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KAM MOYE (also known as Supastition), has quickly moved up in the indie hip hop ranks with critically-acclaimed albums, amazing guest appearances (KRS One, Little Brother, Jedi Mind Tricks), and touring more countries than some foreign leaders (14 & counting). One of hip hop's fastest rising stars!


Though his name may not be a household name, there are few indie artists who have accomplished what he has done on his own. Beginning his career in the mid-90's under the alias of Supastition, Kam Moye has managed to become an international phenomenon while still being relatively unknown in his home state of NC. Despite a few costly mistakes in the business early in his career, Kam Moye has managed to build a solid fanbase and credible reputation. The Greenville, North Carolina-native has appeared on tracks alongside the likes of hip hop artists such as KRS One, Little Brother, Royce the 5'9, Elzhi (Slum Village), Marco Polo, Rasco, 9th Wonder, Skyzoo, Cunninlynguists, Bahamadia, Marco Polo, Akrobatik, and many others. Kam's music has been praised by heavyweights such as ?uestlove (The Roots) and DJ Premier (who featured his song on a recent mixtape) to J-Zone, Evidence (Dilated People) and DJ Rhettmatic. His past releases under the alias of Supastition, such as 7 Years of Bad Luck, The Deadline, and Chain Letters, have received critical acclaim in magazines such as XXL (Chairman's Choice), The Source (Independent's Day), Scratch (4/5), URB, and numerous other publications. After an initial release with NYC-based Soulspazm Records, Supastition's sophomore album, Chain Letters, was later re-released via the legendary Rawkus Records. With an impeccable work ethic, Kam's hustle has allowed him to tour in more than 13 countries (Australia, Germany, France, and Canada to name a few) in a 2-year span as well as headline shows in major cities such as LA, NYC, Atlanta, D.C., and Philly to name a few. His collaboration song entitled 'The Williams' with Foreign Exchange's Nicolay was selected to appear on the Okayplayer compilation, True Notes Volume 1. ?uestlove of the Roots personally invited him to perform on stage with the band at the Okayplayer Tour's Charlotte date in 2004. Kam Moye has been featured on the nationally syndicated World Famous Wake Up Show with Sway, King Tech, & DJ Revolution receiving high praise from King Tech himself in addition to indie radio shows such as the Halftime Radio Show and Spitkicker Radio (XM). Residing in Charlotte, NC for the past 10 years, Kam chose to shy away from the spotlight and become somewhat of the unsung hero. “People always tell me that I deserve to be more successful. I was never concerned with being a star from the beginning. With success, you can either be fueled by it or humbled by it. For me, I just enjoy making music, traveling the world, and taking care of family. I guess that's not glamorous enough for some people. I'm here to live my dream right now and not anyone else's dream. I've been to more places than anyone in family combined.” states Kam.

After a life-changing car accident, he chose to alter the direction of his music and record more of what he considers 'music with a purpose'. Currently opting out of using an alias and simply recording under his birth name of Kam Moye, he is focused on creating music that is reflects his age, maturity, and experiences. Kam explains, “As Supastition, I tried to make music based on the type of artist that I felt I could be. Now as Kam Moye, I'm recording music that's more reflective of who I am personally without any expectations. I felt very limited and pigeon-holed as Supastition but now I'm working with new people and leaving the past exactly where it should be. It's Kam Moye from this day forth.” The free 2008 release, Self-Centered EP, spread like wildfire via the Internet and the 'Black Enough' music video received over 20,000 views in less than a month after it was released. In 2009, Kam Moye joined forces with Big Dho of the Justus League/Hall of Justus (who has managed Little Brother and 9th Wonder in the past) to help take his career to the next level. Although Kam Moye is not a member of the Justus League crew, he states that “me and Dho have always been fam and have a mutual respect for each other”. With the assistance of Big Dho, Kam Moye recently inked an album deal with Bay Area-based Myx Music Label to release the debut Kam Moye album, Splitting Image. MYX Music Label began in 2007 by industry veteran Karim Panni of the Boom Bap Project (Rhymesayers Entertainment). The upcoming Splitting Image album is currently slated for a Fall 2009 release date on Myx Music Label/Koch Records. As Kam states, “I've paid plenty of dues...but this will be my defining moment. Forget what you have heard and watch what's about to happen”.

