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Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Avant-garde


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Super Geek League @ Dante's

Portland, Oregon, United States

Portland, Oregon, United States

Super Geek League @ El Corazon

Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States

Super Geek League @ Tacoma

Tacoma, Washington, United States

Tacoma, Washington, United States



"Top 10 music performances of 2014 shot by Mat Hayward"

#2: Super Geek League at Sasquatch! Music Festival May 23-25, 2014. This band is so badass they didn’t just play a show at Sasquatch! They commanded an entire stage all for themselves for the entire weekend and played nearly 30 times! I can’t tell you how much I love Super Geek League. You don’t “watch” a Super Geek League concert, it’s an interactive event. The band, fronted by the amazing Vy Agra is amazing and by themselves would be worth the price of admission to Sasquatch. But SGL isn’t just a band, there are so many things happening both on and off the stage during the show. Resident performers include stilt walkers, fire performers, acrobats, dancers, spin artists, and many other specialty acts and magical oddities. The challenge is to figure out where to look at any given time. There is so much going on it’s impossible to take it all in at once. Probably my favorite live music moment of the year was when bassist Pword Kelly jumped off the stage and ran up to me in the middle of the set shouting “Play My Bass!” I didn’t think he was serious at first but it quickly became obvious he was. I strummed the E string and Pword was off making memories for more fans.

Go see Super Geek League the next opportunity you have. You won’t regret it. Well, unless you are scared of clowns and/or pillow fights. Then you might. Something tells me these clowns will help you get over your phobia though. They are just different. Trust me. - 107.7 The END

"9.8 out of 10"

Super Geek League at MOD Club – Toronto Review
Giancarlo Del ToroJune 19, 2013 No Comments
Super Geek LeagueToronto live music reviews
Super Geek League at MOD Club – Toronto Review

Super Geek League at MOD Club – Toronto
Who: Super Geek League
From: Seattle, WA, USA
Where: MOD Club, Toronto, ON
When: June 16, 2013
stage presence
image/sex appeal
musical ability
crowd reaction
Crowd: Not even half full. Not the band’s fault and it didn’t stop the small crowd from having the time of their lives.
Style: These Seattle musicians sound directly influenced by System Of A Down. Super Geek League call their music Soul Metal. A very Interesting band.
Technicalities: Sound could have been better, but people were just too entertained to pay attention to that. Also the lights were fantastic.
Sex Appeal: They had 4 sexy dancers entertaining the crowd. On top of that everyone in the band moved around constantly, they were on stage, off stage, they were all over the venue with their crazy lights attached to their heads and instruments! There was so much going on that it felt like I was inside a circus. You can never get bored at a Super Geek League show. I also love how they ran around the venue to get people’s attention before their set.
Memorable song: Fishing Man is a song from another dimension! These guys play music from a different planet.
Memorable moment: The entire show was memorable! The band had balloons, beach balls and towards the end they gave pillows to the crowd and everyone started doesn’t get much better than that!
Review: Giancarlo Cortez
Photos: Jason Hodgins (except cover photos – D.Shelley)

THE SCENE - Toronto The Scene Magazine

"The Twenty Best Live Music Shows I Saw at Bumbershoot 2012"

16) Super Geek League (Exhibition Hall, Monday): Bumbershoot audiences got a full-meal deal from Super Geek League Monday afternoon–dancing girls, butterfly women on stilts, a full horn section in white suits and glowing headgear, giant mutant eyeballs, and a throatily-soulful female lead singer atop the whole unlikely mix. Fortunately, the music (think Shirley Bassey covering Residents songs backed by Rage Against the Machine) was as strong as it was weird. -

"Super Geek League Completely Destroys El Corazon"

On a mid-winter night in Seattle, El Corazon was completely destroyed. There were several inches of pillow stuffing, toilet paper and confetti all over the floor. Confetti filled every nook and cranny, lodged along the ceilings and around every cable and post. This was one of those “parties to end all parties.”

The Chaotic Noise Marching Corp set the tone for the evening—a loud tone. The 25 member band took up most of the lower floor as they played with just as much volume and gusto as they would during halftime at an open air sports field. They instructed the audience to join them on the main floor (this is a marching band after all), then marched up onto the mezzanine and proceeded through the crowd and back down onto the floor. Exactly how the horns could come within millimeters of each other without colliding and still play effectively is a mystery to me. In a frenzy of brass and bodies moving in every direction, a trombone would extend then retract just as a trumpet player would tumble into its space. Even the brief eruption of slam dancing that occurred when they circled back to where they started had visual elegance. The next act, Slow Bunny, seized upon the energy in the room and raised it a couple notches with their heavy, operatic sound and otherworldly stage presence.

The energetic Down North then brought an exciting blend of hard rock, funk and soul. Down North’s singer is a consummate front-man. He sings with the high vibrato that one might expect from a metal singer yet sounds like equal parts Cory Glover from Living Colour and Al Green with a Screamin’ Jay Hawkens feel at times. Watching him dance is like watching John Belushi competently deliver Michael Jackson’s moves.

Down North’s guitarist deftly maneuvers through different sounds and when prompted. He can showboat with an air of whimsy and jest while the bass player remains a pillar of pure cool and groove. The drummer creates a driving force reminiscent of the White Stripes with an added playful showmanship. During his solo, his floor tom began to fall, so he held it up for a time while his solo continued. When he finally let it drop to the floor he made use of it from the side, creating a joke of the whole thing which served to make the solo even better and more endearing.

The seven members of Jonny Sonic played fourth, working the crowd into another frenzy. Their singer looked like a perfect blend of ‘70s porn-star and ‘80s pro-wrestling manager. Their music was fast and heavy and their horns were big and deep. I’m talking a baritone sax and a tuba. They also have an easy philosophy that the singer put quite eloquently when he said “All of our shit’s free. Go get some!” They made good on that by passing out cards showing how to freely download their album to every extended hand in the audience.

When Jonny Sonic finished their set this could easily have been the end of the show. Four great bands had performed and more than three hours of high-energy music had been delivered. Everyone in the crowd was pleased, but it was just a warm-up to what was about to ensue.

Super Geek League
Pandemonium. That is the best word I can think of to describe the audio-visual sensory overload that was unleashed by the Super Geek League. Thirteen band members and a small army of costumed performers shared the stage under black lights while confetti cannons, smoke machines, large-screen monitors and laser lighting all competed for attention. The volume and ensity of confetti was so much that the stage would be blocked out before the rainbow of colors descended on the crowd. Every song required a costume change by the dancers—dancing eyeballs, alien creatures, a couple of-sexy cops and some big-nosed fuzzy-bear creatures to name a few. And still more confetti.

The atmosphere was like one of those clubs in a vampire movie where an “epic” party is happening just as the vampires assume control. Imagine that instead of vampires that aim to drain you of life, the club is being run by the upper echelon of the Cult of the Burning Man and they aim to drain you of reason by subjecting you to one of the zaniest experiences possible. The crowd was going wild already before the beach balls began to be thrown into the room. Nothing seems to up the ante on the excitement level of a packed floor like twenty-something beach balls. At least that’s what I believed right up until twenty-something pillows were thrown into the mosh. And still more confetti.

