Supa High Society

Supa High Society

 Abilene, Texas, USA
DuoHip Hop

Supa High Society is a brand. A way of living. We set standards and work good under pressure. We are far from a one hit wondering. Just stick around you will see us soon!


God has truly blessed these twin brothers with the creative abilities to entertain their crowd with the power of song. The talented combos are natives of Georgia and have been in the music industry for twelve years of their lives. Ju Harley (born Kendrick Deon Murray) and B. Easy (born Bendrick Neon Murray) took to music as a way to express themselves. Being brought up in such surroundings where a lot of people they knew came up in the trap, they wanted more than anything to be able to make it in more of a legit way where they can have fun doing what they do such as rapping and performing.

Supa High Society for these two came along way. Their uncle helped reveal these God given capabilities hidden inside of them by turning them on to Scarface and Rakim. Whenever their uncle would perform in local fashion and talent shows, he would always put the two brothers on stage with him. It was then, especially for B. Easy, that they knew this was something they wanted to pursue. They were always told by their grandmother to “never give up” but had ended up losing her before they really started making music their career. Instead of using these circumstances to stray away from their craft, their ambition, drive and motivation that they both used to drive and feed off of each other, it made them that more determined to strive for their goals.

Making Supa High Society a strong brand just like their foundation is a movement these two men both equally share. Because they chose to work strictly to try and make their own way with no help, they have only done collaborations one with Joc from Crime Mob. They have opened up for Durrough, TraeD, Big Kritt, Kirko Bangz,Stalley and The S.U.C (Z-Ro,Trae tha Truth,ESG & Lil O.They have also been featured in the WWS magazines as one of their cover stories on new up coming artist.In heavy rotation on the web based radio station Valeak hosted by Ashly Cruse. They are committed to the game as much as they are committed to their families. They have a new E.P out titled “OurKrown” which is the most recent project added to their collection. These guys don't just stick to music. They also have set have their own Clothing Line called "Intrigue Style". Available for sale online and in stores soon!