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"Review by Jordan A. Baker"

SUPERBUICK hail from the eastern side of Pennsylvania, but with their motor-inspired name and sound, they would seem at home in the Detroit or Southern California garage-punk scene. The band's self-titled full-length is made up of eleven songs that barely clock in at two minutes a piece. Loud, brash, and with a fixin' for skate-themed destruction, there's not much that would appear to be able to stop SUPERBUICK from crashing through your town and drinking the bars dry. Much of that trait can be attributed to the band's composition, which includes veterans from punk and hardcore bands VIOLENT SOCIETY, FISTICUFFS, and RACE TO DIE, among others. Although SUPERBUICK stray in sound from the aforementioned, with the group making nods towards TURBONEGRO, CANDY SNATCHERS, NEW BOMB TURKS, and even a bit of SNFU, the tangent between the directions is slim. One limiting factor to this release is that it shares a common flaw with other Creep House recordings - the lead vocals are overpowered by the guitars, and generally, play less of a priority in the band's songwriting. This is somewhat mitigated by the singular awesomeness of the guitars, especially on tracks, "I Confess," and the second to last tune, "Madre Maria." Still, SUPERBUICK's enjoyably noisy racket could be advanced with a slight commitment to giving the listener something to sing along with. "Super" might be giving the band too much credit, but these guys definitely have no relation to a cushy-ride General Motors product with float-on-air suspension. -


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