More Confetti
Fire is not allowed indoors, but this presented no obstacle for the fire dancers who replaced flames with glow-sticks. These were particularly effective under the black lights. At one point there was an aerialist in a disco-ball patterned body suit performing a fast moving routine while the strobe-light was firing off in sync with the double bass drum—all of the happening while the band raged on. There was more confetti.

The break between the end of the set and the encore provided t - Vanguard Magazine

"SGL named Top 10 of 2012"

Top 10 concerts of 2012

EVENTS,HISTORY,NEWSDec 27, 20120 Comments
As a concert photographer I get insane access to some of the best shows in the greater Seattle area. 2012 was a particularly fun year for me. I don’t know how many shows I photographed off the top of my head but I can say it was “a lot.” I thought long and hard about which were my favorites and it wasn’t easy. Here is my top ten list…

#10: Jane’s Addiction at Bumbershoot. Check this one off my bucket list. Jane’s Addiction is my favorite band of all time. While Perry Farrel did get a little…er, what’s the word I’m looking for here?…oh yeah: wasted; while on stage. I didn’t care even a little bit. To be honest, I have trouble trusting sober rock stars. The show was super weird with people hanging themselves, a wacky water show and a whole bunch of my favorite songs ever. Shooting Jane’s Addiction was a rock and roll dream come true for me.

Jane’s Addiction Gallery

#10) Jane’s Addiction at Bumbershoot

#9: Refused at Showbox Sodo. Hardcore punk band Refused reunited in 2012 and rocked the faces off of every single person in the sold out Showbox Sodo.

Refused Gallery

#9) Refused at Showbox Sodo

#8 Kimbra: While technically speaking this wasn’t a concert it was still an experience I will never forget. There is no way I could keep it off the list. The beautiful Kimbra recorded “Settle Down” in studio B at 107.7 The End. It was so cool to watch the process and to witness first hand how hard working and what a perfectionist she is. You can see the video that was made in studio in the gallery linked below. Later that night I photographed her at WaMu where she opened for Foster the People. Also, a great show.

Kimbra Gallery

#8) Kimbra performs “Settle Down” in Studio B at 107.7 The End.

#7: Smashing Pumpkins at Comcast Arena in Everett. This was a great show to be a photographer at. There was no photo pit access so I had to get there before the doors opened and wait for several hours for the Pumpkins to perform. It was worth it. In trade for no pit they allowed me to photograph the entire show (traditionally you only get 3 songs with a photo pass). The first half consisted entirely of their new album Oceania from start to finish. Before that night I had not heard one track off the album. By the time they finished playing it I was hooked. I went and bought it the next day and it’s been one of my favorite albums of the year.

Smashing Pumpkins Gallery

#7) Smashing Pumpkins at Comcast Arena in Everett, WA

#6: Red Hot Chili Peppers at Key Arena. RHCP has had a presence in my CD collection for as long as I can remember. I had seen Flea perform many times during his time with Jane’s Addiction but this was the first time I had seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers live. They blew my mind! I shot my 3 songs then headed into the stands to watch the rest. I’m not the best dancer in the world…OK, I’m about as awkward as it gets but that didn’t stop me from bouncing around the entire time. I just couldn’t help myself even when I noticed the pitying looks the people in seats next to me were sending my way. The stage was the coolest of any I have seen with a massive screen system set up that had incorporated itself into the show. It would separate and move while playing live feeds from the stage then crazy special effects. One screen one minute, one hundred the next. So many hit songs were played. This was another great band putting on a massive show that definitely lived up to the hype.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Gallery

#6) Red Hot Chili Peppers at Key Arena

#5: Coldplay at Key Arena. I don’t know what I can say about the Coldplay show that hasn’t been said. My jaw hit the floor when it started and it didn’t stop until the show was over. More confetti than I have ever seen in my life.

Coldplay Gallery

#5) Coldplay at Key Arena

#4 Super Geek League at Bumbershoot. These guys are something you have to experience for yourself to fully comprehend. There is so much going on at all times it’s hard to keep track of it all. The visual stimuli was great for me as a photographer but that wasn’t what put SGL at #4 for me. The music was so great! Punk/Funk/Rock n Roll…no way to classify it that I can think of. So good. I can’t wait to experience Super Geek League again.

Super Geek League Gallery

#4) Super Geek League at Bumbershoot

#3 Deck the Hall Ball at Key Arena. As the station photographer for 107.7 The End this was a huge day. 9 bands in all…The Killers, M83, Metric, AWOLNATION, Passion Pit, Grouplove, the Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men and the Joy Formidable performed at least once. Some also played End Sessions and every band except the Killers posed for a band portrait back stage. It was so much fun running from one end of the arena to the next all day long. The music was extremely good. All bands killed it on stage without exception and it proved to be one of the best days of 2012.

Killers Gallery AWOLNATIO - Mat Hayward Photography 107.7 The End

"IndieWeek Review"

Super Geek League at Indie Week 2012
Who: Super Geek League
From: Seattle, WA
Preformed: 3am – Oct 10 (night) – The Hideout

Pre-show hype: Super Geek League are a self proclaimed Circus Soul Metal band who produce and perform ambient circus entertainment for large music festivals all over the US. We were excited to see this unique band live, no matter how late/early it was.
Crowd: 1/4 left overs from the opening party
Style: Black Sabbath meets a Jazzy summertime thing. Extremely unique band that incorporates horns and costumes that will take the listener into the unexpected .
Technicalities: Some feedback due to the multiple instrumentalists who were walking around the room.
Memorable moment: The entire show was like one giant moment when time stood still.
Sex appeal: Everything about this band is sexy especially singer Vy.
Mentionable song: “Fishing man” – Sabbath style riffs! Metal Horns up!
Total rank: 8/10
By: Darrell Shelley
THE SCENE - The Scene Magazine

"SGL Favorite Act of 2012 Bumbershoot 107.7 The End"

Day 3 provided the most action packed fun filled shows of Bumbershoot that I saw. The first show of the day turned out to be my favorite of the festival! 37 people made up the team that is Super Geek League to start the day at the Exhibition Hall. Maybe team isn't the right word. The vibe back stage watching everyone get ready was more like a feeling of family. A strange family indeed with a weird Grandpa and all. The show is the brainchild of Floyd McFeely who has a seriously creative mind. As a photographer I was of course blown away by the visual stimulation. It wasn't just about the wild characters that went in and out of the show almost nonstop though. The music was awesome! A punk/funk sound that had me jumping up and down the entire time I was snapping photos.

I will let the images speak for themselves but will say this....When Super Geek League performs in Seattle again you must go!

