Los Angeles, California, USA

Supercasanova is a mischievous hybrid of lounge music and electronica, combining old and new, acoustic and synthetic musical elements to form something that's both familiar and entirely fresh.


Supercasanova was founded by Eric Bonerz and the Millionaire (formerly of the cocktail-retro band, Combustible Edison) , who had met at Luxuria, the Internet's lounge and '60s pop station. During 2002, they created the tracks that would make up Eternity Now!, bringing in some of the L.A. pop scene's most creative players to help out, including Ron Sures (Mello Cads) on bass, Probyn Gregory (Brian Wilson Band, Mello Cads) on guitar and vocals, and Bob Remstein (Mello Cads) on keyboards. The album's cheeky appeal comes in part from the group's novel approach, which takes core grooves -- often bossa nova or orchestral pop snippets -- and adds improvised parts, programmed beats, and spoken clips on top. Influences include Henry Mancini, Ennio Morricone, Burt Bacharach, Brian Wilson, Esquivel, and much more. Signed initially to an Italian publishing company, it was released in the summer of 2004 on Japan's Rambling Records, and spent most of the summer in the Lounge Music Top 10 there. At one point, Eric and the "Mil" were invited to Moscow, and did a DJ set incorporating their music for the hip end of the urban Russian audience. When "Mil" left the group to focus more on film scoring, Bob became Eric's primary creative partner. They placed several tracks on TV shows ("Without a Trace," "Chuck," and "The Guiding Light"), produced a second album in 2006 (In a Space) that they temporarily shelved and are now releasing, and then further honed their sound during 2009, resulting in the Music to Shop By CD, 18 tracks of quirky goodness. Now, with the addition of vocalists such as Liberty Larsen and Eha Urbsalu, Supercasanova enters a new phase. Also, several of our "library" tracks get airplay all the time on TV shows such as Animal Planet, and specials for E! and Style Network. One of those tracks, the funky and weird "City Strut," is currently being used for a 60-second TV ad for Quibids.


No Secret to My Eyes

Written By: Bob Remstein and Eric Bonerz

You can play on the Riviera
You can fly off to Japan
You can go where the moment takes you
‘Cause you are that kind of man
You can hide from all the others, you can slip on a disguise
But your secrets are no secret to my eyes.

You can search among the files
For lost clues in microfiche
You can trace a missing person
With your lapdog in a leash
You can build a strange contraption, one that only you’d devise
Still, your secrets are no secret to my eyes.

“I saw the papers
Only I know where to look
I have the pictures
Pressed inside my own black book
There are no papers
They’ve been collected by a friend
There are no pictures
To show how you will meet your end.”

You can jet-ski through the harbor
You can sail on to Hong Kong
You can pen the next great novel
Turn to right a world gone wrong
You can claim you have resistance that your beating heart denies
But your secrets are no secret to my eyes.


Supercasanova's first CD, Eternity Now!, was released on Rambling Records in Japan in 2004. From it, the track "Pepper's Ghost" continues to receive airplay there. We've also had a track ("Carioca") released on an Esquivel tribute album on a Mexican label. With the online release of our "lost" 2006 album, "In a Space," and our 2010 album, "Music to Shop By," a pile of fresh tracks are making their way out to the public. And new material, featuring vocalist Liberty Larsen, is being completed now. She debuts with the spunky "Where the Action Is" and the James Bond-influenced "No Secret to My Eyes." Keep an eye out for more!

Set List

Until 2011, we had been strictly a studio creation, but since we are open to transforming what we do into either a DJ-type set or a live set, we have done a few gigs recently as a hybrid jazz trio. Bob plays piano, sings, and, using a keyboard, does vocoderized vocal parts. Eric plays electronic drum set, using a large multi-faceted drum pad, running drum machine sounds and samples. We also are joined by an electric bass player (sometimes w/bass synthesizer), and often have a singer -- either Liberty Larsen or a guest singer.