Sacramento-based Supaphat's sound blends soulful vocals, driving guitars, hip-hop turntables, and funky beats. Evoking comparisons to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Rage Against The Machine, Supaphat's distinctive music is perhaps best described as "groove rock"


Sacramento-based Supaphat (pronounced Soup-a-fat) take their name from the cartoon mascot who adorns their album artwork and promotional materials. His retro style symbolizes the combination of funk and rock, like Funkadelic and Jimi Hendrix, which defines Supapaht’s music. The band was born in 2000, derived from members of two of the area’s popular bands, Mama’s Gravy and Nothing. It took a few years of personnel changes, but by 2004, the lineup was solid—and so were the grooves.

Band ringleader Eric Schley sports some powerful vocals, and his between-song antics invoke comparisons to Jack Black, John Belushi and Chris Farley. His voice has been compared to Chris Robinson (Black Crowes), Bradley Nowell (Sublime), and Joe Cocker. Let’s not forget the music: Supaphat deftly blends the heavy groove riffs of Rage Against The Machine and the catchy funk of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Add in some turntables, and you’ve got a subtle hip-hop element that distinguishes Supaphat from the standard-issue rock band.

In September 2005, Supaphat released its first full-length album, “Ride With Me,” on Elden Drive records and Burnside Distribution of Portland picked up the album. The follow up album “Lose Myself” will be released November 13th and both can be found online at, iTunes, and They can also be found at Rasputin’s Records, Amoeba Music, and Dimple Records.

Supaphat has enjoyed steady radio play on 50,000 watt stations 98 Rock (98.5 FM) and KWOD (106.5 FM) in Sacramento, and their music has been used for various promotions on 98 Rock. Also, they were nominated for a SAMMIE (Sacramento Area Music Awards) for best R&B/Funk band in 2006 and 2007. Supaphat has played all over the Sacramento area at venues including Harlow’s, Old Ironsides, and the G Street Pub in Davis. The band also takes its show on the road, playing in Reno and San Francisco at Pier 23 and Grant and Green.


Hey! You!

Written By: Eric Schley

Somethin's goin' on around me,
and I feel just like I'm losing ground
I can't catch up to this dream I'm in,
and I know that I am breaking down.

Hey! You! I don't hear what you say when your sayin' what you say
but I know that you, really want me to.

What is the difference, with no resistance, and your persistence leads to an instance where everybodys talkin' 'bout what they don't have, and when they don't have that's when shit goes bad. 'Cos I take from you and you take from me, and all you really got was my sanity. So I hope your happy with what you recieved, a foot in your ass, 'cos that's what you need.


Debt Full Length Album: "Ride With Me", 2005 and "Lose Myself", 2007 on Elden Drive records, Burnside distribution.

Set List

Our sets are usually 45 to 60 minuets and we play one or two sets.

All originals:
Ain't It A Shame
Amazing Lady
Another Day
Be Who I Am
Bring It On
Don't Let The Door Hit Ya
Fill You Up
Free Your Mind
Funk With Me
Get To Know Ya
Hey! You!
I'm Fallin'
Lose Myself
Please You
Ride With Me
Something More
There For You
What Is Going Wrong?
What You Do To Me
You and Me