Super Black Market

Super Black Market


We are a band who likes music and food pretty well. We just want to jump in our new van that has 215,000 miles on it and see if it makes it from one show to another. If it doesn't, we'll set up our hippie commune there and grow out our hair, and breathe in the fresh air without a care.


Sonny and Joseph Remlinger are brothers who have played together since they were 13 and 15. Growing up, the brothers Remlinger found a certain affinity for punk rock. Bands such as the Replacements and The Clash gave the two a strong and early understanding of musicians and bands who could write catchy songs with fierce energy.

The two formed Dynamo in late 2002 with Matt Alvarado. The power punk rock trio did some touring and released a self titled full length in the fall of 2003. Shortly after its release, Alvarado moved to Chicago, leaving the band without a bassist.

But there was hope in Benn Bluml. Hailing from Iowa, Bluml came to CMSU to study Recording Technology. Sonny and Benn met in World Music class and discussed future plans for the band. Bluml joined as the Alvarado's permanent replacement.

Around the same time, Trent White was a member of BYO Records band Kosher, fronted by the brothers' older sibling, Remi Remlinger. Kosher disbanded in 2003, and White joined Midwest band Monkey Boy.

Through a string of series of unfortunate events, Dynamo disbanded in early 2004. The brothers Remlinger, with the help of Bluml, decided to forge on. They began working on new material and added long time friend, White on guitar.

*(Insert cliche comment here, such as "...And the rest is History!)


We Can't Never Sleep

Written By: J. Remlinger, S. Remlinger

A thousand lights take away the night of a single street with promises kept so secretly in a heart locked tight. And we can't never sleep, soundly without dreaming that our nightmares are the least of our worries. But you say "its all their fault" that they have no food to eat nowhere to sleep and no place to go home. And you're just like everybody else who thinks of no one but themselves, but you pretend to care about the fucking hobos and tramps warming their hands over metal trashcans, but you don't fucking care. And we can't never sleep soundly without dreaming that our nightmares are the least of our worries. You'd drink all day too, forget your regret. What a thing to have to do. Regretting everything about your life in a hear locked tight while a thousand lights take away the night....

We'll Make Your Ass Dance

Written By: J. Remlinger

Listen to the sound of the country coming down. This is where America falls apart, the explosion of my heart. This is the part about a revolution. This is the part that we need. And we can tell that you're faking it. Can you tell that we're faking this? We have it all, all is nothing that we need--now lets watch the world explode. Stand and be counted. Take a seat. We'll make your ass dance to the death beat.

Killing Pomoza (el Presidente)

Written By: J. Remlinger

All I ever wanted was a life different for my children; I can barely feed them. I was born on the wrong side of an imaginary line so I take one bag from here to there just one time. I'm in way overy my head now and I'm killing just to stay alive. Killing Pomoza! Take his life, or I lose mine. I look at the gun in my hand. Turn it on myself and my family is dead. I'm in way over my head now, and I'm killing just to stay alive.


We run our own record label called Flying Hellfish Records, and have our own recording studio in our basement. There, we have recorded our first full length entitled "Will Sell Anything."

Set List

Set time generally falls between 30 and 45 minutes depending on time constraints. Time permitting, we sometimes enjoy a nice jam session at the end of the set.

These are our songs. We usually take from this list:
Explosion of My Heart
Since We've Been Here
The Right Chords
Something to Kill For
Whipping Boy
Jesus, Take Me Now
We Can't Never Sleep
A Little More Than Surprised
Belt of Scotch
Killing Pomoza (el Presidente)
There's Going to Be a Party...
We'll Make Your Ass Dance

There will be more added to this list shortly. -SBM