-Mat Hayward - Mat Hayward 107.7 The End Seattle

"Top 20 Bands of 2012 Bumbershoot"

16) Super Geek League (Exhibition Hall, Monday): Bumbershoot audiences got a full-meal deal from Super Geek League Monday afternoon–dancing girls, butterfly women on stilts, a full horn section in white suits and glowing headgear, giant mutant eyeballs, and a throatily-soulful female lead singer atop the whole unlikely mix. Fortunately, the music (think Shirley Bassey covering Residents songs backed by Rage Against the - The


Super Geek League performs and unplugged version of Captain Tomorrow on the balcony for BalconyTV - Balcony TV


Best described as a “Sci-Fi Soul-Metal Circus”, Seattle-based Super Geek League actually defies categorization. First the music. The band is fronted by a soul-belting vocalist against grunge-inflected metal with horns and hip-hop/funk elements mediating between the bands raucous energy and frenzied rock collective feel. Then there’s the presentation. With 11 performers onstage, the set was turned into ramshackle spectacle that incorporated bizarre sci-fi costumes, burlesque dancers, with each member wearing tiny lights that changed colour synched to the music. A sensory overload of sexed-up punk/metal theatrics. Yes, the music was secondary to the spectacle, but that’s not the point. It was more about entertaining the crowd with an electrifying stage show. And they’re pretty good at it too. - Lonely Vagabond

"SGL saves warped tour"

In my experience, there are two kinds of Warped Tour bands. There are those that play a classic style, like ska or punk, the way it has been played for years (ex: the Casualties). There are also those who fit the current trend in suburban rock culture (this year: The Academy Is…). Normally, original acts that challenge your tastes aren’t present. But then again, nothing is normal about Seattle’s dance circus freak-out, Super Geek League.

It was around 7PM on Sunday at the giant 100 band festival at Columbia Meadows, and my accomplice for the day, Asa, and I were about to check out. I had seen and interviewed the Burning Room and Brightwood, the local bands I was reviewing for Willamette Week. I chatted for minute with Colin Grigson, bassist for Clorox Girls, who had staked out a front row spot for NOFX as I went in front of the barricade to photograph a characteristically nonchalant and brilliant set the band played while wearing shorts. I tried to take photos of AFI, but Davey Havok’s make-up reflected so much light I couldn’t get a shot. Their group vocals were also off, but guitarist Jade Puget wowed me with the ease with which he plays parts that sound somewhat tricky when they come out of speaker. Fat Mike and Eric Sandin, bass player and drummer for NOFX, had a similar effect on me. They are one of the most amazing rhythm sections in rock (the bass playing on The Decline blows my mind), but they’re so comfortable on their instruments that it doesn’t look like they even have to try.

The say was winding down; we’d seen the Casualties’ leadman’s arm shake as he held it up, flexing with intensity, during “Under Attack,” the title song off a soon-to-be-released album that, judging from the new material at this show, will be their best to date. Heck, we’d even been asked to settle down by security while we stood at the back of the stage, pounding beer stolen from a pyramid of around 50 twelve-packs marked “Do not touch,” screaming along with Joan Jett to “I Love Rock and Roll.”

So, like I said, we were on our way out, when I spotted a few guys in silver jump suits putting their helmets on next to the Hot Topic/Kevin Says/Generator Powered stage. So I made a motion that we continue drinking stolen beer (which our backpacks were now filled with), check out this band, and see how long it takes us to get kicked out.

As all 20 or so members of Super Geek League took the stage and began to play, the entire contemptible, commercial, predictable, Warped Tour atmosphere changed. Two drummers, and uncountable guitars, keyboards, tambourines and gadgets began to pump what reminded me of a cross between locals Show me the Pink’s knack for getting me to dance to group chanting vocals, and the clutter and chaos of March Fourth.

Audience plants added to the effect: A gorilla high fived me. I was booty danced by a young and beautiful woman in flapper-esque stockings. A leaf blower with a toilet paper roll rigged to the end launched streamers over the growing crowd of around 100. Silly string seemed to come from all directions. Amidst all this chaos, Asa and I decided we had better distribute our loot and began indiscriminately passing out beers to everyone around us.

A nun and a priest took the stage and slapped the crowd with yard sticks and fed them crackers while I bumped and grinded with the rest of the awe-struck crowd. Pillows were distributed and the audience became a melee. Then, before we knew it, it was over. The 25 minutes allotted for chaos had run out. We cheered, screamed for one more song, but it was too late—the next band, some horrible pop punk band with occasional screaming vocals, began playing at the sister stage, a few feet away.

Asa and I looked wide eyed at the ground, covered in toilet paper, stuffing, and cans and looked around for a member of the band to thank for a truly epic performance. We found a drummer, who introduced himself as Dr. Cumsalot, a scientist driven mad by drinking his own semen. He told us that SGL had been kicked off the Warped Tour after their first show in Boise, Idaho for their crowd interaction shenanigans. They had just recently talked their way back into their slot on the small stage. Apparently they normally play an hour-long set in which each character leads a song. I made them promise to come deliver this set to us, Portland, but in the mean time, I am so thankful that they brought the ruckus to our Warped Tour—I had almost become complacent by the end of the day. But from now on, whenever I see a new band, I’m going to ask myself, “Would this band get kicked off of Warped Tour?” and if the answer is no, fuck ‘em. - Portland Williamette Local Cut

"Super Geek League to officially make Tomato Battle:Seattle the raddest event in the universe!"

SEATTLE, WA - August 16, 2011 - Seattle based Super Geek League (SGL)
and its mind-blowing awe-inspiring "Sci Fi Soul Metal Circus" has been
chosen to headline the first inaugural "TOMATO BATTLE: SEATTLE" on
Sept 24th 2011 @ the Pyramid Brewery! SGL has partnered with Tomato
Battle, LLC to produce the most insane and messiest event on the
planet with up to 300,000 lbs of overripe Tomatoes, 100 pillows,
200lbs of mylar confetti, gigantic beach balls, toilet paper cannons
and thousands of anticipated participants getting CRAZY and MESSY.
This is guaranteed by the "Inter-Galactic Federation of Space Clown
Robots" and the "Tomato Leaves are Poisonous Alliance' to the be the
FUNNEST and MOST INSANE event in the universe!

The all-day event will kick off at noon, with 7 Pacific Northwest
bands squaring off to determine which band is THE ULTIMATE HONEY
BADGER. The Tomato Battle...OF THE BANDS will feature sets from: Bat
Country (doom Americana from Seattle, WA), Blood of Kings (speed metal
from South Seattle), Panama Gold (post-punk from Seattle, WA), The
Bloodtypes (searing protopunk phenomenon from Portland, OR), The Hill
Dogs (Folk'n'Roll from Newberg, OR), The Ongoing (indie-alternative
rock from Puyallup, WA) and Titanium Sporkestra (Reigning champions of
Burning Man's battle of the bands from Seattle, WA).

Mid-way through the day, the large-scale food fight will commence when
the Queen Tomato declares war on a mound of 300,000 lbs of expired
tomatoes, and up to 5,000 rabid Tomato Heads will converge upon the
innocent, overripe fruit. The tomatoes will be weaponized until the
last Roma has been liquefied and the pavement is covered in ketchup.
Once the last tomato soldier has tired of making spaghetti
sauce-angels, everyone will be hosed off and ready to finish the day.

