Super 700’s compositions leave simple formulas behind and the voices find their expressions through unique musicians. “The three sisters’ vocals melt together in a magic and nearly unbelievable way, whilst keys, bass, guitar and drums conjure and create a rolling energy wave” (G. Raphael, producer)


Super700 are one of the best recieved bands having come out of Germany in the last couple of years. For their current - self-titled - album, which was produced by Gordon Raphael (Strokes etc.) and released through Motor Music, they got tremendous reviews and response from the nationwide German media, both in the press and on radio.

They have successfully been touring Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Poland Holland etc. and also contributed various tracks to the score for the awarded movie "Dancing with Myself" which was premiered at the prestigious Berlinale.

Last autumn, Super700 were the musical highlight at Transmission in Vancouver and in late spring 2007 they smashed the Musexpo in Los Angeles where they performed three days in a row. Here they were also spontanously invited by Nic Harcourt, the music director of California’s influential radio station KCRW, to perform and be interviewed extensively on his show 'Morning Becomes Eclectic'. This can be watched and listen to here: One month later their song “I Love the Rain” became Song of the Week and Top Tune for June at KCRW.

Furthermore and following up the successful US appearances, they were featured with ‘Self Control’ in the UK on Record of the Day as just that.

Singer Ibadet Ramadani of Albanian origin and German bass player Michael Haves first met in Amsterdam where they both studied music. After moving to Berlin, they founded Super700. For the band's line up, please see above.

Super700 stands for a new generation of Berlin musicians. They don´t fit into existing schemes or categories and they care very much for sophisticated compositions and intensive atmospheres. The occasionally melancholic sound is created by rough guitar parts, conspicious synthie sounds and carried around extended drums into different musical extremes.

Super700's sound results from a blend of Pop, Trip Hop, Independent, Electrical and Noise, which scratches the popmusic sphere. Hardly any band creates such a magic athmosphere on stage as Super700 do. They are simply the most electrifying band around.

There is a very nice portrait of the band - incl. excerpts from a live performance at the Musexpo in Los Angeles and a very charming interview - which was broadcast in the States by IMF:

Currently Super700 are performing at Central European festivals and preparing for autumn shows (pls. see calendar).


Album: Super700 (2006)

Mini album: "When Hare and Fox Had Fun" (2005)

Singles: "Here Goes the Man", "Self Control" (both 2006), "I Love the Rain" (2007).

A new album will be recorded in autumn 2007.

All three singles were playlisted at various German stations, “I Love the Rain” was Song of the Week and Top Tune in June at KCRW/Los Angeles.

Seven songs from the current album are being streamed in the media section of the band's homepage (, the same goes for the "Here Goes the Man" and "Self Control" video clips.
Furhtermore you can listen to four tracks and watch the "Self Control" video at

Super 700's new album will be released in early 2008.

Set List

Super700 play at least 60 shows a year. Normally a set is ca. 60 minutes and includes no cover versions. A typical set would be

Recent Changes
Here goes the Man
I love you
I Love The Rain
Love Bites
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