU CADRE’s underground tour, “Word War 1,” coming to a venue near you this year. It promises to be a revelatory experience!

Some quotes from the SUN TZU CADRE may give you a bit of insight:

“A nation within to uplift, educates and refines the minds of those attracted to the peaceful magnetic.”

“SUN TZU CADRE is an official threat to hip hop phonies.”

Believe it! They MEAN it. And it’s about freakin’ TIME, too.


The first three album was 22 track called Art Of Intelligent, Severe Migraine and Mind Detect Mind.
We release two mixtapes called Hot Lava Saliva volume 1 and 1.5 we songs that can be download at we been interview by MSU and WSU radio station

Set List

01 i need 3:42
02 it bang 3:25
03 Young God 3:27
04 HaHa 4:27