Who better to finish the day in an explosion of chaos, pillows, and
confetti than the official 10th weirdest band in the world? Once the
winning band has been announced, Super Geek League will emerge and cap
off the perfect day with a mind-melting set, cementing their place as
the crown-jewel in the Tomato Tiara!

A portion of proceeds will go to charity beneficiaries including White
Center Food Bank and Tilted Thunder Rail Birds.

WARNING: this event is only suitable for those who like to have FUN
and get DIRTY so if you're BORING don't bother.

Need protective gear for the Tomato Battle ? Go to
* and order your SGL HAZMAT suit. The
official gear of SGL.

Follow the trials and tribulations of the Tomato Battle crew on
twitter at or facebook at and check out our website - Tomato Battle LLC

"10 Weirdest Band in the World and climbing"

"Well, this is kinda fun. Super Geek League calls their music “soul metal” and their stage show a “sci fi punk circus” complete with dancing girls, crazy outfits, gnomes, strippers dressed up like Hindu goddesses, confetti cannons, pillow fight mosh pits (don’t ask me, I’m just quoting from their press kit), and occasionally things like Twinkies and dead fish getting tossed at the audience. In fact, they nearly got kicked off the Warped Tour because of the cleanup required after a typical SGL set. And if you’re extreme enough to piss off the Warped Tour people, you must be doing something right.

We haven’t been able to find out much else about these guys, except that they’re from Seattle, they have an album coming out later this month (called, as coincidence would have it, Soul Music) and their ringleader calls himself Floyd McFeely. There’s more about the band in this article, but frankly the writing was so bad it made my head hurt. We’ll give the writer the benefit of the doubt though–after trying to interview these guys, I might lose my ability to form sentences, too.

Wait, this is a first: As I was writing this, Floyd McFeely emailed me. Dude’s psychic. Either that or he just noticed that we started following him on Twitter. Either way, coincidink.

He writes: “We have already been named “Best Masked Bands” so mine [sic] as well be one of the WEIRDEST bands.” Amen, brother.

Floyd also forwarded us a copy of the band’s official press kit, which is a good thing because we were really have a hard time describing these guys. But here you go, chew on this, from the Erotic Exotic Ball: “If System of a Down, Primus and Insane Clown Posse gangbanged Macy Gray, Super Geek League would undoubtedly be their spunky demon offspring.” Yeah that about sums it up.

But hey, you haven’t even been paying attention since I mentioned something about strippers dressed up like Hindu goddesses, have you? Well, get ready to burn in whatever the Hindu equivalent of Hell is, because you’re about to see what I mean." - Weirdest Bands in the World


Another rather unique mix of genres presented Seattle’s Super Geek League while playing Soul Metal. This marriage of soul and heavy metal is brought together by the singer’s Mowtown voice, a horn section, and heavy metal instrumentation by the rest of this ten piece band. The stage at the Bovine Sex Club was very crowded and the energy that came from the stage was incredible. The band played impeccable music and offered something for the eyes as well while wearing elaborate costumes and interesting sun glasses. For an extravagant show in which you hear two genres mixed that usually do not get mixed very often, Super Geek League is a band to check out. - Indie Solo

"Best masked bands"

Super Geek League selected as one of the top masked bands of all-time according to metromix - Metromix

"Super Geek League Speaking Soul Metal into existence"

Jesus, Where does one begin with this one? How’s an 8ft. Love demon grab you? Not enough you say, toss in a 90 year old perverted priest Berry McCockner blessing the crowd with gutted lake trout. Still not enough? Hair that appears to be on fire? Yep. Gyrating Sex machines in next to nothing? Enough confetti to leave a venue inches deep when the music has ended and the janitors breathe a heavy sigh. Toss in some ridiculously crazy 6 string bass action, a horn section, and guitars from hell and what begins to emerge is a new genre altogether. “Soul Metal.” Mastermind Floyd McFeely has orchestrated yet again another bastard child incarnation of musical genius and visual candy in a live performance that will leave you so completely asking yourself what just happened again and again. A Truck load of confetti? Check. A wall of sound so blatantly in your face the only choice is to submit to its power and control and dance around like a foolish little kid with Your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Like Nobody is watching. But we are all watching to see what SGL will have next. With its third and most compelling album set to drop later this month and a tour lining out that will span both coasts Starting at Toronto’s NXNE Music Festival. We will be watching for the cops. This is where the party stops.

Soaring smooth gut wrenching vocals beseeching the listener to “donate your body to science” in such a compelling way I went home and immediately tried it. Guess what? It was awesome!
Sitting down with Super Geek League is insanity. Introducing some of the members of the band. Here are some exerpts.

Muffpumper, what strengths do you bring to the band? “I’m an all-a-holic. I do it all. I do some drinkin, I do some falling down. I flop my weiner around on stage.” So you were in the bathing suit with the saggy bottoms? “Yep that was me” My wife was horrified looking at the pictures when I was done editing and her words were, “What the Fuck?” Berry McCockner enters the room. Tell us about your childhood. ” I dont remember a lot of it, I think I was an adolescent for a long time and uhh. uuuh. I think i remember something about puberty, It was about 1874 and it involved a bucket full of whale oil and that’s when i really got attracted to the scent of the sea. And uhh, and uhh, I used to play with the seagulls that you find on the beaches. I would taunt them with the bones of an Albatross. Well at least that’s what i thought they were. They were clearly bird bones cuz that’s where I found them, Inside a bird. It was after that I started selling Doctor Feelgood balm remedy for a long period of time. But I drank it all and when I came to it was the 70’s. And pretty soon they ran me out of town.

PWord on the Bass. What does PWord Stand for? Pusstifer, Piss Shit, Pillow PoppinSvaggins, Bird Shit. Whatever you want it to mean really. Barbie Grinder, Gale Force, Dog Starver, Love Demon, Vy Agra, Lil D, Knuckles Schmidt and on and on it goes.

Super Geek League was started in 2001 as a studio project by founder and brainchild Floyd Mc Feely. Super Gee League or aka (SGL) was a culmination of 3 cosmic triggers that coincided to launch this project. The first was Mc Feely’s first online music
venture, The Tapeworm Collective, which was an online music collaboration site where musicians, DJs, experimentalists and noise engineers exchanged samples and music files to create new and interesting bodies of music. Out of these collaborations, Mc Feely spawned the idea of a studio project that allowed friends and colleagues to create their own superheroes, which McFeely in turn, wrote and composed songs based on these bizarre characters. The project produced 8 songs and characters that would lay the foundations of SGL ’s original material and live theatrical productions. This project was appropriately called Super Geek League.

The second cosmic trigger was another venture founded and spearheaded by
McFeely which consisted of a band of guerilla prankster clowns known as The
Kookclub. Kookclub took the concept of clowning to entirely new level with planned
guerilla cultural jamming missions and public displays of total disarray and insanity
that eventually landed the troupe being featured on NBC’s Evening Magazine.
Kookclub was basically urban improv theater gone wild in the spirit of chaotic
engineering. Clowns gone wild.

