Super Bro

Super Bro

 New York City, New York, USA

My music is edgy but fun. I perform so in the moment and so live, your audience will feel me and get just as in the moment as I am. I am the guy to call if you want people to come to your gig over and over again. I play pop/rock and I love to perform whether my audience is young or old. Lets drop!


If anyone knows a little something about Change, its Super Bro. This New York artist has made a huge transition from not only rap to rock; but is making a transition to what he calls the time of his life. At only 18 years old this teen promises one thing and one thing only, that he is the new meaning to the term Awesomeness. His performances are jam packed, full of sex appeal and keep the ladies drooling for more; and with him producing and writing all of his songs saying this kids close to genius has become a pretty normal spectacle. When asked who his influences are in the music industry he didnt pull any punches or try to hide his. He coolly stated Im into mainly teen pop idols like Nick Jonas and the Jonas Brothers, Mitchell Musso, and etc. However if you threw on some Green Day, Cobra Starship or Linkin Park, Im definitely into them as well. Well a teen pop idol he may become- With the likes of his smash single Im every girls fantasy. This song is for every girl which makes it so irresistible and fun, and it is getting the self proclaimed Pop-Rock phenom pretty net famous in such a small time span. In a matter of only 2 weeks since he first published it on his Myspace page the song has already gotten a huge feature in the news outlet MI2N, which helped contribute to his over 60,000+ plays of the song. Needless to say, this kids burning up; and although lots could stop him, I agree with him when he told us, nothing stops Awesomeness.


I'm every girls fantasy- Now available on Itunes, Napster, e Music, AmazonMP3, Myspace Music- Has been streamed over 200,000 times on Myspace Music.