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"TV Quote"

“Supercell blurs the lines of new and old sounds…get caught up in the SUPERCELL” - WB33, Ch.33 (Dallas), Victoria Snee, Entertainment Reporter

"FM Radio Quote/Blurb"

"If music were light, SUPERCELL would be the Aurora Borlealis; ‘Shine” on…you crazy diamond!" - KDGE 102.1 FM, Jessie Jessup, Afternoon Drive 2-7p

"Industry Quote"

“Supercell is the kind of band that hooks you from the very first listen and won’t let go until you’ve fully submitted. They are that good. And the best part is, they are only going to get better.” - Kings of A&R,, Robert Thompson

"Music Critic Quote/Blurb"

“They could justifiably claim to be one of the best unsigned rock bands in the US at the moment. Supercell has a real commercial appeal, with an edgy modern sound that marks the band out as potential major-league contenders." - Andrew Ellis, Music Critic, /

"New American Standard Album Review - Online"

Supercell’s first full length album comes off the back of the excellent Eric Delegard produced e.p ‘Generation of the Numb’.3 songs-‘Generation of the Numb’, ‘Shine’ and ‘Walk away’-get a reworking here. Produced on par with any major label release by Jarret Reddick (Bowling for Soup) and Zac Malloy (The Nixons), ‘The New American Standard’ forges alt rock mainstream to pure pop sensibilities. Hitting you right between the ears with a winning blend that combines nuances from The Vanished and Three Days Grace, Supercell have this particular genre all but sewn up with songs like the hard hitting ‘Swept Away’, ‘Satellite’, ‘This Place’ or the aptly titled ‘Anthem’. The avoidance of the stereotypical mawkish ballad means that ‘The New American Standard’ cuts the sonic rock mustard from start to finish, no fillers, no compromises and definitely no apologies from this largely self promoting band. Unsigned? Not for long on this evidence. -, Mike

"New American Standard Album Review - Online"

The gods of radio rock seem to have smiled upon this collection of songs, granting them an unwavering ability to slide into rotation on any given playlist. The drumming is punchy and rolls through every number with strength and precision. - Sample Press, Jason M.

"Industry Review"

Supercell (Texas) - If you want to call Supercell old school, then so be it, but you cannot deny the modern edge and the infectious musical hooks that many artists lack today. Bands like Motley Crue, Pink Floyd and Nirvana sold 20 million records because they wrote hooks and choruses. Media Mogul Howard Stern said that K-Rock had to change formats because the new music today is garbage. K-Rock didn't change formats because of the growing Spanish population, they went back to spinning songs with hooks and choruses that never seem to get old. Are you still wondering why white boy rockers Linkin Park and Kid Rock sold 10 million + ? Artists, managers, and other industry professionals manage to convince themselves that they can pimp and sell songs without hooks. The verdict: An industry dying a slow painful death. The solution: Hooks and choruses will resurrect the industry again. - Kings of A&R,

"New American Standard Album Review - Print"

"Supercell explodes from the speakers in a glorius blistering guitar riff....damn if this track doesn't rock the boombox on the way out to the airwaves!" - FW Weekly (Print), Billy Walters

"New American Standard Album Review - Online"

Supercell’s mix of hard hitting guitars and fast paced flowing beats bring us an excellent album worthy of contending with today’s hottest mainstream rock bands. The New American Standard is produced by Zac Maloy formerly of the Nixons. One thing I have to say about The New American Standard is that there isn’t a bad track on the entire album which is rare in the days of so many one hit wonders. The following is a more detailed look at the band’s latest release.

When listening to the CD, Promises is the first song to really grab me. The chorus sticks in your memory after the first listen and the riffs bring an overall roundness making this a potential hit. Another great track from the album is Shine which slows down the pace with a catchy chorus and great guitar sound so prevalent in the album. Supercell’s Caroline and Perfect Part are excellent love ballads that will strike a chord with any listener. Generation of the Numb which was also the title track from their previous release still makes for an excellent anthem and its good to see they included it in The New American Standard.