The third and final trigger was the IDEAL Festival in France 2003. Mc Feely was
performing as the dancing Gorilla “Cecilcudpucker” in the DJ Mashup Multi-media
group The BranFLakes which landed a spot on the 2003 IDEAL festival in Nante
France where McFeely traveled with the group to perform in front of thousands of really
drunk French people. Smoking Hash and hanging with half naked Moroccan and
French beauties in a tricked out green room with the likes of Lydia Lunch and Sigue
Sigue Sputnik, Mc Feely caught the bug…

Upon returning from France, The Bran - Hollywood Music Magazine

"Super Geek League TOP 10 Live shows"

Super Geek League – King Cat Theater 9/10/10
- One of the greatest local band live specticles EVER! See this rock band circus live!" - KISW Iron Mikes Blog

"Super Geek League show review"

Face paint, elaborate costumes, acrobatics, fire mimes, genre-jumping numbers from a gaggle of musicians: describing Super Geek League's spectacle of a performance is next to impossible, but don't say we didn't try. - City Arts Magazine

"Bless this Dead Fish"

"Who likes human flesh?!" bellows Super Geek League frontman Floyd McFeely from the stage at Neumo's on a recent night. Looking like a devilish troll doll with his orange hair standing a foot into the air, and sporting a suit covered in flames, McFeely introduces his friend "Fat Cannibal" to the adequate (and plastered) crowd huddled around the stage. As onlookers shriek and applaud with a mixture of horror and delight, a gaggle of clowns pluck victims from the audience and drag them onstage to face being "eaten alive."
It's like witnessing a PG-13 version of a GWAR show.

Ten minutes into the SGL's set--wait, no, ten seconds into the set--it becomes exceedingly apparent that this is a "band" I would never have volunteered to experience live, let alone write a review of, unless someone shelled out some serious cash. I'd heard rumors of SGL's stripping nuns, dead fish, trampoline, and saran wrap, and with those terrifying possibilities growing increasingly frightening in my imagination, this was definitely one rock show I'd most happily have opted to stay far, far away from given the choice.

But money talks, and on January 13, the coldest night in the history of the world, I find shelter in a warm, dark corner of Neumo's balcony, overlooking the most fucked-up carnival from hell ever imagined. And it's all thanks to one Mr. Benjamin Exworthy, the wealthy lad who bought half of this here paper in our for-charity Strangercrombie auction last month--an investment that included a music review written about the band of his choice. He chose the Super Geek League.

There are certain things that I've always believed should never happen at a rock show. The crowd shouldn't be corralled together into pods of five and six using saran wrap; audience members shouldn't be assaulted with a moist, dead fish; and nuns shouldn't strip down to thongs, fishnets, and pasties. But the Super Geek League did it all, and much to the crowd's delight, they didn't stop there.

SGL passed out free kazoos, filling the room with a constant (and increasingly obnoxious) buzzing; they entertained with a fire dancer (who was really quite amazing and hypnotizing to watch); and they fed the crowd cake (a man made of cake, actually, straight from that weird Tom Petty video). After an hour and a half, it was all over and everyone in the room was covered in silly string, toilet paper, and wide-eyed smiles.

"The purpose of the Super Geek League, basically, is to have a really good time," explains McFeely after the show. "It's fun helping people get in touch with their inner idiot!"

The League, 30-40 members strong, is populated by McFeely's friends and friends of friends. Some have performance experience, but most don't. Expertise isn't the point.

"I have a lot of people who are involved in this that don't do performance, but this gives them the opportunity to act like a fool for a night," says McFeely. "It's amazing what people will do when you give them a venue to go all out. People are hungry for this shit, I know they are. They're so tired of being mundane and serious all the time."

The Neumo's show was certainly anything but mundane and serious. It was messy, chaotic, and a little awkward (okay, very awkward), but definitely far from ordinary. And that's a trait the Super Geek League will probably only improve upon as they continue to refine their performances. They've only played four shows thus far--this is really only the beginning.

As McFeely points out, "It's like herding retarded cats" to work out all the Leaguers' schedules, so SGL's performance calendar will probably be limited to one event every other month or so. But McFeely is certainly aware that with each show, the next spectacle must top the last, so those down months will be filled with practice and planning.

"I got this great idea for the next one," he says. "I wanna put midgets in sperm suits and have them launch off a trampoline on a big battleship. It's for a new song I wrote, 'Kamikaze Seamen.'" - The Stranger

"CD Review Pepppermint Rainbows"

It isn’t everyday that you open a package of discs and out comes one with a flaming pink/rainbow background with two guys in costume riding a unicorn. I wish I could say I was lying but if you don’t believe me, I implore you to hit their web site. Seriously, it’s totally worth a few minutes of your life. This nine piece band is pop punk based and hail from Seattle, WA. This stack of members plays a variety of instruments like keyboards, theremin, trombone and your basic guitars. Vocal layering from all corners of the octave scale is provided by multiple vocalists. They received their infamy from playing a few select dates on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour. At those live shows people were exposed to the Antique Sci-Fi Circus theatrical stage show, which accompanied the band as they swirled through such genres of music like classical, rap, new wave and punk. I would presume the music coupled with the rowdy and eccentric theatrics made for an interesting experience. My tastes tend to stay away from the theatrical rock because it screams gimmick but this band, although puckish with song titles like “Jimmy Scratchemicock” and “The Contemplative Dwarf”, tended to maintain their solidarity as a productive band with some impressive creativity. They were edgy, imaginative and energetic with a laundry list of attention-grabbing songs with the muscle to force their way into your brain. Unfortunately, you really have to check out their music for yourself in order to fully appreciate what they are trying to accomplish. They really did defy any form of categorizing or compartmentalization. - East Coast Romper

"Ecstasy-Rapture-Bliss: SGL's crowd participation"

Super Geek League @ El Corazon
Monday, August 15 2005

by David M. Smith

AFTER Nirvana, a lot of people came to Seattle with the expectation of finding an atmosphere akin to something they saw in the documentary film Hype. They were sorely disappointed. Lucky for us there are still bands out there who have a dream and a vision and the ability to pull off a truly amazing show that captures the essence of the mania those fans were seeking.

No introduction is needed to the stone-faced, Seattle shoe-gaze crowd. You know the scene: a lot of bored, lonely, socially-challenged pasty-faces in one place at the same time. And yet this atmosphere never provides the salve those same mystic, music-starved and attention-depraved aficionados want, need, and deserve. ENTER SGL... cast of modern tragic-comic Shakespearean fuckups in an absolute mockery, but also odd celebration of the loser society the self-same crowd wandered in from. Freudian images mix it up with pop-cultural icons in a kind of twisted-circus Indian cosmology of "stupid heroes": a masturbating scientist's dream of dirty old Popes, stripping nuns, dead fish, para-palegics and midget clowns. These are some of the characters you will find in costume mixing it up with the crowd... and that is only scratching the surface of this mutant brainchild of one Floyd McFeely and his alter-ego, Captain Tomorrow, inter-galactic space traveler, poet, prophet, mystic, anus, party-crasher and purveyor of freak futures.

