Supa Nova

Supa Nova



Mike Noble


Mike Noble is a fascinating phenomenon. Starting to sing at a very young age, he has been perfectioning his style for years. Mike has both qualities necessary for success: talent and determination.

Born and raised in Toronto, Mike first started performing with his brother. The now 26 years-old has developed his own style, a style that combines his dynamic life-style with his view on life. Writing his own lyrics, Mike expresses his experiences in life and in the music world. His main goal in life is to expose himself to a high number of novel situations. He believes that the only way to grow as a person is to continuously expose yourself to novelties. His lyrics have a strong message for people that are growing in more difficult environments. Packaging his message in an exhilarating beat, Mike Noble reaches a wide array of public.

Supa Nova, Mike's stage name, has been a household name in the underground Jungle Music scene. His passion for music fed his determination for success. Mike has worked hard to prove his talent, and has succeeded to do so. He has performed both in Toronto and Ottawa. Mike has performed in Ottawa in such locations as Vibe Nightclub and the Import Car Auto Show. He was on tour with Natalie Ravera and even worked on the remixes of two songs, precisely "8869" and "Like That". Palazzo Nightclub, Summer Rush, The Docks, Government, The Opera House and many more simply show the demand his music and character has created. As far as radio goes, Z103.5 already had two of his bigger tracks played on the air. When it comes to live-to-air shows, Supa Nova doesn't stop short, doing shows with Mickey Finn and The Medicine Muffin at Zen Lounge in Toronto.

Mike Noble, Supa Nova, is a mature artist. His vision of having a Jungle album released is the next step in cementing a string career. Mike has the experience, talent, and determination necessary to become successful.



Written By: Mike Nobel

say you a lyar, deciever, you'r a cheta, hartbreaka, an me want let you back ina me life, no

are you a lyar, deceiver, you'r a cheta, hartbreaker, an me want let you back ina me life, no

now me love so many woman and so many love me dat's how me only rock dem a dem nice an pretty
now me love so many woman cross the mega city
dats how me only rock dem a dem nice..


are you a lyar, deceiver, you'r a cheta, hartbreaka,
are you a lyar, decicer, you'r a cheta, hartbreaka,

ur nothing but a lier,deceiver, you'r a cheta, hartbreaker, an me want let you back ina me life, no

are u a lyar, deceiver, you'r a cheta, hartbreaker, an me want let you back ina me life, no


Written By: Mike Nobel / Bryan Nobel


top gun superman him cant try the don
me telling em 2000 done time fi revolution
ganjaman nowadays i bun spliff by the ton
bust a shot in a di dance bouncer boy a ga run x2


bud a bop a bop a ya
bud a bop a bop a yo
check the freaky flow comming up in from toronto
ya never never see an m c wickider than me
i be the dutchie d comming up through with milk money
so check it check it once me telling em check it check it twice
i garun f-n tee you'll never see somthing so nice
so check it once again me telling em check it with a friend
were garunteed to keep this party rockin to the end


when me was a youth me used to run from me school
gwan and get suspended man him gwan up like a fool
me can not listen to me teacher and me cannot follow rules
me run with don gon becuase don gon pack tools x2


hip hop verse preformed by milk money:

eh yo i ryme with a scorn
these bitches hymens get torned
when this bacardi lima ryhma was borned
my mamma was warned the drama is on
put the ganj in our palm
you can bomb the alarm like children of the sweet corn
my whole fleet sworn
to live and die together
until the days get better we'll live and die for the cheddar
uh oh we bout to take it to the top son
from top gun to what you want son
we got it if you want some