Sunwrae Ensemble

Sunwrae Ensemble

 North Fitzroy, Victoria, AUS

Sunwrae presents an awe-inspiring soundscape of stunning cinematic music on piano, vibes, string quartet, harp, flute, double bass & drums. Performing music by Rae Howell, Sunwrae stylishly captivate audiences with persuasive rhythms & spectacular improvisation!


The exquisite Sunwrae Ensemble perform a grand spectacle of stunning chamber music on piano, vibraphone, string quartet, alto flute, harp, double bass & drums. Dynamic, engaging and visually stimulating, Sunwrae stylishly captivate audiences, performing instrumental music by Artistic Director Rae Howell, textured with persuasive rhythms and spectacular improvisation!

Described as "Animated and energetic..." (Thomas Reiner, Music Forum 2007) and "Hypnotically beautiful with a flowing cinematic feel..." (Jessica Nicholas, The Age 2006), one of the world's premier nu chamber groups feature a repertoire of solo works to large ensemble arrangements, performing a lush blend of melodic phrases and spectacular interweaving rhythms.

Sunwrae Ensemble Album releases include called Never Stops to Wait (2005), funded by Arts Victoria and the Australia Council, several Live CDs & DVDs from the Eavesdropping Concert & Art Exhibition Series (2003-2007) and 'Autumn Never Fall', a new studio album due for release in 2008. Festival appearances by the nu chamber group include Apollo Bay Festival, Bright Spring Festival (VIC), SxSW Festival (Austin TX) and Golden Plains Festival (VIC). A Live National Broadcast on ABC Classic FM’s Sunday Live and ABC TV’s Sunday Arts paved the way for their 2007 National Tour, followed by a highly acclaimed performance at the Famous International Spiegeltent in Melbourne.

Artistic Director and leader of the Sunwrae Ensemble, Rae Howell, is a freelance composer and performer on piano & vibraphone. A graduate of Melbourne University's Conservatorium, Howell is a multi-instrumentalist (also on brass, percussion & vocals), working in live performance, recording and international touring. In addition to Sunwrae, Howell works with Australian Puppet Theatre Company Peepshow Inc, Improvised Dance Ensemble State of Flux, and numerous film and mixed-media projects. A finalist in the 2006 APRA Professional Development Awards Howell is the only Australian represented composer of Cantilena Music in London, UK.

Howell’s international collaborations include the ARENA International Theatre Festival in Germany, Musician in Residence at The Banff Centre in Alberta Canada, and The Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida USA, Jazz Hall of Fame musician Sam Rivers (USA), Royal Society of Arts Fellow and composer/percussionist Eugene Skeef (Sth Africa/UK) and electronic recording engineer Jon Cohrs (NY, USA).

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'Autumn Never Fall' CD due for release in 2008~ studio album
'Eavesdropping: Live at St Stephen's'~ 2006 release of live recording during 2005 Eavesdropping Concert Series, CD & DVD available.
'Never Stops To Wait'~ studio album release 2005

Abundant Australian Radio Airplay
ABC Classic FM, 3RRR, 3PBS, 3CR, 2MBS

Set List

Repertoire is many and varied. Each performance very different to the next, including instrumentation, from solo to 9-piece ensemble. Flexible line-up/performances available also.