Two weeks ago at the McFeely household, I watched my host in hysterics over a viewing of the video for Captain Plastic. I was right there with him, howling on the floor as the Miro-esque thugs got rolled by the anti-hero, Bruce Lee style. For McFeely, I noticed, watching this was like some bizzare hallucination that he was witnessing for the first time, as if it weren't his own invention.

But that is only the sideshow, the freaks, the geeks, the gimics and props. Which of course works to draw you into the music. Musically, SGL does not carry, but shoves up its ass and wiggle-runs the torch of an illustrious line of genre-benders such as Zappa, Gene and Dean Ween, and Jack Black of the "D". Lilting lyrical hoedowns and Eastern Bloc leitmotifs betray McFeely's Irish-Gypsy background. All of it birthed out of an 80's punk sensibility ("Here come the cops" was even dropped in a song in a recent set) and delivered with hard-hitting, in-your-face, paint-your-face, Motown, back-pedal showmanship. (Iggy, P-Funk, even a little Seger thrown in there for those warm summer nights.)

I was there for the Chaos Conventions, Sixties porn on the walls, sixteen millimeter montage, Hotknives on the burners, Brownies in the oven, rigormortis mice in the drawers. Sensory Depravation. Orgone Accumulator. Intergalactic ghettoball. Datura and the like. Amps to eleven ten-hour hotbox marathon sessions. It's plain to say, I was there in the beginning.

And on Monday night, as if I'd ever doubted what it all amounted to, I smiled knowingly at an old friend and his latest prank when Captain Plastic jumped from the stage, ripped a sheath of celophane and started wrapping up the crowd in concentric circles so that I was bound to rub up against a beautiful buxom young lady across the room who at once looked at me and I looked back, knowing that we were not getting out of this, and we would not have otherwise gotten into this fix and we were glad for it.

For more information, check out: - Ringing Ear

"So Wrong, and Thanks for All the Fish"

Super Geek League certainly aren't the first band to be kicked off the Warped Tour, but they might be the only one ever booted due to the misuse of a two-pound mackerel. (Led Zeppelin, recall, were way before Warped Tour's time.)

"We actually got thrown off the first date we were there, due to all of our antics," says bandleader Floyd McFeely. "It kind of got out of hand a little bit. You know, the kids just started throwing projectiles, some things went awry, and they ended up unplugging us 15 minutes into our set and closing us down.

"What happened was, for one of our acts, this dirty old priest goes into the audience and gives an offering of fish and crackers. Well, somehow the fish got out there into the audience's hands, and the next thing you know, we're being bombarded by these two-pound mackerels flying through the air that had been cooking in the sun all day.

"That was in Boise, and we were supposed to have two more dates," McFeely continues. "Fortunately, we kissed enough ass that they said they'd see about letting us play the next day at the Gorge if we cleaned up all our shit and helped them break down and move all the gear, which we did. We really didn't know if we were playing the next day until we unloaded and helped them set up stages, and they were like, 'Okay, here's a list of things you cannot do: no water, no live animals, no dead animals, no food of any kind.' So we had to change our show on the fly, and we actually did pretty well. By the third day, in Portland, we drew a good crowd and got an encore. So it was a travesty, and we kind of turned it around and made it a positive experience."

This was in 2006, just a couple years after McFeely, along with multi-instrumentalist Knuckles and drummer Gil Chowder, first formed the band. "It started as an air-guitar band, really as performance art," says McFeely. "We had four or five people performing while an iPod played original material that I recorded at home."

The band gradually became bigger and bigger, musicians came and went, and the stage productions grew more and more elaborate. Currently, the League consist of nine musicians—P-Word on bass, Evad on guitar, Vy Agra on vocals, Sheesh and Sunshine Applebeard on horns, and on theremin Barry McCockner (aka SGL cofinancier and former Strangercrombie high bidder/cover boy, millionaire Ben Exworthy)—and usually around a total of 20 stage performers.

"We've developed a kind of love/hate relationship with a lot of venues," says McFeely. "But we've been doing it now consistently, at the Showboxes and Neumos, and we know what works and what doesn't. We work with the production people, we clean up after ourselves, and we keep it a positive vibe. But that's definitely come through trial and error. We've done a lot of stupid shit, too. You learn, like, 'Okay, no human cake [a baked good that involves a man in a cake in a shopping cart, with just the man's head sticking out], because people will pick it up and throw it, and it'll get into the monitors.' Nothing that can really damage the club—that's the key."

The Warped Tour, says McFeely, encouraged the band to "kind of [get] our shit together, so to speak," to really perfect the stage show and get the music "up to the point of rehearsing and releasing albums."

The band's first album was a highly conceptual affair. "I wrote this long story, 'The History of the World According to SGL,'" says McFeely. "It was a narrative about this world, the City of Deformity, and the Legion of Mutations versus the Super Geek League, and the Legion of the Underworld, and all these characters. They all had their little subplots, and the characters would all do battle amongst each other in this imaginary world, which was hallucinated by the Contemplative Dwarf, who was hooked up to the Hallucination Engine. So, I had this whole mythology, and the first album was based on all that."

But as the band grew and matured, that mythology played itself out, according to McFeely. "[The new album] is a lot more sincere from a songwriting standpoint. I'm singing about things that are more dear and true on a personal level. But we always try to maintain the frenetic live experience."

About the live experience: At a recent Friday night at Neumos (a "scaled-down" show for the League, at a "smaller venue"), it begins with a man in a red ringmaster's suit roaming the crowd, yelling, "Time for the show," and, presumably in response to some heckle, "I can dress how I want—it's Capitol Hill!"

A dozen or so people take the stage, most wearing shiny silver jumpsuits (which later light up with Tron-style neon lines). Some, such as the horn section, have evil clown makeup; others, like the guitarists, have big, foamy anime-style hair. The horn section, who wear sombreros over their death's head face paint, giving them the appearance of a Day of the Dead mariachi band, plays a cavalry "charge," and the band launch into their first song. Within 30 seconds, a b - The Stranger

"Super Geek League Album Review: A Magic Castle Land"

Super Geek League
A Magic Castle Land

Seattle troupe—band is too quotidian a word to apply to these folks—Super Geek League use dexterous instrumental technique to dramatically wacky ends. A Magic Castle Land (which comes out in March) amply demonstrates Super Geek League's flamboyant flair for sweeping arena rock that screams "ambition" in vivid neon hues.

Although the review copy of A Magic Castle Land that SGL provided is a rough mix on a CD-R, it's clear that head Geek Floyd McFeely has poured an incredible amount of time and energy into this album's 11 tracks. "Space Husband Robot Boy" starts the disc with some languid, florid art rock of no little passion. It dramatically builds from sparseness to raucousness, with vocalist Vy Agra belting like a siren possessed, equal parts Grace Slick and Pat Benatar. The cover of T.I.'s rap hit "What U Know" boasts an exaggeratedly macho delivery with down-tuned guitars and Agra's backing "whoa's" that paraphrase the riff from Jimi Hendrix's version of "All Along the Watchtower." "Sub Genius" is turbulent, synth-laden prog rock that recalls some of Trans Am's fruitier moments, bolstered again by Agra's earnest alpha-female vocals. This is one of A Magic Castle Land's definite highlights. Another peak occurs on "JJ Skewers," whose urgent space rock surges through the asteroid belt somewhere between midperiod Tangerine Dream and late-period Hawkwind.

