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Richmond, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF | AFM

Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Soul




"Albums Rich City Soop Nation 2"

LP: @supastarmusic - Soop Nation 2

To start off, coming in to listening to this Soop Nation 2 I did not know what to expect. Supa Soop's name is one that comes up often, from his work with Crenius studios and from having invited the Rich City staff to a video shoot of his months back we were aware of his presence in the city but had never given his music a listen. Halfway through the first track on the album, "Time For Nothing" there was one thought in my mind while listening: "Wow this dude is real". The rest of the album followed suit in the impression left.

From his gritty delivery to the hard hitting beat selection, Soop Nation 2 is layered with certified bangers. Soop uses a diverse selection of producers on the 11 track project, with his energy throughout the project staying constant. "Ghetto Boi" finds a more introspective Suparstar highlighting his teenage years and his mindset while choosing how to make his money. This break from the high octane trend of the project shows listeners Soop's progression as a person outside of his artistry. Supastar paints a vivid picture of family cookouts "BBQs 'n' Pitch Folks", over a Seth Mzick beat.

Overall Soop Nation 2 was an impressive project, and Supa proved himself to be an electric artist. We will be bumping the LP and looking forward to seeing Supa Soop perform on the Epic Fest V stage this summer.

Supa Soop
Soop Nation 2
3rd Lane
LPs - Rich City

"Supa Soop Soop Nation 2"

Richmond, Va emcee Supa Soop has returned with the follow up to his 2013 release Soop Nation. The 11-track LP is full original content with production from a slew of producer’s and he keeps the features light with Octavion X, Peete Rose and Cory M. This isn’t your run of the mill rhyming Soop has been on the scene for some years now, and it’s great he’s still putting out work. He is set to perform at this Summer’s annual Epic Fest concert series in Richmond,Va so if you’re in the area come out and check the man.

Stream the new heat from VA below, and make you cop it via iTunes! - Oktane

"Soop Nation Review"


Black Liquid's Mixtape Single Feature: Supa Soop

Posted by: Necci – Jan 03, 2014


Supa Soop - Soop Nation (Hosted By DJ Smirnoff Ice) (Datpiff)

Supa Soop has teamed up with DJ Smirnoff Ice of (you'll hear that a lot) to bring us a mixtape that raises the question: Should one do what others do because you do it well, or for better or worse, should you risk doing you? It takes Soop a little while to get started, and through the first few tracks it feels as if he is more focused on letting you know that he has what it takes, is confident, isn't going to quit, dumb it down, or do anything but himself and "you can love it or hate it, but respect it."

Noticeable from the start is both the excellent beat selection and sometimes annoying presence of DJ Smirnoff Ice and the drops (both louder than everything else when present), leaving Soop to play the background on his own project. This 14 (plus 4 bonus) tracks mixtape's highlight comes early, with "Like Its Nothing To Do," where Soop channels his inner Pimp C and gets down over a Back Pack Beatz-produced track that as Juicy J would say, is "some pimpin."

The accessible "Throw Me Shade," featuring a solid verse from Rich P, goes for that confident, commercial, swagged out feel and gets the job done; but leaves you feeling like you haven't heard him at his best. On "Yay," another standout selection in this release, Soop takes you to his hood and keeps it real, telling you: "I ain't never had shit/ all a nigga really got is his hope/ and my dream/ and my pride/ can't swallow that cuz I might choke." He also tries to remind you that he is aware of today's music on the smooth "Something New," where he says "it's for the radio," but then after that gets back to doing the same stuff other artists are doing. I would have liked to hear that record earlier in the project, as its placement takes a lot away from it.

While it's clear Soop is quite talented, some odd hooks, repetitive subject matter (ho's....ho's...get rich.....), and mediocre bonus tracks limit what he is trying to accomplish here, leaving you with a mixtape that is not quite Supa, but definitely Soop.

[Ended up with an odd number of reviews, so only one mixtape review this time out... but keep sending us your mixtapes for review!]

By Black Liquid - RVA Mag

"Soop Nation 2 Review"

Supa Soop, a Cleveland, OH native who now calls Richmond, Va home, releases his latest effort, “Soop Nation 2″. “Snoop Nation 2” is an eleven track LP that invites listeners into Soop’s world. Throughout the LP, Soop discusses his humble beginnings, past regrets and his current successes.

“I represent the hustle and the grind of the average, everyday person. I’m not going to say I’m different, I’m just like you. I’m trying to better myself and inspire people to do better with their lives…. I just talked about what I was going through at the time,” said Soop when discussing the lyrical content of “Soop Nation 2”, “…but I did it over trap beats because I felt like that would catch [listeners] ear and set [them and myself] up for later, when I go deeper into my life.”

This tactic is effective. The songs are catchy and you feel Soop’s energy on every track, but it overshadows his message because the beats lack the soulfulness that’s needed to get his point across. The trap beats make it difficult to catch Soop’s deeper lines, but his nonstop, high energy throughout the LP makes up for this.

When asked how his Cleveland roots have inspired his music he said, “I always like to call myself the underground because of where I’m from. Cleveland is always looked at [as] the underdogs and I feel like it’s the same in Richmond, Va…Cleveland gives me that fight.”
With that as his platform, it isn’t surprising that Soop has aspirations to work mainly behind the scenes engineering or owning his own label one day, so that he can spend his time bringing the spotlight to artists in smaller metropolitan areas throughout the country.

