The love child of Dido and Avril Lavigne fronts a high energy rock band with songs about unfortunate choices.


Supercade began life in March of 2004, when bassist Dave Copeland left Full Minute of Mercury to start a new band. After fierce negotiations on, two jamband guitarists, one bluegrass veteran and a hip-hop-MC-turned-indierock guitar player named Tony Blankenship came to Dave in a vision. Only Tony was real. He, Dave, and Dave's computer began working on material. Chords, Basslines and quantized drum beats were written to disk.

Channeling the ghost of Simon Cowell, Tony and Dave heard from a myriad of wannabe singers. Channeling the ghosts of Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul, they promised all of them they would call them back. They actually did call back Devon Randolph who sang the most difficult song for her audition...and sang it well. Chords became parts, material became songs, and by December of 2004, it was time to find a real drummer.

In a Best of Seven Series Triple Threat Barbed-Wire Deathmatch, Michelle Schreiber won the Title to become The Unnamed Band's Drummer. Soon after, a large contribution to the '05 Real Estate Bubble was made, and the band began meeting regularly in the basement of a northeast bungalow.

Blown turnarounds, missed notes and massive feedback gave way to a tight sound channeling the pop sensibility of the 80s, the stylistic freedom of the 90s, and the modern sound of 21st century indie rock with a soulful, contemporary female voice. The Unnamed Band was now Supercade.


A Drawn Out Turn Down - 6 song E.P. Selected tracks available for download or streaming at

Set List

Typical set is 45 minutes, but we have over an hour of original music. We currently do not play any covers.