By contrast, "Robot Rape" begins as speedy hardcore punk and then billows into prog-rock grandiosity; I doubt anyone could see that coming. Then the track ends with another blast of punk fury—quite a purgative experience. "Captain Tomorrow" brings more heroic, rolling, heavy rock with surprisingly buoyant, Herb Alpert–like brass charts from trumpeters Sunshine Applebeard and Sheesh the Mad Mandible and trombonist Knuckles. (SGL's monikers are as outlandish as their music.) The aptly titled 10-minute "Epic" goes through many transformations and mood swings, most of them heavy and baroque, like a Pacific Northwest Fantômas. "Rust Within" recapitulates SGL's lineage in such skillful, eccentric acts as Gwar, Ween, Oingo Boing, and Mr. Bungle. Super Geek League may be wacky, but their chops are no laughing matter - The Stranger

"SGL Hands down hit of Erotic Exotic Ball"

The 30th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball delivered this year. Compared to last year’s event, which was held at Treasure Island, this year’s Ball packed in partygoers. Early estimates put attendance for the Ball at about 9000 (source: “PR That Rocks.”)

According to the Exotic Erotic’s web site the Ball was billed as the “finest in flesh, fetish, & fantasy … uncensored and unchained (ok - sometimes chained), & all under the undulating umbrella of love, freedom and respect.” The sites definition of the Ball was “Spot on.”

Most guests wore elaborate costumes for example local Greg Aldler wore a replica of the Bumble Bee Transformer, from the movie "Transformers." Although the costume (see the photos here) did not win first place Alder definitely deserved recognition for the efforts. Other guest wore costumes that represented their sexual lifestyle, fetishes, or characters, and some wore barely nothing at all.

The Ball did offered a wide range of live Adult Fetish Entertainment on several stages. Musically, “Hands down” Super Geek League (SGL) stole the night and electrified the crowd with wild antics, costumes, and a performance second only to Parliament Funkadelic. Other performers that night was Bay Area native Blues Vocalist LZ Love and Portland Maine based CR Grove. LZ Love was in pure form and had the crowd energized throughout her performance. CR Gruve was a shocker or more like an odd couple rocking the stage. Their music flowed and offered a Hip Hop / Rock type of flair unlike most mainstream groups. The dual’s performance was crowd-pleasing and attention getting. In addition to the entertainment the Ball offered erotic food and a huge assortment of vendors with a wide range of adult products and services in the Expo section of the Ball.

Moving around the venue, especially in the Expo area, was a little difficult at times due the number attendees but that did not create any major problems. It appeared that most people were pretty respectful considering the nudity.

Steve and Janice Metz from Redding CA, who has attended seven Exotic Erotic Ball’s, mentioned that the Cow Palace was the perfect venue for the Ball, and that they were very pleased with this year organization of the event and the choice to move it back to the Cow Palace.

In a previous article titled “The History of the Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco” the article stated that; Mauskopf seemed to really understand the culture, the purpose of the Ball, logistics, and he seemed to project a great vibe about the event.” The article continued to state, “If the partygoers are sharing the same vibe and energy as Mauskopf then this years Ball is going to be a bash!” It was! - SF Media Examiner Keith Dixon

"March Fourth Maching Band, Super Geek League - Feb 27 - The Majestic"

Posted by Melanie Merz on 3/21/10 • Categorized as March 2010

EXTRAVAGANZA! Wildly colorful, ridiculously happy, eye-popping sexy, dance, dance, dance! Boogie Universal did an incredible job with this show. Two huge bands upstairs, a packed dance hall downstairs, and huge grins and costumed dancing bodies everywhere.

Marching Fourth Band (Portland) got things started. The band wasn’t as lively as I’ve seen them in the past, but the crowd was all in. Favorite Marching Fourth moments: the massive 8 foot cowbell for their new song “More Cowbell,” and their cover of “Hard Out Here for a Pimp” (that’s right, from the movie Hustle & Flow).

Seattle’s Super Geek League is an experience. Not the kind where you are so into the music the venue just melts away. Actually for me it was more opposite. As loudly thrashing and insanely overwhelming as it was, the music was basically the raucous accompaniment for the SGL spectacle. No question, the show was amazingly awesome. I can honestly say that I have neither seen, nor experienced anything like it, and absolutely recommend it.

But you have to know what you’re getting into. It’s a full-fledged production. The musicians are all men except for the lead vocalist. She is wickedly sexy, with a crazy set of lungs that blasted her killer voice into every corner of the dance floor.

Also in the band’s ranks are a couple prop guys and three hot dancers that come up in different costumes (which were occasionally reduced to pasties). There was an alien on stilts with a green alien penis that squirted water into the crowd. The confetti machine spewed giant glitter flakes on the crowd all night long. There was a priest who pulled audience members up to give them communion with ritz crackers. The energy, and the entertainment, was nonstop. - Whats up! Magazine

"Judyth Piazza chats with Floyd Mc Feely from Super Geek League"

Super Geek League is an epic rock odyssey of mind-blowing proportions and ambitious dreams that invigorate fans and followers into an ecstatic frenzied state of excitement and passion that is unrivaled in enthusiasm and intensity. Super Geek League consists of 9 multi-instrumentalist musicians with an eclectic background of musical training and experience that melds together to epitomize the sound of this domination rock outfit. - The SOP

"Super Geek League: In a league of their own"

Super Geek League: In a league of their own
Posted by Jaimie Fife on 2/16/10 • Categorized as February 2010

On Feb. 27, Seattle-based group Super Geek League (SGL) will bombard the Majestic with elements of Mardi Gras, Halloween and traveling carnivals as they headline Boogie Universal’s event “Frontiers” featuring more than 100 performers.

“We believe that people pay money to be entertained and we go above and beyond the boundaries of art and science to create the most overwhelming show possible,” head-geek Commander Tomorrow said.

SGL prides themselves on over-the-top stage performances involving novel components that typical bands might never utilize, let alone at once. The band loves to whip-out out nutty items such as hazardous material suits, hot alien sex dancers, gnomes and other random, interactive props.

The last time SGL performed in Bellingham during the summer of 2009, the group’s performance received little to no publicity, according to Commander Tomorrow. The band went on stage at the Wild Buffalo with only a handful of concert-goers in the audience. However by the end of their set, more than 100 people were joining in the strange spectacle after folks at the show started phoning their friends.

One band member almost got into a brawl with someone in the crowd, but SGL ended up joining some amped-up locals for late-night breakfast instead. Some Bellinghamsters told SGL they changed their lives that night, said Commander Tomorrow and drummer Gil Chowder.