In summary, Supercell is a band you will definitely want to keep your eye on in the coming months and years. They are destined to become mainstream and you know that you want to be the one to say you heard them first.

The New American Standard Track Listing Picks - Promises, Shine, Caroline, Generation of the Numb, Perfect Part -, Emmit Lollis, Jr., Music Critic


2002 DEMO - 5 Degrees Left of Normal
Single - "Walk Away"

Single - "Generation of the Numb

Singles - " Swept Away", "Satellite" & Lights Out"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Rock and roll, America’s musical foundation was built on it and historically speaking no one does it better. From Elvis Presley to Guns N’ Roses to Nirvana, Americans are known for setting the standard in Rock music; and in this day of “nu” this and “post” that SUPERCELL emerges under the heading of just one simple label; Rock band.

A more detailed description might say SUPERCELL’s sound is mainstream, radio-oriented, Alternative-Rock rooted in “old school Pop” with a trace of current Modern Rock mixed in for good measure. Citing influences like Motley Crue, Stone Temple Pilots & Linkin Park singer Jason Wheelington, guitarists Shannon Nedved & Mark Sims, bassist Nick Holmes and drummer Moonshine collectively meld together other influences too that range from Madonna, U2 and Guns n’ Roses to Our Lady Peace, Chevelle and Hoobastank; ultimately creating a truly original sound that will leave you yearning for more. SUPERCELL’s live shows always resonate with an intensity that leaves the audience hoarse, sweaty and smiling and given that propensity for powerful live performances, combined with the mass-market appeal of their infectious musical hooks, it is no wonder SUPERCELL has shared the stage with major artists of multiple musical genres (Hoobastank, Seether, Billy Idol, Crossfade, Sum 41, Bowling for Soup, Evanescence, John Mellancamp, Sheryl Crow, Fuel, Something Corporate, Breaking Benjamin, Skindred, Three Days Grace & many others). In addition to being a part of KDGE’s 1st Annual Summer Weenie Roast in 2005, the band has also taken part in KDGE’s annual “Bands in the Sand” promotion, taking them to Jamaica, for 2 straight years. In 2004 SUPERCELL headlined the sidestage at Edgefest 13. In 2005 SUPERCELL graduated to Smirnoff Music Centre’s mainstage for a sold-out Edgefest 14.

Music reviewer Andrew Ellis, of, says “SUPERCELL could justifiably claim to be one of the best unsigned rock bands in the U.S.” Factor in the band members’ light-hearted attitudes and on-air ease behind the microphone and it’s easy to see why the band fast-became regular guests on KDGE 102.1 FM’s “The Morning Edge”. Look for SUPERCELL in theaters as well, as they were handpicked by Academy Award winning film Producer Curt Johnson to be included in the feature film “West Memphis Three”, as well as the indie documentary Michael Moore Hates America (2004). Additionally, since Summer 2004, SUPERCELL has been a Budweiser True Music band; as they were been selected as one of only 2 rock bands to represent the Dallas/Ft. Worth market. Whether it’s a radio jock, an online fanzine or even an award-winning film Producer the buzz about SUPERCELL keeps getting louder and louder and many expect SUPERCELL to remain a staple of the American Rock music scene for some time to come.

SUPERCELL is currently out on the road touring in support of their 1st full length record THE NEW AMERICAN STANDARD. This breakout release was Produced by Zac Maloy (formerly of The Nixons) and is a follow up to their critically acclaimed GENERATION OF THE NUMB EP. THE NEW AMERICAN STANDARD’s 1st single “Swept Away” received Commercial Radio airplay across the U.S. (from TX to SC to NY and all points in between) and was a multi-market, undefeated, Cock-Fight Champion, as well. Currently, their follow-up single, “Satellite” is receiving airplay in markets across the country with more and more Commercial FM radio stations discovering SUPERCELL each week.