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"I lay the track first, then everything else falls in place, " this is a powerful statement that cant come from your typical rapper. Having toured the country with the entire Slip N Slide Family in his early teens as a member of the group Unda Presha, there isnt too much about the business Supa hasnt experienced. As a producer, his tracks have been placed on albums for several artists including Trick Daddy and Trina and have been burned for some of his production credits. As a recording artist, Supa's been apart of a group that helped put the spotlight on the South with their hot club single "Girls Be Loving This." Supa's music is deriven from his life experiences, which, as a 22 year old, isn't typical for people his age. Working with artists and as an artist in Miami's famous Circle House Studios, having your choice of women and more women, growing up fast, being up, then down its not surprising that Supa's sound is, as hot as it is, yet dark and thought provoking.

Are you a producer first or artist first? Supa doesnt skip a beat to explain, Im an entertainer first. Producing was a way for me to make quick money but I've been rapping since I was around 7 years old. Oddly enough, Supa didnt get into the business to make money...He didnt know how. Growing up in Miami's Liberty City, unlike a Brooklyn, where every other person is affiliated someone in Hip-Hop. Supa didn't let his lack of network discourage him from becoming a national recording artist. Supa immediately became a studio rat, putting in over 24 hours at a time to nurture his craft. Now as an adult, Supa is taking all experiences with him the good, the bad and the ugly to reintroduce himself as a solo artist. "When things get bad...I throw myself more into music," Supa explains, "Im in a different mind set right now." One thing in Supa's life remained constant, his love for music which contributes to his return. He actually never left, because as a producer he kept working at times as a ghost producer and as a writer. You'd be surprised to know that you've partied or request alot of the music on radio that Supa's ghost wriitten or produced. Now Supa has assembled a team that will handle his business and allow him to work as an artist. This is a situation that Supa always had in place but not one that worked in his best interest.

Scarface, Outkast, Eminen, Trick Daddy, Timbaland, Manny Fresh, Kanye West and Dr. Dre are some of Supa's favorite artists. Not hard to believe, growing up in Miami its hard not to be a Trick Daddy fan and it doesnt hurt to have traveled the country with him either. Supa shares the seriousness of a Scarface and the imaginative flow of an Outkast or Eminen. He shares the talents of being a strong producer and artist with the likes of Timberland, Manny Fresh, Kanye West and Dr. Dre. Hip-Hop's elite are aritst as well as producers, and Supa's a proven fit. Supa is concentrating on completing his long overdue album. A cult like following grew for Supa while he was a member of his old group. People see him today and still ask, "When are you coming out with something else." Well, for Supa's old fans and new, the wait is finally over.