“Unless you’re lobotomized, it’s impossible to not enjoy yourselves [at our shows],” Gil Chowder said.

SGL’s music has been described as alternative thrash by Seattle Weekly, but the band maintains their sound varies a lot from song to song. Gil Chowder said the band explores genres on each end of the spectrum, including hip-hop, country, heavy rock and lullabies. No matter how you label Super Geek League’s music, screaming, heavy guitar riffs and dark elements are key aspects of their style.

The band is comprised of 16 members who draw inspiration from schizophrenia, Soundgarden, robotics, ACDC, cybernetics, spiritual raptures and contemplative dwarves.

Backing up Commander Tomorrow in Super Geek League, the following members with zany names seem to share the same odd, musical philosophy–frontman Vy Agra, P-word, Evad the Space Cougar, Knuckle, Sunshine Applebeard, Sheesh, Barry McCockner, Dog-Starver, Muff Pumper, Gale Force, Fuscia Foxx, Commander Photon, Megatron and General Steve-Dave.

Gil Chowder said he joined the band after spotting Commander Tomorrow’s ad requesting some truly unique individuals to join Super Geek League–a drummer, a stripping bum, a pillow-fighting roller skater, and a breakdancer–just to name a few.

The un-signed group released their latest album A Magic Castle Land in the fall of 2009 and, as Commander Tomorrow puts it, they are currently looking for a label to exploit them. SGL feels that the album represents the pinnacle of their recording career.

Lead guitarist Evad the Space Cougar said it can be difficult to recreate the album on stage with so much chaos happening.

Still, Super Geek League’s fan base continues to grow as more people encounter what the band hopes will be the craziest live show anyone has ever seen.

“SGL is about creating the most awe-inspiring live musical experience for human beings. We are the masters of chaotic engineering,” Commander Tomorrow said. “We make concerts fun again by doing whatever the f#!k comes to our collective hive minds.”

Although SGL clearly believes comedy has a role in the business of making music, the band is quite serious about entertainment. Super Geek League said they promise to blow your mind at the Frontiers show come Feb. 27. All they ask is that you bring your pillows for a pillow fight and purchase a hazmat suit at their merchandise booth.

For more information about SGL, visit - Whats Up! Magazine

"Super Geek League @ El Corazon 02.13.15!"

At least once per year for the past 4 years I've had the privilege to photograph one of the most unique bands in the world Super Geek League. Every time I cover an SGL show it turns I find myself having more fun than any 10 other shows combined! I've written about them several times here in the Live Music Blog and I never feel like I'm able to truly convey exactly how awesome this group is. No words or photos will do them justice. As a photographer I find myself shooting until my shutter finger blisters and then some (2,000 frames this past Friday alone). Whether I am in front of the stage, in the back of the venue, backstage or outside on the sidewalk it doesn't matter. There is always something to shoot and it seems that each scene I come across is crazier than the next.

Super Geek League is staying busy. Last year as you may recall they had their own stage during the Sasquatch! Music Festival. They performed over 20 sets and entertained thousands of fans non stop throughout the 3 day weekend. Sadly, it doesn't look like the Super Geek League stage will be up at Sasquatch! again this year which in my opinion leaves a gap in an otherwise brilliant festival but fear not! SGL does not sit idly by and wait for what's next. They stay busy! I spoke with Floyd aka Commander Tomorrow the mastermind behind SGL and he informed me that they are working on quite a bit including possible appearance at SXSW, Warped Tour and there is even talk of a Vegas residency for Super Geek League.

Do not miss Super Geek League the next chance you get! - 107.7 The END

"Super Geek League gets freaky @ El Corazon 07.10.15"

Freaks, geeks, balloons and butt cheeks! Everything you could possible want to see and hear you will find at a Super Geek League show. On Friday July 10 the “Super Epic Action Adventure Circus Rock” group Super Geek League brought more clowns and confetti to a concert than I would imagine has been brought before by anyone, anywhere…ever.

I’ve posted galleries from Super Geek League shows in the Live Music Blog before. Many of you that went to Sasquatch! In 2014 should remember they had their own stage and performed more than 20 sets over the long weekend. I have more fun photographing SGL than any other band that I can think of and this has been the case since I was first introduced to them.

Super Geek League puts on a very interactive show. When you go you must be prepared to support smartian crowd surfers and either slam or be slammed in epic pillow fights. Super Geek League branded beach balls bounce everywhere all night. It is not uncommon to find Pword Kelly in the pit crashing into fans while jamming on his bass. Band members sporting (real) raw fish ties and beating on drums roam the crowd. Hand balancers weave their way through the pit. Guitarist Knuckles sporting a brand new black eye courtesy of band mate Barry brings inhuman amounts of attitude to the stage absolutely shredding along with the band leader and visionary “Commander Tomorrow.” The amazing singer Vy Agra flew in from Vegas to front the band with her powerful vocals and infectious smile putting every person in the room under her spell. Sword-Swallowing singer Indiyana brought a new twist to the set fresh from the mental institutuion still wearing her straight-jacket and donning a new head tattoo (ouch!) she absolutely freaked the shit out of me with her intensity and I loved every second of it!

Super Geek League brought in 7th generation circus performer John Nock to amaze the crowd with a dangerous stunt that had his feet on the ceiling of the club. I’m told this new partnership will bring even bigger thrills to SGL moving forward. He brought the Aerosphere Balloon to Paradiso to blow the minds of those at the gorge a couple of weeks ago as seen here: Aerosphere FB I can’t wait to see what he brings next!

Once again I’ll say that you cannot describe a Super Geek League show with words. You absolutely have to experience them in person to understand. They will not be put in a box generalizing who they are or what they do. They are rock. They are punk. They are funk. They are jazz. They are sexy. They are frightening. They are fun. They are weird. They are a circus. They are a band. They are a team. They are a family. They are unreal. They are my friends. They are: Super Geek League. - 107.7 The End


Peppermint Rainbows 2006 

A Magical Castle Land 2009 

Soul Metal 2011 

Beyond the Land of Epic 2015 



Super Geek League is a SciFiDelic Action Adventure Circus based out of Seattle Washington  that specializes in designing, producing and performing music-based interactive theatrical productions for major music festivals, concert and theater venues. 

Super Geek League offers (2) entertainment packages for both indoor and outdoor venues. CRASH! is our original Action Adventure Rock Circus designed for indoor concert and theater venues featuring a full action packed program that includes roaming interactive parades, a full circus performance including stunt acrobats, fire, aerialists , contortionists, aerial, dancers and a host of specialty acts. All of this leads to our LIVE Action Adventure Rock Circus that features a bombastic and completely immersive entertainment experience where the audience become part of the show and the venue becomes our stage. 

Buskerdoozie is our touring festival and fair attraction that includes Super Geek League's own hosted stage complete with SGL SFX, props and Full Pyro Experience. Buskerdoozie features 7-10 action packed adventure sets including live stage shows, roaming parades, proprietary circus installations and interactive games. All of which his designed to engage and immerse fans and patrons into a complete sensory overload.