Sun Valley Gun Club

Sun Valley Gun Club

 Oakland, California, USA

"...casually addictive." —Lindsay Stickney, Deli - SF


Sun Valley Gun Club is a Northern California band that has arguably listened to way too much Pavement. Known for “endearingly loose” guitar-rock (San Jose Metro) and wall-of-sound live shows, their second studio album finds the band expanding their references. The eponymous LP draws on decades of rock-and-roll as broad ranging as guitar tones lifted from 1960's psychedelia and folk rock; the concept albums of 1970’s art rock and an up-front, sometimes aggressive vocal delivery reminiscent of early 2000’s indie rock.

Sun Valley Gun Club, LP, has been hailed as “nuanced and innovative” (SF Deli), and “shifting and complex” (Sacramento News and Review). Lyrically the songs are narratives inspired by film, classic Science Fiction, and the Bible, without being "buried in symbolism. It sounds like a person making sense of life." (Submerge) It is a record about cultural and religious fixation on the apocalypse, self-fulfilling prophecy, Will Smith, and the imperative of people to forgive, if not their loved ones, then at least themselves. Get it March 21st, 2016 from Transplant Sound / 20 Sided Records.