Management contact:

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Supastition - 7 Years of Bad Luck (Freshchest) 2002

Supastition - 7 Years of Bad Luck vinyl EP (Freshchest) 2002

Supastition – Beginner’s Luck (tour CD) (Lost Colony Music) 2004

Supastition – Deadline EP (Soulspazm) 2004

Supastition – Deadline vinyl EP– (Soulspazm/Subcontact) *Japanese import 2004

Supastition – Chain Letters (Soulspazm) 2005

Supastition – Chain Letters (re-release) (Soulspazm/Rawkus) 2006

Supastition - Unreleased Remixes (Reform School) 2006

Supastition - Guest of Honor (mixtape) (Reform School) 2007

Supastition – Leave of Absence EP (Reform School/Domination) 2008

Kam Moye – Self-Centered EP (Reform School) 2008

Kam Moye – Splitting Image (Myx Music) 2009


Blackmel - Vibin' Along 12” (Lo Key Records) 1997
Supastition - Broke Man's Anthem 12” (Pockets Linted) 2002

Supastition – Boombox 12” b/w Fountain of Youth and Homecoming (Soulspazm) 2004

Supastition – Right Here 12” b/w It's Over Now and Lord Knows (Uncut) 2005

Supastition – Hate My Face 12” b/w Soul Control ft Little Brother (Soulspazm) 2006

Supastition – Worst Enemy 7” (Reform School/Domination) 2008


Cunninlynguists ft Supastition and Cashmere the Pro - Nasty Filthy (Freshchest)

DJ Cam ft Supastition – Love Supreme (Wanderluxe) *France import

DJ KO ft Royce the 5’9, Supastition, Elzhi - Best To Do It

DJ Premier – Inside Looking Out mixtape (Year Round)

Grit Records presents Grit City Vol. 1 (Grit)

Jon Doe ft Supastition – The Signature (Day By Day)

Kaze ft Supastition – Black Man Worldwide (Rawkus)

KRS-One ft Supastition, L the Headtoucha, and Akbar– Still Spittin’ (Grit)

Keelay & Zaire ft DJ Revolution and Supastition – Wake Up Show intro

Little Brother ft Supastition - Doin’ Me (Fast Life/ABB)

Little Brother ft Supastition - Rolling Out (HOJ/ABB)

Little Brother ft Supastition & Rhyme fest - Do It To Death (HOJ/ABB)

Marco Polo ft Supastition - Heat! (Rawkus/Soulspazm)

Nicolay & Supastition – The Williams (Okayplayer/Decon)

Oddisee ft Kenn Starr and Supastition – In Check (Halftooth)

OneMind ft Supastition – Neva Gone Change (BBE)

Promise ft Royce the 5'9, Supastition, and Mr Probz – Change (DFS Records)

Rasco ft Supastition – Southwest (Pockets Linted)

Pumpkinhead ft Supastition & Wordsworth – Trifactor (Soulspazm)

Shabaam Sahdeeq ft Supastition, Torae, and Tiffany Paige – Keep Coming

Soulution ft Supastition, Bahamadia, and Mr J (Procussionists) – Soulshine (Goontrax/Japan)

Spier1200 & Finale ft Supastition – Bigger Picture (Fat Beats)

Stoupe of Jedi Mind Tricks ft Supastition – Truth (Babygrande Records)

Tanya Morgan ft Kam Moye and Torae – Shake It Off


MTV2 - One Life: The Love, The Game (documentary)

Nike – LACED (documentary)

Nike - Nu Soul campaign

Scion – Across the Pond Volume 13 mix

Set List

Usual set lists range from 30-45 min or a shortened performance of 15-20 based on the bill and promoter requests. Outside of the usual songs, every performance involves alot of crowd interaction, freestyles, and even some old school hip hop remakes with a twist. Songs are usually mixed in more of a medley of songs with the music constantly changing rather than the typical performance format.

Songs include:

Hate My Face
The Williams
Soul Control
Fountain of Youth
Change of Heart
Let's Be Honest
Don't Stop
Step It Up