“I want to create an outlet for people that are like myself, my friends and my family…I really want to play behind the scenes. I engineer as well. I’ll be a producer and just find talent because there’s a lot of talent out here. Not to take away from the big areas like LA, Atlanta and New York, but I want to find talent in other areas…I want to make something like a label and find talent in other areas, in areas that aren’t really known for hip-hop and have them in the spotlight,” he said. “I feel like that’s missing in the industry.”

Overall, “Snoop Nation 2” is worth a listen and it makes me anxious to see him perform live. Standout tracks, “Locomotive” and “Throwed” are overflowing with energy that’s guaranteed to make listeners bounce, and “Visions” gives Supa’s overall message a chance to be heard - Dom Bailey

"Freedom Tour LA"

Freedom Tour 1st Stop Downtown LA at Art Share LA - LA Weekly

"Supa Soop AWOL"

RATING: 9.5 / 10

Genre: Hip-Hop, Conscious Rap
Songwriting: 9.5 | Music: 9.5 | Vocals: 9.5
Location: Cleveland, OH
For fans of: Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Black Thought

“Life is hard and only the strong make it,” is the theme of AWOL, the new LP from one of the dopest hip-hop artists I’ve heard this year, Supa Soop. Despite the insane number of wack rappers releasing wack albums, AWOL gives me hope that there are some real artists in the hip-hop genre who are not making bullcrap songs just to fit in with the status quo. In the same vain as artists like Kendrick Lamar and Black Thought from The Roots, Supa Soop blends true-to-life lyrics with catchy hooks and dope beats that have tons of melody, making Soop a likely front runner for Best Hip-Hop Artist at the 2016 Miews Music Awards this fall.

When you dig into AWOL, you’ll immediately get why I say Supa Soop is a star on the rise. Every song offers insight into Soop’s life and his struggle with trying to balance his commitment as a U.S. military serviceman while fighting to be a good father, son, grandson, and brother. Throughout AWOL, you see a young man who is trying to use positive thinking to combat a negative world around him. This is the story of most black and brown men in America — it was my struggle too growing up in the “hood” in Illinois and then doing something nobody in my family ever did (go to college instead of jail). So, I feel where Soop is coming from.

AWOL makes it hard to choose a favorite track because there’s so much substance on the project. But if I had to choose one it would probably be “My Country,” just because he touches on so many timely issues that we’re facing in the U.S. going into the 2016 Presidential elections. Everything about this song is right on time. The music is extra dramatic, providing the perfect backdrop for Supa Soop to speak the truth about America in a sincere and bold way. With the exception of Kendrick Lamar and some of J. Cole’s work, Supa Soop’s writing is some of the best I’ve heard from a rapper today. A perfect example of how timely this song is would be when Soop addresses the Black Lives Matter movement taking place today by stating, “Are we really free in this country/Maybe I should leave from this country/Get gunned down with my hands up/Do they want me in this country?” No media sensationalism, just a young man dealing with the realities of being black in America. I felt every single word.

In addition to “My Country”, AWOL offers up more hotness that you have to hear, including: “Make It Rain”, “Sound Like”, “The Sky”, “Changes”, and the west coast tinged “So Fly 2016” and “Back”. As you can tell by the number of songs I listed, this is a classic release you have to hear to believe it! Just break down and buy the release because this dude needs to get paid for putting out a dope project like this. Pick it up right now >> - Shaine Freeman



Supa Soop born Derrell Alexander started rapping in 2000 in his hometown Cleveland, Ohio at the young age of 14 after his father passed away. His family shortly after moved to Richmond Virginia where Soop got to meet Richmond Legend and Heavy Hitter DJ Lonnie B. Supa Soop freestyle for him when he saw he could hold his own decided to pursue a career as a Hip Hop artist. As his family fell on hard times instead of turning to the streets for financial support Soop turned to his music hustling his mix tapes throughout  Henrico County and the surrounding Richmond area.

In 2008 Supa Soop got signed to one of the biggest Independent record labels in the city Smooth Dirty Productions. In Soop's early stages of his career he never officially released a project but because of his name and his hustle he got to grace the stage with several major artist from Method Man, Red Man, Crime Mob and Ace Hood to name a few. In 2012 Supa Soop released his first official project on "Soop Nation" which was also hosted by VladTV's own DJ Smirnoff Ice who is now also a blogger for Rap Dose. Soop Nation appeared on RVA Mag and several other Richmond media sources and in 2013 got him to perform at the biggest Hip Hop Festival in Virginia Epic Fest. Supa Soop Continued to work hard doing showcases and shows in 2014 with Chi-Towns legend Twista and Jet Life general Curren$y.

In 2015 Supa Soop was recognized by Virginia State University's Soul Logistic Radio and nominated for the "I Got Next Award". He later won that award by a fan vote and June 2nd 2015 decided to release his first LP "Soop Nation 2" which debuted on the top 100 for new Hip Hop/Rap albums the first 3 weeks peeking at #31. Supa Soop is a great artist with an impressive resume because of his connection with his fellow military soldiers he has been able to travel with his music. For more information visit his website

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