Supercharger Xtc

Supercharger Xtc


Hard, heavy, melodic, emotional, and intense.


We would describe are music as alternative metal/Death metal,very intense and Experimental.We have various influances,band influances are AC/DC,Avenged Sevenfold,Pantera,Canibal Corpse,Taking back sunday,Misfits,Nirvana amongst many others.We are like no other band in the way we play the music to impress no one, only to achieve the satisfaction that we are playing to are best capabilities ,and were not playing for the satisfaction of anyone else.All that matters is that we love the music.We have all been through tough lives and that is were are music and are lyrics come from and that is are LIVES.


We have released two eps Supercharger Xtc Vol 1 which includes the trax of Sick from sin,Invade,Emotions,wolves,Bitchovirus and White Shadow.Supercharger ep two consist of only three songs which were Mind you own,Wolves reissued and woms are hillbilly thrash Specialty.We are currently working on a full album.

Set List

Are typical set list would start out with a crowd pleaser which would consist of Slayers Reign and blood,and than bust out with mind your own ehich is harcore and brutal than mellow it out wiyh our new song Black rose which sounds like Alice and Chains mixed with Metallica and so on.Are music is so diverse that i couldn't even explain it if all if i tried