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Super Capsule

Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Surf Rock


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Super Capsule @ Black Bear Bar

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Super Capsule @ Leftfield

New York, New York, United States

New York, New York, United States

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"EP PREMIERE: Macabrelabra"

On their debut EP, Macabrelabra, Brooklyn band SUPER CAPSULE injects some unexpected feel into their modern twist on alternative rock. Sometimes the songs are based around surf influences (think Takeshi Terauchi, THE VENTURES, Swami John Reis), developing standard rock foundations (PIXIES, Robert Pollard, MALKMUS), or even fading into slower, more sensible rhythms. We’re exctited to host the first hearing of this smart and quietly impassioned record below. Dive into it and leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Macabrelabra was recorded last Spring, in Gravesend Recordings in Brooklyn and in the band’s rehearsal space in the basement of a Lower East Side pawn shop. The EP was mixed and mastered in Rhode Island at Machines With Magnets.

The band’s vocalist and guitarist Joshua Curry commented:

We wanted to record something that was cohesive, but reflected our diverse influences. Macabrelabra opens with our heaviest song and closes with a surf instrumental inspired by the Japanese guitarist Takeshi Terauchi. For the album cover, I put together a paper model of the Mercury spacecraft and went to Coney Island at sunrise to get the shot.
Since this is our first release, and to keep costs low for us and anyone who might want to buy our EP, instead of vinyl or CD’s we’re selling postcards with the album art on the front and a download code on the back. You can buy them from our Bandcamp page for $4.

We’ve already written our second release, which we’re planning to record in Spring 2017. In the meantime we have two shows coming up, 12/11 at The Gateway in Brooklyn and 12/17 at Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia. - IDIOTEQ


Judging by “Frost”, Super Capsule has come very far from their demo beginnings. Clocking in at a quick 1:47, “Frost” is a full-throttle assault of fiery guitars, booming bass, and crisp drums. The song takes queues from early 90s indie punk bands like Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins while adding crisp, modern production and an unrelenting energy to make it their own. Curry describes the song as “as a sort of distress call: an examination of the final inner monolog before succumbing to a hostile environment.” That hostile environment is reflected by the guitars’ noisy distortion and feedback that eventually envelope the song by its end. Though the vocals get lost in the mix at some points in the song, they work well with the message of the song.
Macabrelabra will be released on December 9th. - Sweet Static


You couldn't ask for a leaner, meaner day at the beach! Brooklyn-based outfit Super Capsule are looking to release their new EP Macabrelabra and, while I have no idea on the date it's out, I do know that if it's anything along the lines of this single, I'm in.

It sounds like a Jim Jarmusch film soundtracked by The Pixies and sped up into a track just shy of two minutes, which is precisely the kind of description you would hope for a band that's looking to take a new swing at surf rock. It's a Brooklynite's idea of surf rock that's also never seen a beach, littered and strewn with grit and charred feeling, rubbed raw and bleeding across the fret board. It has replayability to the umpteenth degree, a sense of urgency that's sorely lacking these days, not taking a second to wipe its spittle off its sleeve.

I'm looking forward to when the group releases their EP; I haven't had this much fun nodding to something so grey and grim and frantic for some time. Here's hoping the rest of the release will carry this much nervous energy and urgent ennui.

Run Time: 1:47
Release Date: November 17, 2016 - Pure Grain Audio


An incendiary burst of incisive post-punk, filtered through a post-hardcore lens, Super Capsule’s “Frost” teems with aggression. It also serves as a notice to start sitting up and paying attention to the band, who seem hell-bent on creating an army of converts by demolishing genre boundaries with a relentlessly precise attack. Trying to form a defense simply isn’t an option. - Heartbreaking Bravery


12/9/16 - Macabrelabra EP



~Debut EP Out Now~

Super Capsule is the culmination of Josh Curry’s many bedroom recordings and demos. The band has been recording and performing as a four piece band since 2014, and their upcoming, debut EP blends their eclectic influences into a cohesive sound; imagine if surf legend Takeshi Terauchi led a summer guitar camp attended by Stephen Malkmus and Robert Pollard. Their mantra: never turn your back on the ocean.

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